shopify collection image not showing

How to fix image alignment on Shopify store collection page for FREE hi everybody this is marwan tod

Marouane RHAFLI

Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to fix image alignment on Shopify store collection page for FREE

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How to fix image alignment on Shopify store collection page for FREE

hi everybody this is marwan today i'm,going to show you how to fix the,image alignment on your,shopify collection page so if your,collection page doesn't look great,for example this image here,is too big compared to the others when,you can see,the title is a little bit moved to the,bottom,so in today's video i'm gonna show you,how to fix this and for free,so,to fix this is pretty easy,we just need to,uh pick the images that doesn't look,aligned with the others,and resize them to fit the others,dimensions,so these three ones are good so,first thing we need to check,the,one of the images size,so let's go to the product,we pick this one for example,and we're gonna see the dimension as we,can see here it's,800 by 800 which means it's square the,ratio is one by one,but this one which is not aligned,we're gonna check it's,the image dimension,i'm just gonna copy the title of the,product,so the image dimension is 800 by 1000,so this is why the image doesn't look,good on the collection page so what we,need to do is,this image needs to have exactly the,same ratio which is one by one so,either we make it 1000 by 1000 or 800 by,800 or for example,600 by 600,the the importance is that the ratio,need to be one by one the width must be,equal the height,so,let's upload this image,once uploaded we're gonna use this free,tool,click on create photo editor,then we upload,the image,okay once we have uploaded the image we,need to crop it,so in this example i'm gonna,crop it to make it,800 by,800,and on the viewer i'm gonna check if if,the crop is great,so apply,save,i'm gonna name it cropped,and save it,so i'm gonna remove this one,and i'm gonna,upload the new one,so once it's uploaded i'm gonna make it,on featured image,let's save it automatically,then i'm gonna refresh the page,and the issue is solved all the image,now are aligned,so the trick is,you need to make all your image to have,the same ratio this is the trick to,solve this issue,and as a bonus in order to speed up your,shopify store and make it more seo,friendly don't forget to compress the,images you can use this website or this,tool to make it,you have just to upload the new image,that have been cropped,and it's gonna be,compressed uh automatically using this,tool,as you can see here we have saved about,15 percent of its original size which,gonna make your shopify store faster and,by classical by consequence more user,friendly and more seo friendly so thank,you for watching this video have a good,day,you

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