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How To Sell On Shopify In 2023 (For Beginners) hey guys mike with steel here in today's,video we are

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Sell On Shopify In 2023 (For Beginners)

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How To Sell On Shopify In 2023 (For Beginners)

hey guys mike with steel here in today's,video we are revealing how to sell on,shopify as a complete beginner this is a,full tutorial this is the only tutorial,you'll ever need,for that after the intro,hey guys how's it going mike fisher,welcome to this video before we actually,gonna remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,where we're going over the fastest and,the easiest way to make money online,we have a 62 year old woman who's never,actually understood how to use a laptop,before,go from zero to 160 thousand dollars,profit in her first 90 days,check out the first link below let's,talk about shopify how to sell on it,it's pretty simple,i remember getting started in shopify in,around like 2015 i think our first month,we did five thousand dollars in revenue,and i want to share with you exactly how,i did it,so as you can see shopify is pretty,awesome because you could literally,create a website within like five,minutes okay,just go and start free trial also,there's also these different prices,right,there's basics which is 29 a month all,the way up to here you don't really need,that,right you really just need the starter,basic package when i first got started i,really just started,with the 29 per month and i also had 14,days to really go in on that so once,you're in this is exactly what it looks,like and it's pretty straightforward,you just add a product customize the,theme add a domain and then set up,payments now before we actually go ahead,and add the product we can even go ahead,and customize the theme,the beautiful thing about shopify is,they have a bunch of free themes like if,i just go and explore,free themes you could go in and within,like five seconds you could import any,one of these styles of websites into,your own,and then the product is just easy right,you want to get the nice,feel the nice touch the right branding,all of it is pretty much free to really,get started i remember i used supply a,lot when i was really selling on it,you could even get a more minimalistic,approach you just click on that,you go ahead and add to a theme library,and just like that i mean you saw me,we were able to go ahead and actually,create,our own very own website now of course,you would just click on customizing and,this part actually in my opinion isn't,the most important part i think people,hype on too much at this part and they,waste all of their time when the most,important thing is how are you going to,sales and how are you going to do,marketing,like in 2015 i barely did any of this,stuff,you just need the bare minimum of it,remember do not spend all of your time,with the perfect logo with the perfect,thing the logo could literally be,something as simple as whatever your,name of the store is no one really cares,in the beginning your goal is trying to,find the right product and the right,market that is going to go and buy the,product which leads me to the next step,and that's actually,finding the right products so there's,multiple sites that you need aliexpress,alibaba and amazon now the reason why,you want to use all three is you want to,find out what products are,already selling if you do not have an,idea yet one thing that you could do,is just start going through all these,things and start thinking okay well,which one of these things do i want to,get into,do you have an idea if not one of the,things that you could do is just see,these are the things that are what you,can do is just simply go on amazon and,start typing your ideas in right so if i,just type in grill gloves,one of the things that i would do,especially if i wanted to sell product,whatever idea that you have,type it in on amazon and what you want,to do is you want to pull up one of your,competitors,and look at their ratings because what,will happen,when they see the ratings and remember,this is on amazon but you're like oh my,god i want to sell on shopify,this will give you ideas on how to,improve the product guys so what i would,do is actually go,to like the lowest or even most recent,to see what people are actually saying,not as heat resistant as i expected,so one thing that you could improve is,maybe make it more heat resistant maybe,put cotton in the lining,the reason why you would succeed in,e-commerce especially with shopify,is when you are solving a problem,that isn't that solvable yet like for,example me like i live here in bali,right and i'm a u.s citizen and i make,money online,so us taxes is very hard for me to,understand,so i was literally scouring the internet,to find the best expat tax service to,literally help me do my taxes,it was very hard for me to find,something that was like pretty good,right there wasn't that much competition,if that's a problem for me i'm willing,to pay for a solution for it,and if someone literally said hey i,could do all this for you i'd be like,here's my money,that's exactly the same thing with,physical products they're telling you,the problems with the products that,they're buying,so you could either go ahead and ignore,it or you could be like oh my god this,is a huge opportunity,you could then go to aliexpress or,alibaba either buy a couple,to just get started with right you could,start with the drop shipping model,and then when you're like okay this is a,really good thing i want to go ahead and,buy it in bulk,one of the things was gravity phone,cases,i remember seeing this back in the day,where you would literally put this on,the phone case and it would just,just get stuck on you know a window or a,mirror or whatnot and they would get any,get it literally for like two dollars,right and then go case comes in and he's,like oh wow i want to go sell something,like this and then go case comes in and,says oh i want to sell it for 16 bucks,just like that you see them getting it,for two dollars selling it for 16,what they essentially did back in the,day is they would start dropshipping a,bunch of products right they would,see what went really well on their store,and then they would just start selling,it,to like a bunch of different instagram,influencers at the time and when one,caught up,and it did really well they stopped,everything and they just ended up going,here and bought the gravity,cases in bulk,because you could get it down even,cheaper you could get it to a u.s,manufacturer or you could get it to a,u.s warehouse and then just ship it,you cut down the shipping times your,customers a lot more happy that's how,they were literally able to go from,nothing to millions of dollars now jim,shark did the exact same thing,um i'm just really curious how many guys,are familiar with gemstar comment below,the thing about gymshark it is now,valued at 1.45,billion dollars but they essentially,started with the same model they didn't,really create the most beautiful,stores they put a bunch of products up,on there seeing what would sell,and the moment things were starting,selling and they were doing the drop,shipping model where they would take the,customers money,and then they would buy it from another,warehouse and then ship it to them with,their own money,meaning it's the least it's like the,most zero cost most,least high cost effective way to,actually do business,what happened is when things started,making sales that's when they would go,in,to alibaba and then they would get like,you know gym,fit tees in bulk and then have them,custom designed,look at look at this all of these look,like the things that you would normally,get here in gymshark and this one