if i dont pay shopify payment will site show up?

How To Setup SHOPIFY Payments (Simple Method) hey guys Dean here in today's Shopify,video I'm going


Updated on Mar 28,2023

How To Setup SHOPIFY Payments (Simple Method)

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if i dont pay shopify payment will site show up? catalogs

How To Setup SHOPIFY Payments (Simple Method)

hey guys Dean here in today's Shopify,video I'm going to be running you,through how to set up Shopify payments,on your Shopify Drop Shipping Store this,allows you to accept any kind of,payments which people are going to send,you typically when you sell any product,on your dropshipping store and this is a,really important thing because when,people pay you you want to go straight,to your bank account right and we're,going to set up all the different,payment methods or at least show you how,that process actually works to make sure,you can accept payments as soon as you,get sales on Shopify now typically this,is going to be based on how you want,your store to be set up right so there's,options to get paid directly to PayPal,which is obviously going to benefit a,lot of people who just want quick,payments and Easy System PayPal has some,pretty good security but they mainly do,favor the buyer of the seller in a lot,of situations and obviously you can,receive direct card payments using,stripe which is shopify's partner too so,let's take a look at the Shopify,dashboard and go on the shop provide,payments and I'll explain everything,from that so here we are in the Shopify,dashboard on one of my stores and,basically I'm going to show you how to,set up the Shopify AI payments so the,first thing what we need to do guys is,just click on settings in the bottom,left and it'll take you to your,dashboard for your store here okay I,have my store over here I've just,blurred out some of the crucial,information but we're going to click on,the payment section on the left over,here and from here let's just take a,look at all the payment options which,Shopify give us as an option so this is,how we're going to accept payments from,all of our customers and how we're going,to process those payments and,transactions and how we're going to,acquire money at the end of the day so,basically this payment capture over here,so if we manage this this is the,customer's payment method and how it's,authorized and charged and by default,that's going to be on automatic so,there's the choice between automatic and,manual capture automatic captures,payments for all the orders,automatically and the method is,authorized and charged automatically too,whereas if we select manually you'll,capture the payment method and it's,authorized at the time of the order and,you'll need to manually capture the,payment within the authorization period,so this just adds another extra step in,the process which you just really don't,need to do unless you just want to,manually specifically look at every,single order you don't need to select,manual because it's just going to add,another step in the process and you want,to be saving time here so I wouldn't,change that I'd leave it on default and,as you can see down here I have PayPal,already active that's what I activated,it first and these are the additional,payment methods so the main payment,system Shopify payments I will show you,that in a few moments but the additional,payment methods if you just want to sell,PayPal you can kind of just set that up,instead basically PayPal is the main,provider I'm using the reason why I,think PayPal is personally pretty good,is because they have a zero percent,transaction fee and this basically means,that when people make a purchase using,PayPal on your store you won't have to,pay a cut of that towards PayPal for,that sale so that's really useful or at,least the customers also won't need to,have a transaction fee also too we can,also click on ADD payment methods to add,more and you click manage on PayPal and,over here I've connected my PayPal,account so typically if you were to,create a brand new store on Shopify it'd,have an option to activate the PayPal,feature and then also link your PayPal,account directly to your store and,that's how you would actually set it up,you'd be basically then log into your,PayPal get a code through your phone and,then authorize it through Shopify to,allow the permission for Shopify to use,your account and then you link it it's a,pretty easy process to set up the PayPal,Express checkout it allows you to,receive payments in foreign countries,with PayPal so usually with a store,you'd have to set up so many different,Nationals and locales and set up each,country and the taxes that people pay,for those different countries and zones,but if you set up Paypal it just does,all for you it's a very simple thing to,do if you don't have a PayPal account,and you want to do some kind of,e-commerce online I really recommend,setting up okay now I originally had a,Paypal because I used to use it for eBay,and for online work but if you haven't,got a PayPal I think you're really,sleeping on it because it's the easiest,way to sell up the only downside is like,I said before PayPal do typically favor,the buyers rather than the sellers I've,never really seen very good protection,for sellers on PayPal when we get to the,stage where you may have refunds and,chargebacks when using PayPal it's,probably the worst but it is the safest,and easiest payment process to use and I,can't even moves along the heavy lifting,and it's just really simple to set up,guys you also have Amazon pay as well so,there's not many websites which,typically you really seem to use Amazon,pay but you would click activate Amazon,pay and you have to register as a,merchant on Amazon for this right so I,would select United Kingdom and if you,want to set up Amazon pay you have to,create an Amazon payments merchant,account and basically the certain,requirements needed to set up this,account so your online store must live,and be accessible with products,available for purchase obviously this is,going to be your Shopify store so you,need to have products already activated,in the store when you set this up and,they must follow Amazon's acceptable use,policy so you need to obviously agree to,their terms of service on their platform,and you need to specifically specify the,URLs you're going to use for their,payment processor which would be your,Shopify URL and certain countries,there's certain revenue and turnover,requirements some items that you'll need,when setting up they'll need your image,of your passport so they can do some,kind of facial recognition and identity,information regarding you too and,details about your business any vat,numbers or business codes you need to,provide and that's how they do identity,verification just like on cryptocurrency,platforms when you want to sell crypto,or any government gateways and websites,you need to provide your passport some,kind of ID and facial recognition such,as a picture of yourself to actually,verify it's you it's kind of similar,when you set up an Amazon Seller Central,account to sell on Amazon or do Amazon,FBA you'll basically have to do a webcam,live chat with one of Amazon's support,reps and they'll verify it's you that's,what I had to do I had to do like 30,minute or 20 minute call with an Amazon,rep I don't think you have to do that,with this but it's a similar thing where,they need to verify your identity right,and you need to register with Amazon pay,and after registration you check