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Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips) hey everyone davey here welcome to

Davie Fogarty

Updated on Jan 18,2023

Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

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Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

hey everyone davey here welcome to our,first video of 2022. today we're going,to go through my 10 favorite shopify,apps shopify makes it so easy to install,apps it's one of its super powers apps,can increase conversion rate increase,average order value and make you a ton,more money apps need to come with the,warnings though if you use the wrong,apps it can slow your website down and,leave a ton of money off the table for,those that have been following along in,our lemon scrub series you know that,we've got our website all set up now,it's time to install apps if you haven't,been following on that's okay i'm just,going to use the lemon scrub as an,example in this video none of these apps,have paid me for this video there are a,couple of affiliate links down below but,i'm going to give you lots of,alternatives and outline the pricing so,you can make the best choice for your,business let's get into it the first app,that we're going to cover today is,perfect if your product is low average,order value so basically under 70 or so,with products like that shipping costs a,lot of money compared to the actual,revenue that you can bring in per order,the app is called ship scout it's always,difficult to understand when you launch,your product whether you should offer,free shipping or charge a little bit,free shipping should be more appealing,to customers and therefore increase your,conversion rate so the more people that,go to your store will actually end up,checking out a lot of brands will,actually just add the cost of shipping,onto the price of their product making,their product just a little bit more,expensive to cover that cost what ship,scout does is it allows you to actually,split test that concept what this allows,you to do is actually test shipping,thresholds for lemon scrub for example,if we're selling for 40 and we have a,free shipping over 50 offer on the,header bar it would entice people to,actually purchase two of the product,drastically increasing our average order,value naturally with all split tests if,you're trying to raise prices which in,this case you are for the people that,only wanted to buy one lemon scrub,because you're going to charge them,shipping you should expect a conversion,rate decrease because less people buy,because there's less value i've been,following along on twitter and there's,been some really strange results for,this app not only have people been,receiving an aov increase with their,orders but a lot of people are actually,reporting that conversion rate also,increases which is completely,counterintuitive one theory behind this,is users are just thinking they're,getting a better deal with a free,shipping offer over the threshold if,you're currently charging free shipping,and you've got low margin products where,people can buy a couple of them i,definitely recommend trying it out to,find the app all we need to do is go to,the app store right in ship scout and,it's just here there isn't a huge amount,of reviews on it yet because i do think,it is still early the reviews are good,we can just add the app as you can see,it's 49 a month and a seven day free,trial so maybe try to run a significant,test within that seven days to hedge,your bets as with installing all new,apps if you are doing a lot of traffic,through your store you may need to vet,the app from a speed perspective first,you can have a dummy store and install,the app and check the speed in google,analytics one disclaimer about this app,is that you will need to be using the,advanced shopify plan which is 299,dollars a month so if you are a new,brand then it may not be right for you,one option is that you can upgrade your,shopify plan to the 299 option use the,free trial of ship scout at the same,time and then just revert your shopify,plan back so the actual cost of using,the shopify app is just the difference,between the basic and the advanced,shopify plan the next app that i highly,recommend that you use this year is,called dexter or neat a b test both of,these apps are incredible at split,testing pricing pricing is one of the,most underrated split tests that,entrepreneurs just refuse to do there's,a few reasons why they refuse to do this,firstly they're worried that customers,will see both pricing this is very,unlikely even if you're a huge brand,customers definitely don't pay this much,attention to your business much like,ship scout price changes will affect a,few things they'll affect conversion,rate but they'll also increase the,revenue that we can create per visitors,so therefore the profits i suggest using,these apps to split test pricing in,intervals that are relative to the,product price for example if your,product is around fifty dollars split,test the pricing by five to ten dollars,if your products five hundred dollars,maybe you wanna split test by fifty,dollars this is great to do early on but,also