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Launching members only pricing with Wholesale Club welcome to the wholesale club demo video,my name


Updated on Jan 19,2023

Launching members only pricing with Wholesale Club

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Launching members only pricing with Wholesale Club

welcome to the wholesale club demo video,my name is rosie and i work with the,experience team at orbit,in this video i'll show you how to set,up wholesale club with your shopify,store and share some tips for using the,app effectively so you can increase your,store's revenue,by the end you'll feel ready to launch,your wholesale business with wholesale,club,wholesale club is designed to help you,sell more by reaching a new type of,customer b2b customers the app allows,you to assign different prices to the,same products in your catalog so that,they can be sold to different customer,groups it does this without duplicating,products or creating new product,variants in your shopify admin this,makes managing your inventory and,analytics easier,in order to charge different prices for,the same products wholesale club needs,to add some code to your store's theme,you can do this by following the steps,in the theme setup tool,every wholesale customer will need an,approved account on your store,wholesale accounts are differentiated,from regular accounts with a tag that's,added in the shopify admin,these customer tags are created in the,wholesale club app and determine the,prices displayed to that customer group,any customer can create an account on,your store but only the merchants can,approve customers for wholesale pricing,by adding the customer tag,to use wholesale club you need to make,sure you have customer accounts enabled,in your shopify admin they can be set to,optional or required,you can add tags to existing customers,as well,just select customers and add tags as,part of the bulk action feature in the,shopify admin,if you're coming to shopify from another,platform you can add your wholesale tags,to your customers through your customer,csv file,this is the file shopify allows you to,import with your customers names and,contact information you can add tags,right to this file as well,if you're on the shopify plus plan,you'll have the option to send out,account invitations in bulk as well,if you're new to shopify or even new the,business to business you may need to,find new wholesale customers,use your theme's contact form template,to collect information about potential,wholesale buyers,most shopify themes include this,template and you can easily use it to,collect information about potential,wholesale buyers,once you've got their account,information you can send them an account,invitation email,the wholesale contact form is a great,start,here's an example of a customized,wholesale form on a test shop,now we can find out how often the,customers plan to order and how much,they might spend on an order,information to consider asking for might,be a buyer's location referral estimated,order value and frequency,customizing the contact form requires,adding code to your theme,remember to always test customizations,on a duplicate theme and check in with,your theme developer for recommendations,now let's talk about creating wholesale,prices and rules now that we've learned,how the app differentiates between,retail and wholesale customers let's,look at setting new wholesale prices in,rules,the app offers two ways to create new,prices,you can create prices as a percentage,discount of the retail price or if,you're on the wholesale professional,plan you can use the custom prices,feature to add a custom price to each,individual product sku,let's start with the basic percentage,discount to create a discount add the,customer tag then a percentage discount,select the collections you want to add,the discount to,in this example we're giving 40 percent,off of the retail price to customers,with the silver tag,for some businesses giving a store-wide,discount is a great solution,but if you're offering products with a,higher production cost you may want a,different discount rate,for this create a different discount in,the app using the same tag wholesale,club can only support one customer tag,per customer group so if you're creating,a second third or fourth discount for,the same group it's really important to,use the same customer tag,in this example silver tagged customers,get 40 off the gifts home and kitchen,collection and 60 off the fun collection,now let's talk custom prices with this,you can set a new price for each product,and variant in your store,you'll get a chance to test this feature,out in the free trial but after that you,need to be on the professional plan to,continue using it,to use it just search for the product,that you'd like to update and add the,new price into the box here,if you're adding prices for multiple,products at once i recommend downloading,the csv template from the app,filling in your custom prices and then,uploading the file to update your custom,prices in bulk,one of the biggest perks to taking,wholesale orders is knowing you'll have,customers ordering in bulk and returning,customers,many wholesale businesses have minimum,order rules that need to be met before a,wholesale order can be placed,this gives you more control over what's,included in your wholesale orders which,can make the fulfillment easier and,increase your average order value,using order minimums you can create,minimums that must be met before,wholesalers can place orders,or their minimums are included in the,basic version of wholesale club,minimums can be set by cart quantity and,cart value or by quantities of,collections products and variants,this way you can be sure your customers,aren't placing small batch orders,here's an example of an order minimums,rule that applies to a test store,you can see rules for different customer,groups based on total quantity as well,as value before and after the discount,you can use order minimums to require,customers to purchase specific sets of,multiples,this means you can ensure customers are,buying by the case,you can set your order minimum quantity,to require multiples here,let's check this out on the demo store,wholesale customers will receive a,notice if they do not meet the minimums,for their order,the subtotal will revert back to the,retail