people,don't really know about gymshark is they,started off just selling other people's,products when they would make money from,their customer,they would take the money and then get,it at a lower cost and then ship it out,of them meaning they never had to buy,products in bulk when they first got,started,and then once they made castle from that,then they could go and,take more risky bets and then start,getting you know 100 pieces at a time,they would save more money in the long,term of things,but they would build a stronger brand,where they could essentially sell,for 1.45 billion dollars now once you're,there the most important thing with,e-commerce shops are the photography,so i would just recommend outsourcing,that right away just go to,it's super simple type in product,photography in the search and just like,that people can literally take pictures,for your products and make really cool,designs depending on what you want for,like five dollars,or ten dollars if you don't even want to,do it yourself remember the most,important thing when you,get started in selling shopify don't buy,yourself another,job okay my problem when i was selling,on shopify is i literally left a job,to then work another 16 hour a day job,with shopify,don't don't do all of the hats of course,in the beginning but,the more you can outsource it by saving,up money especially in inventory by,doing like the drop shipping method,uh don't buy like disgusting amounts of,quantities from china,like what i did with like 2 000 dog,leashes instead start small kind of like,what goat case did,or spend most of your money and time on,the marketing and the sales aspect of,things because,when you make money from that you can,invest in bigger and better things,so one of the most important things is,like product photography,you could then put that here on your,website as well as when you create the,products,for yourself now when you're there you,then want to make a long list of all of,your competitors because you're uh,you need to wonder what the hell other,people are doing to go and make money,with this,the hard thing for most people is they,come in and they try to figure things,all out by themselves,when little do they know that there's,businesses that spend millions of,dollars,that already did all the tests for you,and you need to tap into what they're,doing so you don't have to make the same,mistakes,so once you make a long list of all of,your competitors that are selling,similar products to you,find their facebook page that's very,simple once you find their facebook page,you got to scroll down and look at this,thing known as page transparency,when you do see all this thing pops up,and you go here and type in go to ad,library now what this is is they're,showing you,all of the different advertisings that,they are currently right running right,now to make money,why is this very much important because,everyone thinks oh my god if i create,the most beautiful logo the most,beautiful design my colors need to match,then i'll go and make money that is,further from the truth,you need to find out what is already,working right,what type of sales are they doing what,type of you know,words do they have right here is this,something that's actually you want to,write when you first get started can you,find somebody else to write these for,you,when you do that you want to click on,exactly their sales page what do their,images look like,what does the words on their shopify,store look like you could see oh my god,it's pretty simple,this is a pretty much simple branding i,don't have to go crazy on this,here's just simple pictures that you,could go ahead and come in with this,fragrance samples what what is the,description that they're talking about,is there any more information that,they're going ahead and include,you could start modeling what's already,working most people when they're first,getting started especially if they're,watching videos like this on youtube,they don't have like the crazy you know,30-year experience when it comes to,business they want to start a side,hustle they saw some video of some kid,making money online they're like oh my,god i want to try this too,but what you guys got to realize is all,the things are already done for you,you already know exactly what type of ad,copy and marketing work so why not at,least implement it and then running,advertisements pretty easy you literally,just go to, and as you can see,this is how people set up,uh their campaigns they literally just,go in here click on campaign budget,optimization,this is just you know let facebook do,all the hard work if you want more of a,tutorial like this,just type in i want to learn shopify,facebook ads in the link below and i'll,let you know,you could start it off at 20 now the,most important thing,is a purchase conversion you could set,up the age genders,you can set people up that like beards,like that that's 59 million people,or 230 million people just like that you,could also do men and women,and this is where you actually go ahead,and put all of your different creatives,right and the coolest thing about this,is facebook does a lot of the primary,hard work for you,especially if you come in here and click,on this thing known as dynamic,creatives you're essentially giving,facebook all of these,images and words and whatnot and then,facebook will,go in magically fine buys i don't know,how they do it i mean they know,everything about us they know what we,ate last week,it's pretty intense you ever notice why,they show you the right ads at the right,time you're like oh my god i want to,actually buy that,they're they're savages when it comes to,showing you the right product,here's where you could literally,populate all these different types of,options for like the text for the,headline,for the images for the description put,your website in there and then you could,essentially let facebook do most of the,hard work for you and if you don't want,to go that way there's multiple ways you,could also do it you could go the,influencer marketing route,right like as you can see there's people,that are already making content,and if you literally make a deal with,them maybe give them a percentage of the,sale or maybe,give them some um for cash or maybe you,want to do a partnership with them and,get 50 50 profits,you could have them do most of the work,for you in terms of the marketing,you know i did this for instagram you,could also do this for youtube,instagram was like pretty under rated at,the time which is why it was a huge,opportunity you could even do this for,youtube,and just see that he's even doing it for,his own business too right,he got 99 000 views for things he's,selling it,to his nose trimmer his nose trimmer is,35,and you could essentially get it here,for two dollars,that's about 30 profit you do the math,10 sales a day is 300,profit a day that's a six figure,business a year you sell 100 units a day,that's a million dollar a year profit,business just like that,but guys if you love this and you want a,faster way to make money online check,out the free workshop below like,i said a 62 year old woman 160 000,profit in 90 days you could even take,that money and then invest in your own,shopify store if you really want to go,and make shopify work check out the free,workshop below if you're new to the,channel also check out all these,podcasts where there's this 30 year old,there's 11 year old girl that turned on,30 million dollars,this guy that makes a million dollars,per month profit sexual transmutation 1,billion at 22,as well as this guy who builds six-pack,shortcuts to 10 million,per year if you want more shopify,tutorials say i want more shopify,tutorials in the comments below and with,that being said i love you guys peace,out you,you

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