as your brand adapts over time,especially with the current fears of,inflation what will happen is prices,will go up across the board this is the,perfect opportunity for you to raise,prices because your suppliers your,freight forwarders and your couriers,they're all raising their prices so you,need to pass those costs on reasonable,price raises shouldn't affect your brand,as much as you think one of the worst,things that you can do is just,constantly keep absorbing those costs,until your business stops being,profitable and therefore you actually go,out of business so to find these apps,i'll start with neat a b test neat a,forward slash b and it should be this,first one just here so it's got 39,reviews you can see the dexter app is an,ad above it um which is the other one,that i have used um that's that one is,actually charged out at 3.99 per 100,visitors approximately so the more,people that you use the split test with,they'll actually charge you which can,add up to be quite expensive but it is a,really effective app i like it and neat,a b testing is around 29 a month um and,you get the the 14 day trial there as,well so i'm just going to add that up to,our store so we can use it later the,other option that you do have with split,testing is to use a big robust tool like,google optimize or optimizely google,optimize is free but it is quite hard to,use you will need to use something like,google tag manager to set up events if,you've got a clothing store google,optimize can be a really good way to,split test all your pricing at once you,can actually duplicate all your products,and create a split test pushing people,to one collection page of one pricing,and the other page with the new pricing,these apps that i just mentioned though,are far simpler and you can just test,single product variants very very easily,the next app that i recommend is okendo,these guys are doing some really cool,stuff reviews are incredibly important,to make your shopify look trustworthy,and increase conversion rate a kendo,seems to be a really robust tool that is,offering lots of customizable review,options so for example if you're a,clothing store you can actually ask,people to review things like the fit is,it true to size or even the softness is,it comfortable these reviews can then be,paired with photos and videos to really,make sure that the customer believes the,review is real and guide their decision,making a kendo starts at around 29 a,month the alternative that a lot of,people use is luke's however what seems,to be happening with luke's is a lot of,dropshippers are actually using the,brand which is decreasing the,credibility there are a lot of review,apps out there make sure that your one,isn't slowing down the website speed so,we can come into here and go ekendo and,you can see the product reviews right,here it's got 424 reviews at 5 stars,people are loving it the customer,service is really really strong the,alternative they did mention was luke's,which is here it's obviously far more,popular at this stage,definitely hit scale but a kendo might,catch it,luke's is cheaper at 9.99 a month,however to remove the actual watermarks,and stuff like that it can increase,the cost of that pretty quickly so we,can just add both of those and have a,play with them the next app that i,really recommend is clavio if you've,been in ecommerce a while you know what,clavio is it's an email marketing tool,klaviyo is one of the most robust tools,that allows a lot of segmentation and,customization of emails email is one of,the most important elements of building,a brand and ensuring that your traffic,converts i've done a lot of videos on,this that you can go check out after,this video however the main things that,you need to know is just setting up your,basic flows within klavio you need to,set up your post purchase acquisition,flow your welcome series and your,abandoned car there are a lot of email,marketing tools out there such as,mailchimp however i strongly recommend,avoiding all of them and just using,clavio for e-commerce everything in,clavio is basically done through the,actual clavio url but you can still,download it through the app store in,shopify you just come up here,you can see that the reviews um there,are some negative reviews but that's,because it's not a simple app to use,that it is quite complex and that's why,people hire consultants and agencies to,do that and you can just click add app,here and it'll actually be quite easy to,set up because um,it drags a lot of the information such,as your logo your business id and stuff,like that from um shopify settings which,is really good the next app that i,really recommend for new entrepreneurs,is called postscript postscript is an,sms app and the team is fantastic there,they really help with compliance and,making sure that you are compliant,before using sms marketing sms marketing,is very underutilized within e-commerce,sms can receive over 95 open rate,compared to something like 10 in email,and a 35 click-through rate which is,absolutely huge the only downside is,that it's really important to become,compliant you need to make sure people,opt in specifically for text message,marketing and also make sure that