Seller,Central and this is the One-Stop shop,for updates so just like selling on,Amazon you use Seller Central just like,an Amazon vendor would when you sell,products on Amazon so that's how to set,up Amazon if you want to use Amazon pay,that's another method I'd recommend,PayPal it's much easier and you don't,have to use a third-party platform as,much because you're gonna have to refer,to the Amazon platform a lot more than,you would have to log into PayPal now,manual payment methods are payments made,outside your online store so if a,customer wants to do a manual payment,method like cash on delivery you'll need,to approve this I wouldn't recommend,doing cash on delivery cash on delivery,is for an example if I was to do cash,and delivery on an ebay account that,would mean where if I sell a product,such as a piece of furniture they come,and collect the piece of furniture from,my house and they give me cash on,delivery so that means that if I sell,piece of furniture for 100 pounds they,bring 100 pounds of notes to my door,instead of paying online and then,picking it up I don't recommend that if,you're having some kind of international,business or e-commerce store you're not,going to be sharing your address people,aren't going to be picking up in person,so unless that refers to your business I,wouldn't recommend that money order,that's a little bit outdated bank,deposit you could do that that's,different to a wire transfer I'm pretty,sure but direct Bank payment methods,typically do seem to have errors and,difficulties with them a lot of people,make mistakes when doing things like,wire transfers and Bank quarters so just,don't do that you'll just give yourself,more of a headache with people who don't,know how to use those payment methods,recommend doing PayPal if not use Amazon,pay and over here the Shopify payment,system this is linked to stripe which is,a payment processor that's the partner,which they use and basically if you use,Shopify payments which is their Gateway,this allows you to have support for,credit cards and debit cards for people,to pay with which kind of expands the,Horizons in terms of payment options,because a lot of rich people just use,credit cards and most people just use,the debit card to pay with and as you,can see we also have Apple pay and,Google pay which a lot of people use and,already trust so I have Google pay which,I sometimes use and haven't as an,options really nice because they already,have the credit card information stored,on Google pay so they don't need to,individually type it in on your website,they can just use the Google pay account,so that's another option to do this,allows you to have Visa Mastercard,American Express and all the other cards,like Maestro cards Apple pay and Google,pay now there is a credit card rate,which is two percent plus one 25 Pence,or whatever it is in your currency but,there's a zero percent transaction fee,so basically you go through the account,setup and it takes you to setting up,Shopify payments so to receive payment,you need to provide information on your,business and prove that you own it if,you want to use these methods so you,need to fill out what type of business,you have so if you're an individual just,selling some random possessions leave it,as individual private limited company is,if you set up some kind of company like,an LLC or something like that non-profit,is if you run a charity and you're,fundraising and the items you sell are,going to a good cause that's when you,would select a non-profit I'm not sure,about partnership but for most people it,would be individual which is just a,self-employed person selling or a,private limited company which is what,most people should do the legal business,name should be the name of this your,store or your actual company and then,you can also provide a vat number if you,have one most people might not have a,vat number unless you've set up in the,government Gateway like on the,website if you're from the UK but not,everybody's gonna have that personal,information is is your name your first,name last name date of birth your,address and what your share of the,business actually is so how much of the,business actually is yours and what's,your share of it so as an example I can,select that I own 25 or more of the,business which is a quarter of the,business or more or if I'm a director,then you talk about the owners and,directors of the business what share do,I have of this company and why am I the,one registering it you basically select,what category your business falls under,so I just put retail for this that's,probably the best way because we just,need Commerce or a different category,based on your store's Niche and sector,of the market and then you can provide a,description of the products you're,selling or the services you're selling,through your Shopify store and you can,set up a customer billing statement so,what is the name of your store on,someone's receipt when they have a bank,statement after making a purchase,through your store then basically you,provide your banking information so,that's your sort code and your account,number on your bank and that will allow,them to directly send like a direct,debit or a bank transaction and provide,you with your funds straight your bank,account so that's how to manually set up,Shopify payments using the standard,payment processes which are easier to,set up like PayPal and also some of the,more extra ones which you can use which,is going to allow you to appeal to more,customers I'd recommend setting up,Shopify payments and doing that as well,as PayPal because having the option to,have PayPal where they can use the,credit card or their PayPal balance but,also allowing them to directly enter,their PayPal in a different service,using stripe and also then they can use,Google pay and Apple pay if they use,those instead of PayPal and this will,mean that you'll convert more orders,because you allow people to pick their,own preference in terms of how they pay,and you'll know there's a lot of people,that really lack trust for certain,websites especially if you're having a,Drop Shipping Store you need to build up,that trust with your website the website,needs to look good so it doesn't look,like some scammy foreign website that,just sells Chinese products you need to,make it look like a serious trustable,brand and also the payment options need,to be more diverse because certain,people trust certain different payment,processes more than others and they want,to use their own preferred platform to,make a payment or transaction it could,mean the difference between someone,buying your product if you like it and,deciding not to out of fear that they,might get scammed or lose some money,from the transaction so I'd really,recommend setting up Shopify payments,guys it will make you more sales in the,long run just to offer the extra options,to people if they so choose and actually,want to use them so if you have any,questions about Shopify payments or how,to set them up or if you kind of had,some struggles with this guide do let me,know in the comments I will get back to,your questions as soon as possible I,obviously have to get on top of the,other questions that I'm asked in the,comments of the other videos but I'll,try and help you out and you can do me a,favor by giving the video a like if you,found some value in it and subscribing,to the channel for more business videos,and I'll catch you next time,foreign

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