what email should i sign up with on shopify apps

EMAIL & SMS MARKETING WITH SHOPIFY *FAST & EASY* | TROYIA MONAY so this video y'all is going to be f

Troyia Monay

Updated on Mar 31,2023


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so this video y'all is going to be for,my sisters and brothers out there who,are struggling with email,hey y'all hey it's marketing monet,that's y'all with another video today's,video is so exciting you guys in today's,video i will be teaching you guys how to,perfect your email in sms marketing to,increase your shopify sales as a,beginner or early entrepreneur yeah us,as beginning entrepreneurs solopreneurs,we wear so many different hats and,understanding the different softwares,and systems and processes and procedures,can be extremely overwhelming especially,if you already have a lot of things on,your plate so this video in particular,i'm going to be showing sharing with you,guys how to use sms and email marketing,on the go as a busy entrepreneur maybe,you have kids maybe you work a full-time,job maybe you aren't super tech savvy so,i'll be teaching you guys how to use,engage message so we're going to be,going straight up in depth into engage,message how to use their mobile app and,also how to use their shopify app so,engaged message does have two different,platforms where they allow you to do,your sms your email marketing on the go,and then they do also have their own,shopify app that is synced with your,mobile app so you are always up to speed,as to what is going on behind the scenes,of your marketing whether it be sms and,or email so this video y'all is going to,be for my sisters and brothers out there,who are struggling with email marketing,maybe you are a beginner maybe you're a,solopreneur or some type of beginner or,early entrepreneur and emailing,estimates marketing is confusing for you,if that is the case for you you want to,make sure you watch this entire video,and before we get started make sure you,go ahead and give this video a big,thumbs up because we are going to go,ahead and get into it y'all know i,always give y'all a t so let's go ahead,and jump right on in all right you guys,so let's go ahead and hop right on in so,semester email marketing is extremely,important in today's day and age right,it's gonna help you build those,relationships built that trust between,you and your audience through different,marketing strategies and it's so,important to make sure that you guys are,taking advantage of email and sms,marketing in today's day and age just,because social media is just not enough,right we can post cute content and,captivating content all day and all,night but at the end of the day those,social media platforms whether it be,instagram tick tock whether you're,posting on pinterest twitter whatever,platform that you are using to be,completely honest with you guys those,social media platforms own your audience,you don't own those people right you,don't have their direct contact,information when you are fought when you,have your followers on social media,whereas when you have and you are,building out an sms or email marketing,list you have those people's direct,phone numbers you have their direct,emails so you can get in contact with,them a lot faster and a lot more,efficient than you can when you're just,using social media so in this day and,y'all emailing sms marketing is 100,necessary within your marketing strategy,so engage message is going to be,essential for those of you guys who,don't have a lot of time on your plate,right you have you're a busy mom you,work at nine to five you don't have a,lot of time on your plate and you don't,have enough time really to prioritize,email marketing the way that you really,want to in this early stage of your,entrepreneurship journey so one of my,number one favorite things about,emailing sms marketing you guys is,automations like i live and breathe out,for automations right so if i could,schedule my whole entire life i would,right so as a busy entrepreneur as a,beginner you really want to make sure,that you take advantage of automations i,love the fact that engaged messages so,many other email marketing platforms as,well are really prioritizing that,automation factor making sure that you,can schedule your emails and your sms,text messages to go out for you and you,can go through and create those things,ahead of time so to be honest you guys,as a busy entrepreneur myself balancing,two to three different businesses,basically at this point like i said,earlier i eat sleep and breathe based,upon automations so i'm so excited to,introduce engage message to you guys,this is going to be a platform that is,going to allow you to send out text,messages and emails to your target,audience into your your list um while,you are on the go so whether you are a,busy mom you are at your 9 to 5 and you,are trying to send out text messages to,your target out into your list while you,are at work you have the option to do,that right off of your cell phone or,even if you're a busy mom you're on the,go and you don't have time to actually,create those templates or time to go,through and fill the different things,out as far as your emails are concerned,um engage message does have a ton of,different templates that you can go,through and you can use right off of,your cell phone right in the shopify app,they make it extremely easy and,convenient for you to do things while,you are on the go so engaged message is,an email and sms marketing platform they,have sales funnels marketing automations,they even have an smr tool that allows,you to download their app right on your,cell phone whether that be apple or,android so that way you can send out,those sms and those text messages on the,go okay no more excuses while we're not,communicating with our audience right no,more excuses why you aren't building,that relationship between you and your,target audience,the the days of excuses are basically,over at this point so gone are the days,while you are out running errands since,you might be at target and you think to,yourself oh my goodness i didn't send,out an email today to my target audience,i failed to plan the proper way with,engage message you do have the ability,to send out text messages while you are,on the go i know so many other email,platforms that do not allow you to do,that so this is awesome especially for,those of you guys who are busy busy busy,so a couple of my favorite things about,engaged message you guys is the app so,they allow you to send coupons um to,instagram and facebook users via dm you,can even send out welcome coupons to,your new shoppers via sms and or email,you can create emails from beautiful,templates and so,much more so one of my favorite features,about engage message is the automations,i know i talked a little bit about,automations