your,terms and services are up to date the,alternative to postscript is sms bump i,know a lot of people are using that try,to compare pricing and check it out,yourself come in here but in postscript,4.9 stars 1600 reviews,and you can see sms bump is very similar,in reviews and size at this stage um but,yeah i'm using postscript at the moment,the next app that i absolutely love is,an upsell app called rebar post purchase,upsells are incredibly important and,often overlooked by new entrepreneurs,firstly let me explain what a,post-purchase one-click upsell is after,a user purchases your product they will,then be redirected to a new screen this,new screen generally has an author for a,discounted product even if people do not,accept this offer the original purchase,that they make will still go through,which is really important because there,won't be any actual drop off any,additional revenue that you can make,through this offer is just bonus why,this is really powerful is because,you've already acquired that customer so,your acquisition cost on these extra,purchases is zero pair that with the,fact that the customer already has a,courier cost going to that that this new,product can just be added onto which is,marginally cheaper let's use lemon scrub,again as an example let's say for,example we sell one lemon scrub for 50,and it costs 30 to acquire the customer,we've got twenty dollars profit margin,there but then the product actually,costs ten dollars then the courier cost,as well is ten dollars suddenly we have,zero dollars profit if we were to then,offer them an upsell of a new lemon,scrub at forty dollars more so they get,a 10 discount on the original product so,basically they're buying two lemon,scrubs for 90 then suddenly we become,profitable on that order that's because,we have no customer acquisition cost on,that second order also the courier cost,is probably only going to be five,dollars which leaves us a nice little,profit margin for that customer that's,obviously a very oversimplified example,however upsells are used everywhere all,of the major e-commerce players focus,heavily on their funnels some of them,have up to five post-purchase upsells to,make sure that every order they get as,much money from it as possible rebuy,allows really highly personalized,upsells the other apps that you can also,check out is zipper fi and also after,sale the reason why i'm recommending,rebuy today is there's a lot of other,tools that you can use such as ai,merchandising they also offer order,bumps before the customer actually,checks out so there's a lot of features,that you can utilize to install rebuy we,just come here and write rebuy it's,called rebuy personalization engine it's,got 156 reviews so it is relatively new,compared to the other alternatives like,zipper fire so rebuy have three plans,one is five dollars a month however it's,going to charge around 10 cents an order,as well there's also an enterprise plan,as well for those people that are doing,a lot more volume as you can see here,these are the in cart order bumps that,they're recommending new products so,people can actually add that pre-order,you can also see that there's the free,shipping threshold here um you know,similar to ship scout and you can also,see this ai product recommendation which,is really important if you saw my,gymshark video they always have those,product recommendations at the bottom,the other tools that you need to use to,do this um can actually get quite,expensive like the search springs and,stuff like that so um quite a robust,tool,again you can see the in checkout order,bumps here which is really important i,believe that you would probably need,shopify plus to do that because you,can't customize the checkout um without,that shopify plan the next app that i do,recommend is the back in stock app if,you're constantly running out of,inventory back in stock will allow,customers to lodge their email and or,their phone number so that you can,contact them when you come back in stock,the bakken stock app will actually,automatically do this you can also,integrate it with klavio so you can,really customize the messaging and when,you send the email it's relatively cheap,and easy to use if your theme is heavily,customized you just may need a developer,to set it up to install it we come to,the app store,back in stock so you can see that,there's a lot of variations for it one,we're currently using is this one down,here back in stock restock alerts 1300,reviews at a 4.9 it's relatively easy to,use there are a lot that i have checked,out i've used a couple of them but this,one does absolutely fine we're gonna add,that one in the next app that i,recommend is mainly for people that have,a replenishable product alternatively a,large amount of skews the app is called,peel what it does is it really allows,you to analyze your cohorts a cohort is,a group of customers with a certain,variable let's use lemon scrub as an,example to understand this a customer,that purchases the lemon scrub cleaner,may have a longer lifetime value meaning,the profit over the lifetime of the,customer journey is increased that means,that we can spend a little bit more to,actually acquire that customer because,we