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My Simple Trick to Win Shopify Chargebacks and Disputes On Shopify hey,everybody,justin cener here i

Justin Cener

Updated on Mar 31,2023

My Simple Trick to Win Shopify Chargebacks and Disputes On Shopify

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My Simple Trick to Win Shopify Chargebacks and Disputes On Shopify

hey,everybody,justin cener here i've got a great video,for you here today i'm going to show you,by far the best way to deal with,chargebacks and disputes on shopify,let's jump right into it dealing with,chargebacks and disputes definitely can,be very stressful but number one you,don't want to ignore these right these,are very very annoying these are those,customer initiated payment inquiries,where they're going to go to their,credit card or go to paypal and open up,a dispute for whatever reason they,didn't receive the product it wasn't as,described and these can cause massive,issues for your store and your brand and,even you personally if you're the one,dealing with them,and you really want to prevent,chargebacks ideally right we don't want,to have any chargebacks in a perfect,world we'll have accurate product,descriptions fair marketing upfront,policies right the whole idea is we want,to be as fair to the customer as,possible that's just good business but,it doesn't matter chargebacks and,disputes will still happen no matter,what and they could literally be very,exhausting both physically and mentally,they're definitely a source of high,stress i'll tell you a little story,about a chargeback that i got a few,years back and it's more than just a,loss of revenue and the chargeback fee,right so on on a chargeback they're,going to debit your account whatever,that purchase price was plus typically a,15 to 25 chargeback fee that,is going to obviously hurt your bottom,line right it's going to be an immediate,refund plus fee but there's even bigger,issues as well this can permanently hurt,your relationship with your credit card,processor or with paypal or both right,these are risks for those guys as well,the more disputes you have the less,likely you're going to be able to have,payment accounts with them and then your,business is obviously shut down if you,can't accept credit cards on your site,or paypal so big big long-term issues,and also like i mentioned they can cause,significant stress and aggravation,they're going to take a lot of time to,deal with and even more time to respond,to correctly you need to provide,evidence tracking numbers,screenshots of emails any client,communication customer communication all,that big stuff needs to be sent within a,time deadline and that's why really a,lot of people that i know simply ignore,chargebacks they'll just write them off,as a loss but there's a much better way,to deal with them i'm going to show you,charge sentry this is what i use this is,what all of my students use this is the,number one solution for chargebacks and,disputes on shopify we're going to go,over the shoulder i'm going to show you,here's the site right here but you see,it directly below this video again i,highly recommend charge sentry an,incredibly powerful tool for you and,really one that every single shopify,store needs to have now there are a lot,of different solutions out there for,small and medium sized businesses,especially those of you on shopify but,they're really expensive typically a,thousand dollars per month or more and,these aren't month-to-month type deals,they're going to require long-term,contracts you're going to be on for 12,months or more not to mention that,they're going to require lengthy,software integration we're talking about,technical skill whether you have that or,whether you pay someone to do that it's,going to be another strain on kind of,getting this in there and in many cases,while the chargeback and dispute process,may get streamlined these services are,still going to require the merchant to,put in a lot of time that means you,still spending a lot of time collecting,evidence making sure that everything is,ready to submit and then going ahead and,submitting it takes away from you doing,the you know the core things that are,going to make your business money and,that's why charge century is by far the,best solution there's no long-term,contracts simple transparent pricing,packages are super cost effective,starting at only 99 a month and they,offer simple monthly pricing here so,you're not going to be locked in it's,plug and play as well no integration,needed once you sign up and connect your,merchant account you're done and they,fully automate the entire process you're,going to be saving a lot of time by,automating the entire chargeback,response process start to finish from,collecting all of the information,enriching the information to make sure,that you have it optimized for this,process putting it all together and then,sending it off to the chargeback dispute,with the payment processor making sure,that you have everything that you need,and really everything that you need and,more because with enrichment here we're,going to be able to kind of take all the,data that we have access to through,shopify through our merchant processor,all tying that back with products and,all of the fact-based information that,we need to provide to actually win not,to mention a money back guarantee unlike,any other company in the industry,they're going to go ahead and put their,money at where their mouth is they,guarantee that if you don't win the,value of your subscription then you get,your money back you're going to see the,win rate significantly increase,from that industry standard which can be,as low as 12 percent so you're gonna see,those dollars and cents come back in,from those chargebacks when you win,these automatically with charge century,really a lifesaver for your business,i'll tell you a story chargebacks,disputes they've definitely affected me,they affect every single ecommerce,business and i was selling a few high,ticket items a couple thousand dollars,each and we got some chargebacks sold a,lot we did get a couple of chargebacks,and had i had charge sentry i would have,saved a ton of time more importantly i,would have saved a ton of aggravation,and stress really really annoying kind,of an emotional response for any seller,when you wake up and you get a charge,back on a product that you're proud to,sell so how to have charge sentry would,have made that entire process thousands,of dollars at risk a lot easier and in,fact i wound up losing those chargebacks,would have had a much higher win rate,had i been using charge sentry all you,need to do is sign up for an account you,can come up here and click sign up at,this point no credit card or anything,like that is required all you need to do,is just enter in your name email,password just takes a couple of seconds,once you sign up and confirm your email,address you'll be then connected into,your merchant account whether you have,stripe or shopify payments or paypal or,whatever merchant account you use going,to be able to integrate with charge,sentry very easy they confirm the,connection with your merchant account,for example stripe again and then get,taken into your different packages go,ahead with that starter package at 99 a,month you could upgrade it any time,might as well start with that one and,that's really all you need to do you get,to have all of your chargeback,automation protection set up you get,reports to see exactly how your merchant,account is doing health wise and any of,the chargebacks that come in you'll be,able to track that but it's very very,easy no technical skill required,whatsoever again just press the sign up,button you see the link directly below,this video and you can get inside charge,sentry asap so there you go that's,charge sentry incredibly powerful really,every single store should have this in,here for that chargeback and dispute,protection if anything it's just going,to save you a lot of stress a lot of,time and you're going to start to win,those chargebacks and disputes for once,definitely something that you're,probably not used to so get charged,century in there start winning those,chargebacks alleviate a lot of stress,highly recommended you see the link,directly below this video hope to help,you save a lot of time and money and,i'll talk to you real soon

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