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How To Showcase Live Personalization Options In Shopify hey,everybody,justin cener here how's it goi

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Updated on Feb 08,2023

How To Showcase Live Personalization Options In Shopify

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How To Showcase Live Personalization Options In Shopify

hey,everybody,justin cener here how's it going i'm,going to show you how to showcase live,personalization options in your shopify,store this is incredibly powerful and,i've been saying it for a long time you,need to focus on personalization in your,shopify store it's going to directly,lead to higher profit margins it's going,to allow you to make more money more,profit literally today right now and,personalized products they're very,popular for shopify sellers because they,work so well number one reason they have,a higher perceived value to the customer,think about it there's a shirt that's,hanging on a rack with a design or,there's a shirt that gets personalized,with your photo or your information,or anything that you could imagine to,customize that product we now have the,ability to do inside of shopify and this,drastically increases conversion rate it,means that every single product is,always 100,unique and it's going to help your ads,and your products stand out from the,competition competition which is so,important and there are some pain points,that you might run into when you're,trying to implement this personalized,product set up on your shopify store,there's no built-in way to do this with,shopify you're going to need to use an,app they don't give you any personalized,product options so you need to find an,app i'm going to show you the one that i,use and the app must be flexible enough,to work with any type of product any,vendor and any option set,so if you want to be very advanced and,have multiple levels of options and,personalization controls or do you want,to just have one basic personalization,whatever you want the app needs to be,able to work for your needs and the app,that's the most important the app must,showcase the personalizations that the,customers make live on the product page,this is a massive conversion rate,difference if you're allowing conver,personalization but you're not showing,the live personalizations on the product,page the customer is going to question,what they're going to get and anytime a,customer questions that inc uh,conversion rate goes down way lower so,we're showing the live personalization,options on the product page going to,lead to that high conversion rate so how,do you do this the right way,you're going to use live product options,this is what i use this is what all my,students use this is what i highly,recommend and you see the link directly,below this video i'm going to show you,why live product options is the number,one solution to adding personalization,to your shopify store in fact here is,that shopify app right here you see the,link directly below this video and,you're going to be able to create,beautiful customized shopping,experiences here by implementing live,product options and first of all take a,look at the reviews perfect five out of,five star reviews over here and we can,look at the five star reviews and keep,going review after review after review,five star five star five star five star,page after page after page of those five,star reviews because it works so well,and what it's going to basically do is,give you full control and i'll show you,it was as we go over the shoulder we'll,actually go ahead and set one of these,up,product options anything that you could,ever imagine and so many different,combinations of variants that you can go,ahead and create price add-ons as well,so opportunity for you to make more,money through these personalizations,this is really an all-in-one,personalization app and really then,giving you that live preview and this is,incredibly powerful again if the,customer does a personalization but,doesn't see it happening they're unsure,if they're going to receive that,customization when they go ahead and,purchase the product here we're going to,actually show them live right in front,of their face and they say okay i'm,creating these options here's what it,looks like now i'm comfortable to,purchase it that's why we see such huge,conversion rates on top of the fact that,we have higher perceived value items,right you can sell a gold little,pendant or you could sell a gold pendant,with the person's name on it which one,do you think is going to be more,expensive of course the latter but when,it comes down to it production cost,print on demand especially nothing,changes,so we're having the ability to have,these personalization options here with,very low added product cost but an,extremely high or extremely additional,profit margin so all we need to do is,press this green add app button we're,going to get this into our store and i'm,going to show you exactly how it works,once you sign up you'll be able to,choose your plan over here we're going,to come with the unlimited plans so we,have all of the different product,options out here with all the premium,features you could change your plan at,any time then you'll just approve your,subscription you'll then be brought into,your dashboard here and this is where,we're going to get set up you'll be able,to find all the docs and support right,over here but what we want to do is,basically get our theme installed,correctly and what we need to do is,select the theme that we want to install,this app on i have a couple different,themes that are installed in here so,we're going to go ahead and do that and,we're going to go ahead and enable it in,the theme editor i'm going to show you,exactly how to do that you'll see a,little section over here specifically,for enabling app integrations and you,see over here this is now turned on over,here of course you could toggle it off,at any time you see the live product,options this is just a little holding,box over here this is where we're going,to have different themes and different,options here for our products and i'll,show you how to set that up but we're,going to save this over here so we have,the live product option saved into our,store you're going to see that this now,changes with the check mark so we're,able to move into the next step we'll go,ahead and press next now we're on the,next step over here and again you can,get documentation and support all over,here but what we want to do is come over,to setup product options