earlier but i got to get,this into your heads right so,automations are extremely extremely,important and the engaged message app,has a hundred percent pre-built,marketing automations that are within,the app there are templates for you to,use for pop-ups for emails for,copywriting all of these things are,right there in there for you so just,choose them change up the garbage a,little bit and match up your brand make,sure everything is aesthetically,pleasing to your branding elements and,your branding guidelines and just send,it out to your target audience and to,your um audience as a whole all right,you guys so let's go ahead and jump into,the demonstration so i can show you how,it looks on the back end of shopify,within the shopify app and then i'll,even show you guys how to go through and,send out emails and sms to your audience,via the engage message mobile app as,well so let's go ahead and hop right on,in all right you guys so let's go ahead,and hop right on into shopify first and,then i'll also show you how to download,engage message onto your mobile platform,as well so we are gonna go head over to,the shopify app store we're gonna come,up to the search bar and we are going to,type in engage message perfect let's get,started,so we are going to look for the app this,is it right here it is free to install,sms facebook instagram and email,marketing sell more with sms email,facebook and instagram automation so,we're going to go through and we are,going to click on that,so as you guys can see it is completely,free to install i believe that they do,have a couple paid options available so,you guys can definitely go through and,get things started here so just a little,bit more about engage message is that,they do have,the ability for you to increase your,sales on autopilot you can increase your,sales with pre-built um emails and,pop-ups you can design your emails to,your audience you can reply to your,customers inquiries all in one place you,can build a better relationship with,your customers through segments through,tags through crm and then they even send,you real-time updates this is one of my,favorite features right here you guys is,the real-time updates that they send you,to your cell phones a lot of other email,and estimates platforms do not do this,so for you to be able to see that you've,gotten a new customer that you've gotten,a repeat customer all the different,types of notifications that you can get,is so powerful um especially at any,level of entrepreneurship,so we're going to come up here we are,going to select add app and i am going,to add it to my store,so that is all that it takes we are,going to select install,and the entire system will come up here,for us if you do already have an account,of course you would just come up here,and hit sign in if not go make sure you,go through and hit sign up all right you,guys so this is what you should see,after your account is done being created,it is going to say start with popular,series 92 of sellers increase their,revenue within 14 days with these series,so you can definitely come back in here,and change it later just go back here,and see what type of sales strategies,yourself series that you want to go,through and use within you and your,brand i'm going to keep all of these,turned on now for the purpose of the,demonstration but feel free to just come,in here do your own research to figure,out which ones are necessary for you and,your brand so we're going to just click,next all right and then we're also,seeing some automations that are already,set up for us for sms and of course we,can always come in here to just,customize these the way that we would,like as well so we're gonna just hit,done,and then we are going to say okay great,because our verification is already good,all right you guys so this is what the,background of the app looks like the,shopify version we're gonna hop into the,mobile app in just a second so this is,what you guys want to do when you are,first entering the app head over here to,the home tab this is going to be known,as your dashboard so right here you have,your pop-up revenue this is all the,revenue that is accumulated for your,website pop-up your pop-up signups your,email revenue your sms revenue and then,the amount of carts that were saved as,well i really love seeing things lay out,like this just because you get that,holistic view just right then and there,you don't have to click on a bunch of,different things to figure out the,overall total of things it makes things,extremely simplistic and using it in,those very very simplistic words,especially for you guys who are,beginners within the entrepreneurship,journey as well,so of course right here we can see our,revenue our pop-up revenue and another,thing that i really love about engage,message is they have a list of to-do's,here with a bunch of additional pieces,of information and instructions to help,you better get better equipped with,their platform they make it extremely,easy for a lot of you guys who are,beginners um within this industry so,complete these steps to take full,advantage of features that can grow your,business so you can see a lot of these,different things like how to set up your,welcome email sequence with coupon codes,they walk you through the entire journey,here and how to set up your sales,funnels there as well and then you can,select here try it now,the series is good to go you can hit,customize or you can just use the one,that they have as far as their template,and you can just set it to go live for,the sake of this video let's just hit,customize,and i can customize my entire series,here as well you guys i can zoom in and,out i can kind of see where things are i,can move things around if i want so that,is an awesome feature there so right,here just says join us sign up for 10 of,your first purchase of course this is,like so generic and so boring but i have,the option to click edit,edit template,and then i can come in here and change,things around how cool is that and of,course the same thing that you guys see,here on desktop is the same thing that,we can do on the mobile app and i'll,show you guys in that in that in just a,second as well,so you have this nice feature here where,you can set up your different sales,sequence and series and different things,along those lines so let's go back up,here to home,next we are going to just click here to,contact so as i build out my email list,um you guys see all like most of my,contacts are already here i'm just going,to probably put a blurb here so i don't,share their personal information,but all of your contacts are already,here set out for you you have your,active your new purchases your customers,and you can add these customers into,these different these different,sequences to segment your list down a,lot further as well so feel