price and the checkout will not,be accessible until the minimums have,been met,if you need help getting this set up,visit our help center for a more,detailed instruction,another option for encouraging bulk,orders is offering an additional,discounts when their cart reaches a goal,by using the volume discounts feature,which is available on the professional,wholesale club plan you can do just that,volume discounts can be rewarded when,the wholesale customer reaches a cart,goal you can create different tiers of,goal and discount to keep encouraging,customers to increase their orders,here's an example where i have given an,extra five percent off of cart totals,over 500,and an extra 10 off of cart totals over,a thousand dollars,while we're on the topic of discounts,remember you can use shopify's discount,codes with wholesale club too,with some limitations,only percentage discounts that apply to,the entire order can be used on,wholesale orders for example you can add,a code to allow wholesale customers to,get another 10 off their entire order,however any shopify discounts targeting,specific products cannot be used,you can enable this here,if you need to apply extra fees to an,order there's a feature for that too,available in the wholesale club,professional plan you can use extra fees,to get a more fine-tuned control over,your wholesale shipping and order,management,wholesale orders are often subject to,fees that don't apply to retail orders,like flat rate shipping or their,deposits and more,using this feature you can charge an,additional flat fee for wholesale,customers,it works by adding a new line item to,orders in this example a customer tagged,with silver demo would be tagged with an,extra fee of 12 for shipping,but if they purchase over 180 of goods,they'll be eligible for free shipping,the gold demo customer does not have an,extra fee,this means they will be charged with the,same shipping rates as your retail,customers,now that we've covered some really,powerful features to give you more,control over your wholesale business,let's take a look at the customer,experience,wholesale customers need to be logged,into a tagged account in order to see,wholesale prices,without logging in the app can't,differentiate between them and the,retail customer,wholesale customers log in the same way,your retail customers do they will use,the standard shopify customer account,login,a tagged customer has logged into your,store they'll see the retail price,striked out with the wholesale price,next to it the retail price can be used,as your msrp or manufacturer suggested,retail price,all collection and product details will,look exactly the same except for the,price,when a product is added to the cart the,wholesale customer is directed to the,cart page,that's where they'll receive any,messages relevant to their customer tag,the subtotal and cart messages will,update as the customer adjusts their,cart,most of these messages are editable from,the app but our support team can help,with the ones that aren't as well css,can be used to change the look and,placement of those cart messages if,that's something you want i recommend,checking in with your theme developer,using the net terms feature you can,allow certain wholesale customers to,place orders bypassing shopify's,checkout and pay for their order of a,later date by adding the net terms tag,to their account this feature is,included in the wholesale club,professional plan,the order will be created in your,shopify admin payment is manually,collected at the time of your choosing,and you can use either shopify invoices,or an external payment method,wholesale club does not manage payment,for your net terms orders,when a customer reaches the cart page,they'll have the option to continue,through the shopify checkout or checkout,using net terms if they select this,option an unpaid order will be added to,your shopify admin,the customer will be sent to a new page,on your store titled net terms thank you,page just like your store's other pages,the net terms thank you page can be,customized to improve the experience of,your wholesale customers we have a great,article about this in our help center,the quick order form feature allows,customers to add multiple products to,their card at once helping them place,large orders more easily and helping you,increase your average order value this,is available on the basic wholesale club,plan,the quick order form makes it easy for,customers to browse through your,products and add more to the cart,but remember by default the form,includes all products you can change,this by changing the collection,conditions in the shopify admin we see,merchants using this to create seasonal,order forms,when using this feature add the quick,order form url you receive to your,theme's navigation settings or you can,share it with your customers by email,as i mentioned at the start of the video,wholesale club needs to add some code to,your theme in order to create wholesale,pricing,depending on your theme you may need to,make some tweaks to your theme settings,to make sure the app runs smoothly,your theme is coded to display wholesale,prices but they will not apply to an,order until it reaches the checkout page,if your theme uses a pop-out cart or,cart drawer this will force your,customers to skip the cart page and,therefore skip their discounts disable,the ajax cart in the theme editor to,make sure the right price is applied or,reach out to our support team,you'll also want to disable dynamic,checkout buttons on collection and,product pages in your theme editor,this means paypal google pay and apple,pay this is for the same reason no cart,no,wholesale club is set up on an,unpublished duplicate of your theme and,you can see it in your theme library,after completing the theme setup,make sure to test the app in preview,before publishing,to test this out create a test account,in the shopify admin and add a customer,tag to that account select preview on,the unpublished theme version then log,in as the test customer to view the,prices,if you're happy with it you can go ahead,and publish the theme with wholesale,club,that covers everything you need to know,about getting started with wholesale,club,for more help check out our help center,the wholesale club demo store or email,into support happy selling

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