and i'm going,to show you all the different kind of,ways that we can set this up ways that,we can use this and you're going to see,over here we have the different kind of,sections of this site we have the,product options we'll go over here for a,second we'll see all of our different,product options we'll have our asset,library over here we have a lot of,different templates this is really,powerful i'm going to show you exactly,how to use this you see the different,types of products,that they have kind of these pre-made,templates for and this is really easy,because it's going to allow for those,live customizations to be built right,into these templates in this case you,see you know customizing a necklace,pendant with some text or having a,t-shirt with image and text ability to,be uploaded and changed and configured,to the customer's ability and you know a,lot of people doing apparel in my group,this is definitely one of the most,relevant are these two even this one a,lot of people will do the jewelry as,well with personalization so these are,really powerful ones to use we're going,to jump into this in a second,we have our orders where we're going to,see all of our different orders they'll,come through here of course,back into settings we can configure,everything that we want to do kind of,through here in terms of look and feel,and how everything's going to work with,different language settings we have all,of our different theme settings over,here and the cool part is this app,doesn't ever modify the code right so,we're not going to slow down the site or,anything like that we just have these,different features that are going to uh,help us work with this app for example,auto locate cart item auto update cart,item image right very cool in terms of,using something like this to make sure,that the customer is always seeing,exactly what they're going to buy and,that's so so powerful here this is,really really important for conversion,so we're going to typically leave these,as their previously set up over here,and you can kind of go through here,change different fonts and all that in,terms of the look and feel as well at,any time you can change your plan,we're over here in the unlimited plan,which is what i highly recommend but,we're going to come into the templates,now,and you know a lot of you are going to,be using the t-shirts or the necklace,but there's other ones that we want to,take a look at as well just product,image upload,masking shapes right you could do a lot,of different things here you don't need,to just stick within any of these,templates you can go ahead and create,your own under product options just go,straight from scratch but what i want to,show you is something like this where we,have the t-shirt image and this is going,to be very very kind of uh built in to,this app very intuitive and you'll see,exactly how not only can you use this,template for your own but you can go,ahead and kind of take what's been,shown here example product options right,you see type image upload name,right so these are going to give you the,different types of customizations that,will be available on the product page,and we'll actually in fact be able to,see a preview of it i'll show you on the,site but everything that we're doing,over here is going to be configuring the,live product preview so we're kind of,setting this up as the back end over,here we're configuring this and this is,based off a template remember you can,create your own as well and then once we,have this done in the back end then on,the front end on the actual product side,we'll be able to see the different,options and then we can pretend that,we're a customer and actually go through,those customizations,so i've got this product opened up over,here in a new window and it's going to,be easier to show you kind of how it,corresponds so we have the different,product options over here and i've,clicked into type which is the first one,over here and you're going to see that,there are basically button swatches over,here for the type right and you can,always hover over this over here it's,going to kind of explain a little bit,more about what's going on all these,different eye icons over here get some,good videos but i'm going to really walk,you through it this is going to give the,customer their first decision are they,going to choose a predefined image and,we'll set up those images or are they,going to upload their own image and this,is a live preview of what they're seeing,you see it changes over here this also,corresponds directly into the product so,here's a live product on our site right,this is using that template and we could,either allow them to select an image you,see that we have this fire or this ice,image over here or they could upload and,you see that it's going to change into,the upload button,and there's little eyes over here to,give them that kind of,corresponding information a little tool,tip in terms of what to do but if we,come over here now we go into the next,section image and i'm going to show you,this over here as well we have type now,we're going to come to image and over,here you see that there are two,different images over here you can click,through and you see this is the electric,right in the fire over here just like,they are over here and in fact we could,add a value and go ahead and upload a,new design so i've uploaded a new image,over here added the value added the text,and i saved that you see that there's a,new option right over here so when i,save and then i uh reload this site over,here this page we now have a new option,right and it really works the same way,from top to bottom as we continue to go,on right we did type we did image right,and now we can even continue more we,have the upload button right then we,have the upload that's obviously going,to give them this ability over here to,choose a file and uh we can even have,some requirements here in terms of max,file size allowed if we want allowed,file types right again full control over,that when it comes to each and every,section of this personalization because,we want again that full live,personalization right inside here so we,have that again this is that that full,kind of idea here and of course we could,also add text so we have a section over,here for text this is going to be the,actual name that they place in here and,again a lot of different configurations,that we can do they could change their,font right we can set this to be,required or optional right we could have,the value in terms of the initial value,you could say something like