free,whatever email platform that you're,currently using just go through here and,hit import contacts at the top add a,single contact or you can add in your,entire list you guys also have the,availability to sync this with mailchimp,as well so if you do want to just switch,over to engage message just change out,all of your export your current contacts,import them here to engage message and,then you can even come in here to,segment your list as well,next is your outbound so this is going,to be your series your emails and your,sms so we talked a little bit about our,series already next thing if you guys,want to send out your emails we're just,going to come up here to emails,we're going to hit new email,we are going to select create email,message,and then we already have some of our,templates already popping up for us so,we can create things as far as the,simple simple templates,we have some sales templates that are,already here outlined for us we can,customize these up if we want they even,have one called make money promote,share news,welcome,download,and business so for example let's say i,wanted to click on this one right here,and it just says where did it go,blowout sale,i can click on it and now i have free,range to customize this however i like i,can even come in here and add in my,subject line i can send out a test test,email and after i'm done i can select,who will receive it schedule time we,talked a lot already about automations,and how important that is and just,schedule it out to my audience how easy,is this,those of you guys who are beginners,those of you guys who are very very busy,entrepreneurs you don't got time to sit,there and fool around with all these,softwares and systems girl download,engage message what you're doing,what is you doing right so coming up,here to sms same exact thing add new sms,i have the ability to add photos or,files however i'd like type out my,message however i want to go through and,type that in and then same thing come up,here select whatever list i want to send,it to schedule it out boom,and that's it look how easy and,simplistic this platform is there's not,a whole bunch of different,like crazy options here they don't,purposely try to confuse you very very,easy to use platform so now let's hop,into the mobile app you guys all right,you guys so i am loading up my mobile,app i am going to head over into,the apple app store so i can show you,guys how to find engage message we're,going to come up here to search so i'm,going to select search i'm going to type,in engage,message,and this is the app right here engage,message email sms marketing automations,and this is a couple glimpse of what the,app looks like so of course i already,have mine downloaded on my phone so all,we have to do is click open,so,as soon as you go through and you open,up the message you guys will see your,entire dashboard here as well so you,have your pop-up revenues you have your,email and your sms revenues you have,your carts that are saved as well and,the same thing you slide down you have,your to-do list with all of your help,sessions and help buttons things along,those lines that'll help you build out,the series and build up the app a lot,more as well up top you have all of your,settings of course i'll block be sure to,block all this out and then of course,you do have some additional help um here,as well that'll help you build out the,platform even further,so going down to our outbound same thing,here as we saw in this shopify app we,have our outbound with all of our,different series that we can set up,we have our sms where we can go through,and send out text messages to our target,audience we would just hit this plus,button at the top,we want to send out an sms,i would enter like my broadcast title,this is basically for internal use so i,know the title of what i'm sending out,so for example if i'm having a sale i'll,probably just put sale march 12th or,march 30th or whatever the date is just,so that way i know the title of it i hit,create sms and i would just say shop now,save big,and then maybe throw in like an emoji or,something and then i can even go through,here and put in links so my target,audience can go through and shop links i,can add in their first name their last,name you have a bunch of pre-written,instructions here i can instantly,download or add in a discount code if i,even even if i wanted to so you can have,the ability to populate discount codes,in here as well automatically and send,those out to your audience and it'll,populate discount codes for them as well,and then same thing i can go through and,figure out who i want to send it to i,can send it off to a one-off person if i,like and i can even go come in here and,schedule it out so do i want it to send,immediately or do i want to pick some,type of time frame that i want it to be,sent out as well,all right so let's hop over into our,email,same exact thing we're going to hit that,plus button at the top we're going to,select email we can insert our broadcast,title this is just for internal purposes,so we know the title or the purpose of,this email that is going out we're going,to click on create email message we have,a ton of different email options same,ones that you see in shopify i can,select one here,add in my,uh email subject line if i want to,come in here change things up move,things around and i even have the,ability down here to preview the email,how it will look on mobile,and i can even see how it would look on,desktop,i could send out a test to myself if i,like and then even go through and get,that schedule so how easy is that you,guys so if you are a busy busy busy,ecommerce business owner you are trying,to get your feet wet within this,industry but you're like i don't know,how i'm going to manage all of these,systems all of these to do's this is the,platform for you i 100 recommend engage,message for those of you guys who are,having a tough time you have a very busy,life you got a ton of things going on,you don't know exactly where to turn to,next you're getting a headache because,it's so much to manage this is the,platform for you you guys so i'll have,more information regarding engage,message down below in the description,and to download engage message all you,have to do is type it into your apple,app store or your android play store so,they are both on apple and android and,you can connect it right into your,shopify app and everything will be,synced together so let's get on here,let's make this money let's go through,and get these automations together this,is going to be an amazing way for you,guys to increase your sales using,shopify so make sure you guys go through,and download it and i'll see you guys in,the next video give this video a thumbs,up if it was helpful peace

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