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SSL Certificates in Shopify welcome back so today we're gonna be,talking about SSL Certificates why

Jody Edgar - The Shopify Expert

Updated on Jan 17,2023

SSL Certificates in Shopify

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SSL Certificates in Shopify

welcome back so today we're gonna be,talking about SSL Certificates why we,need to use them well how to get them,inside Shopify and why are they,important now this is all about making,sure that you can transmit your credit,card information your usernames and,passwords securely what does that mean,so when you have a connection between,your computer and a server if it's,unencrypted that means people can snip,the traffic and pull down the,information that you've been,transmitting so that could be credit,card information that can be logins and,passwords there can be hackers that get,in there this is not a really great way,in order to build trust when you're,working with your merchants so what we,want to do is we want to install an SSL,certificate the great news is is that,when you're working with Shopify they,make this super easy to do they allow,you to go in add your domain name hit,the connect and verify and then you get,an SSL certificate the other important,thing is that Google will actually,propene allows you on your search,results if you don't have an SSL,certificate installed they prioritize,HTTPS traffic over SSL or over,unencrypted traffic regular HTTP so for,those who are trying to get more traffic,to their website it's an important thing,for you to be able to add this I'm gonna,hop over to my screen now and go over,what it's all about I hope you enjoy so,if we have a look at our demo store we,can see that our demo store is encrypted,automatically now this is one of the,benefits of going with Shopify is that,they provide you with these ssl,certificates and you don't have to do,anything in order to set them up you,simply need to add your domain and,request it to be verified this is really,great because then you don't have to,worry about the annual renewal you don't,have to worry about generating CSCS our,certificate file which can be,complicated there's a bunch of ways of,doing it and then you have to renew it,and you have to serve a profile it's,it's there's a lot of work about Shopify,takes care of all of that for you,simply go to the dashboard add your,domain name once you've added your,domain name in 24-48 hours it will show,up and it will be certified now let me,show you the difference there's a couple,different types of certifications that,you can get so if you're on Shopify core,just regular Shopify they're gonna get,it standard SSL certificate now this is,important for Google search Google,search prioritizes websites that are SSL,encrypted it also is important for your,users so when they're providing credit,card information they know that they're,not going to it's not going to be,interesting somewhere in between because,this secure lock means that there's a,secure connection between their computer,and the server they're communicating,with it's basically it's encrypted,so this is the first type of encryption,that you can get which is just a,standard SSL certificate now if you're,on Shopify plus any one of the larger,merchants who is very concerned about,making sure that you put your name out,there and everything is consistent with,your brand you want an extended CSV,certificate and what will happen then is,then that will put your name in this,certificate lock screen so people can,actually go in and view your view your,organization's information it basically,allows the user to understand that your,company has been third-party verified,that someone else is gone someone else,is not connected to the organization has,gone looked at their organization knows,that it's a real organization and,provided you with accurate contact,information if you need to get a hold of,them beyond just through the website so,as you can see here it's got their state,their province where they're located,their street address their name that,sort of thing and a bunch of us a bunch,of encryption data in there now in order,to get this on Shopify + store after you,add your domain name in there you'll,need to request it to be and then it,takes me eight hours for them to go and,verify it and make sure that you have a,proper certificate that's been added to,your store however if you're just,working on a regular Shopify course tour,simply add your domain name and away it,goes,so thanks for coming by you guys I hope,you're having a great day don't forget,to Like subscribe hit the bell,notification for when you want to get,notified when I upload new videos and,we'll see you in the next one

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