put your,name here and really everything again we,even do some conditions in terms of,actually only showing when conditions,match,for example we could have something,where there's only a variant or a,product title and if the that's the,product title or if that's the variant,then we show the option to put the name,so you can even have designs where you,have different kind of steps here some,designs might require some additional,text some might not and you have the,different conditions here in terms of,only showing the option when the,conditions match so you could kind of,pick and choose where you want not only,the entirety of the options to show but,where you want each individual option to,show up and you can even rearrange them,by just clicking and dragging over here,with the sort coming down here we have,the actual live view section or the live,preview section over here and we could,add additional views but basically what,we're going to have is this being our,main view and here you're going to see,the actual kind of part here,where we're going to layer on an image,on top of the different kind of sections,here so we have our product image we,then have our layered image where this,might be the uploaded image or it's,going to be the chosen image and then we,have the text right so we have all the,different layers that are going to get,placed right inside here and well how,are we going to control how they look,right what is it going to look like what,is it going to show well we have the,full control over here to do that so we,can change colors we can change font,families we could change alignments we,can literally change everything about,the look and feel that they're going to,have the ability to customize here we,can even literally move things around in,terms of you see this is the area where,that text is going to land so very very,powerful when i save this i'm going to,go ahead and show you the full version,over here on the site and we'll actually,go through and again pretending that,we're a customer right you see this,little label here that we added we're,going to come over here and we'll select,image we can choose upload if we want,right that that all goes away we'll be,able to upload our own image we could,choose the fire we could choose how,would we choose the electric come over,here and put,justin's shirt you see that it,automatically resizes to fit in that,bounding box that we created where's the,bounding box boundaries well we,literally saw it right inside here when,we went into the live preview right,right inside of the live preview here,we had the text area and you see here is,the bounding box that's why the text is,going into that area right you see that,it's resizing and filling that area so,come over here we can change fonts right,you see the updating live still feeling,that spot and until we have everything,we can say okay maybe i want to try this,one right looking real good,we could upload our own image here i,uploaded a little design about,motorcycles here and you can see uh now,we could change this a little bit say,justin's bike,right nice uh nice little design here,nice little set up here and it's all,live right in front of the customer's,eyes we'll go ahead and add this product,into cart,and you know we can come over here in,the view cart but even in the pop-out,cart we see our product and this is a,massive conversion rate boost right here,right literally they're saying okay well,i just made this customization am i,going to get,what i customized well in the pop-up,cart already showing that preview as we,come into the real cart already showing,that preview,right so a lot of and you know we see,the name we see the uploaded file we see,the type uploaded so these are the kind,of product notes here and again we're,going to be able to charge a lot more,than ten dollars typically we charge,24.99 for non-personalized t-shirts,think about what you can charge for,personalized t-shirts make 25 30 in,margin alone just on these personalized,products here and very very simplistic,and this was just one template remember,there are lots and lots of different,templates in here where literally,everything is going to work the exact,same way so we could do the exact same,thing for a phone case we could do the,exact same thing with necklace with text,engraving and just like that you'll be,able to enable it not only for people of,course to order the product right this,is a live product in our store but more,important than that,we're going to enable them to have a,much higher perceived value attached to,this product,here's going to be our layer text again,right we see our bounding box we see the,colors we see the font families we see,all the margins the line heights the,shadow colors i mean literally,everything is taken into consideration,here and when we go ahead and save this,product we'll be able to go ahead and,take a look at this right on our live,site just like the t-shirt we did here,is now a different option here,and we can go ahead and do our engraving,you see here we've done an upsell,so as you see the price three hundred,dollars blank add engraving plus five,put in our name over here,very nice see the shadowing on here to,kind of show that it's going to be,engraved right we're not just talking,about slapping text onto a uh you know,an image here it's like actually,supposed to look realistic you see the,the shading the shadows the engraving,lines here right so very very powerful,again we could change fonts just like we,could before we could upload or,configure different fonts i should say,go ahead and select open sans and we'll,go ahead and add to cart right and,what's in the cart well you see the,justin,pendant necklace not the pendant,necklace with,notes about customization,but the actual customized product right,inside here and that's really the power,of this app so that was live product,options as you see incredibly powerful,but also incredibly easy to use and to,set up you want to have an incredibly,basic personalization go for it you want,to have a very advanced personalization,go for it you could have it all done,right through live product options and,again this is going to enable you to,start selling much higher priced items,with higher perceived values and,therefore higher profit margins for you,so get live product options in your,store again you saw all of those five,star reviews highly recommended you see,the link directly below this video hope,this helps you make some money and i'll,talk to you real soon

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