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🔥 Shopify For Services ✅ How To Use Shopify For Services shopify for services hey guys welcome,back


Updated on Jan 19,2023

🔥 Shopify For Services ✅ How To Use Shopify For Services

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🔥 Shopify For Services ✅ How To Use Shopify For Services

shopify for services hey guys welcome,back to the channel today we're going to,go over everything you need to know,about shopify what it is and how you can,use shopify to sell your different,services so let's get into it now the,first thing you might be wondering is,what a shopify and how do you sell,services on shopify well shopify is an,e-commerce platform where you can sell,anything that you might like so it might,be a service or a product but today we,are going to focus on how you can,actually sell your services on shopify,so i'm just going to log into my account,over here and you can see that i have a,basic account on shopify and what i'm,going to do is i'm going to actually,start by creating my inventory of,services so on your shopify account you,can see on your left that you have your,home page you have your orders you have,products customers finances analytics,marketing discounts and apps and the,first step to actually get started with,your business is usually to add your,products and because you're selling,services you're not going to have,products in the product section but,you're actually going to add services so,before we actually do that you can,actually go over the shopify dashboard,and see all the different features that,might be useful for you for in terms of,invoicing and marketing you get a quite,a few features for that as well and,within shopify you can see over here you,can manage your account and you can,create different stores as well so make,sure to click that link in the,description box down below to get,started with shopify so now to create,our store for our services let's say i'm,creating a therapy clinic so maybe i'm a,psychiatrist and i'm looking to create,my clinics online,online store or online,booking center so what i'm going to do,is i'm going to go into the product,section and i'm just going to click on,add product over here and what i'm going,to do is i'm going to add maybe,um,counseling,or anything like that so counseling and,then what i'm going to do is i'm going,to add a description for the service so,let's just say it is,a,one hour,session,um,excluding,client history and what i'm going to do,after that is you can add an image if,you want if you have a logo designed for,your service i would suggest you add,those and if you don't have logos,already um try to create a logo for your,service if an image is not suited for it,and after that you're going to add your,pricing so let's say that the price for,a single counseling session is,um 70,and i'm going to add that and after that,i am going to,add the stock if you want but obviously,you don't really need that so we're,going to remove these options we're,going to leave them empty and then,you're going to click on shipping and,then you're going to make sure you make,sure to,deselect this because this is not a,physical product this is a,actual service that you're providing so,after that what you're going to do is,you can see on your right over here you,have your active products are draft so,we're gonna add one active product and,then you can add any specific vendor,that you want but you can just add the,therapist's name if you want to do that,and after that you can add the product,type so uh whatever category this,product falls in you can add that as,well or product or service falls in,you're gonna add that as well now once,you do that you can see that in your,online store you have your default,product and you're just going to click,on save over here,and now my service has been created so,this is how easy it is to start adding,your,services onto your service list on,shopify and shopify has really,simplified the entire process for anyone,that would like to sell their services,online now with your service created you,can just follow up and create more,services as you go just like this just,like i just did but after that you need,to start doing a little more in terms of,your online store so you're going to go,into the online store section over here,and this is going to be your actual,storefront so you can choose to just go,on to the different team libraries and,explore the free themes that are,available on shopify and you can visit,their team store as well and you can,browse the paid themes and the free,themes if you don't know how to design a,website if you're not good with,coding or you don't know any know-how of,that you can definitely start off with a,theme so what you're going to do is,you're just going to click on explore,free themes and for your therapy clinic,or whatever i'm just going to browse,these free themes and what i'm going to,do,is i'm going to,look at a simplistic theme i don't want,this to be too crowded or anything but,this actually looks like a great theme,for a actual therapy clinic so i'm just,going to click on add to theme library,and after doing that i'm just going to,wait until,this has loaded onto my,dashboard and now i'm just going to,click on customize over here now once i,have clicked on customize you can see,that this is the basic uh empty template,that i just looked at now you can add,your titles and taglines as you go so,you're just gonna click on over here,then you can click on add title or,tagline so,we can do this over here so the,experience,or anything like that you can add a few,details about your clinic uh you can,definitely add some customer reviews if,people are already visiting your clinic,you can add their personal experiences,with your overall therapy center and now,with this you can also add images so,what you're going to do is you're going,to select image over here you're going,to click on upload an image,and i'm just gonna go into my downloads,and use this image that i got from stock,photos you can also click on free images,over here and use images from there as,well i already had this image so i just,went with that,but once i have done that i'm just going,to add the image you can move it around,if it's a larger image and we're just,going to click on select then what i'm,going to do is i'm going to go on the,text section and then i am going to,add some taglines like,therapy is,for everyone,whatever tagline you might have,but i think i'm just gonna leave it at a,singular sentence and once i have done,that i'm just going to i think this,looks pretty good so i'm just going to,leave this at that now on your header,you can also change how you want,everything to appear so you can add any,announcement on the header so what,you're going to do is you're going to,add text over here and,let's just say we are adding,clinic since,2012,like this,now what i'm going to do is,i'm just going to,change these things and i'm just gonna,go back,and,what i'm going to do is i'm going to,remove these sections,so what you can do is,you can just click on any section that,you might want to remove and you're just,going to click on the section and on the,bottom left you're going to find this,section called remove section,so i'm just going to remove these excess,sections that i don't really need,for my overall,website and once i'm satisfied with all,of that and i'm satisfied with how all,of it looks what i'm going to do is i'm,just going to click on publish and save,so,i'm just going to browse through and see,if there's anything else i would want to,change,and obviously you can manage your pages,from the top center over here as well,and make sure to click that a link in,the description to get started with,shopify,to sell your own services may those be,um any kind of services it could be,cleaning services it could be house help,services it could be makeup services,anything that you're doing you can,easily create a very nice and simple,storefront and a product management,ecommerce store just from shopify so i,have saved these changes i'm just going,to publish this,and i can just click on publish,over here,now after i have published my store,people can start purchasing my services,and i can start providing those services,via shopify so this is how easy it is to,create a store with shopify for your,services i hope you guys found this,video helpful make sure to leave a like,and hit that subscribe button and i will,catch you guys in the next video

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