know that in the long run we're going,to make that profit back compare that to,say another product that's on our store,let's say the dishwashing cleaning,gloves that might just be a one-time,purchase pill has this amazing,segmentation in the back end where you,can select first time purchase and,understand the ltv over certain windows,if you're new to product cohorts it can,get confusing what i suggest is just,looking at product specific cohorts over,a 90-day ltv if you want to get really,granular you can look at certain,countries or cities and how they spend,or even how certain promotional periods,affected the ltv of your customer for,example people that shop on black friday,might be bargain hunters and therefore,have a lower ltv pair that with the fact,that you're actually discounting more on,black friday it may not be as profitable,to run sales as you think pill is spelt,p e e l,it's around 149 dollars a month so it is,relatively expensive um you can see that,there's not a huge amount of reviews,because it is relatively new i'm,extremely happy with it though it does,get expensive as you grow um so if you,don't actually know what you're doing or,you're really early there may be a,cheaper app alternative out there i've,chatted to the founders at triple whale,a lot of the functionality is actually,in that tool the user dashboard of,triple well is really really great as,well so make sure you check out that and,compare it with pill the main thing what,that you need to know when using apps to,understand both your cohorts and your,mer targets is make sure that they have,integrations for all your marketing,channels this actually brings me to my,next app that i recommend which is b,profit if you're using something like,triple whale or pill b profit might not,be necessary however i've used b profit,a lot in my early stage brands b profit,will allow you to really calculate your,profit in real time you'll compile all,of your cost of goods and all of your,marketing channels to understand your,net profit margin it has a really easy,function to use where you can actually,start adding overhead costs or,consulting costs on a monthly basis it,is fantastic at calculating tax in,certain regions as well to make sure,that you have no slip ups if you're a,new time founder or growing really,quickly i really recommend getting an,out black bee profit if you don't have,investment you're going to need to make,sure that you're profitable to keep,replenishing your orders to install be,profit we come in here and it's got 213,reviews 4.9 stars there's a couple of,other apps that i will mention here like,lifetimely i believe that can do most,things last time i checked lifetimely it,was about eight months ago and they,didn't have all the integrations that i,needed to get the mer the marketing,efficiency ratio or full funnel row as,and i also have uh looked into order,metrics however um if we're looking at,real-time profitability i love be profit,the final app that i recommend is for,new founders or mid-level e-commerce,businesses the app is called gem pages,when building your shopify site the,initial themes can only get you so far,by doing large design changes on the,template you can have huge conversion,rate boosts these conversion rate boosts,will make your traffic far more,efficient gen pages makes this really,easy to do without large design teams,and developers you can start by,customizing your product page making it,longer adding a lot more features gem,pages also has a b tests that you can,use to split test and improve your,conversion rate one benefit of using a,page builder is that you don't actually,need a developer you only need a,designer which you can find a lot of,those on upwork and fiverr all you need,to do is post gem pages or page builder,editor for shopify the other apps,include pagefly and shogun we've used,gem pages to set up our new product,pages make them a little bit longer and,increase conversion rate on lemon scrub,to find gem pages,gem pages as you can see a lot of people,are using gem pages 2 300 views at a 4.9,star and you can see some of the other,ones that i recommended like shogun and,pagefly here page flyer seems to have a,little bit more traffic going through it,um zipperfly also as well however i have,had some speed issues with that when,you're building these pages make sure,you're considering your speed compress,your images do all of those kind of,things try not to add features that are,unnecessary there are obviously so many,apps that you can install on your,shopify store these are 10 of my,absolute favorites if you have any more,that you recommend for our viewers make,sure you leave them in the comment,section one thing i recommend is don't,get too obsessed with apps focus on your,messaging and your advertising as well,as your product and customer experience,apps should be used as a boost increased,conversion rate and average order value,now we've installed all of our apps and,our website is ready we can now launch,facebook ads for our product and start,selling it if you want to follow along,on this journey make sure you like and,subscribe we'll see you next week,cool

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