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How To Create And Send Return Shipping Labels || Shopify Help Center Sometimes items need to be retu

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

How To Create And Send Return Shipping Labels || Shopify Help Center

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How To Create And Send Return Shipping Labels || Shopify Help Center

Sometimes items need to be returned and refunded to your customers.,With Shopify, the return process is streamlined.,Learn how to create and send return labels to your customers in this video.,If you haven’t yet, consider adding information about returns to your refund policy in your,Shopify store.,Check out the link below for more details on where to make these changes.,Return labels can be created for orders shipping within the United States using USPS.,Return labels are not available for international orders.,The cost of a shipping label depends on how far the package is going, how much the package,weighs, and how quickly it needs to get to its destination.,To create a return label, start on your Shopify admin.,Click “Orders”.,Select which order you’d like to create a return label for.,On the order details page, click “More actions”.,From the drop-down menu, select “Create return label”.,Here, you see the details for the return label.,By default, the “Return to” address is your shipping origin.,Your “Shipping origin” can be found by clicking “Settings” and opening “Shipping”.,You see the address at the top of the page.,Back on the label details page, click “Edit address” and make any changes if needed.,Under “Expected package”, select a package size from the drop-down menu.,To create a new package size, check out the link below for details on where to make these,changes in your shipping settings.,In the “Expected weight” field, enter the expected weight of the product and package,combined.,For example, this order contains two t-shirts and one yoga ball, but the customer is only,returning one t-shirt.,By default, the system includes the weight of all items in the order and the selected,package.,You have to make a manual adjustment if only part of the order is being returned.,In this example, only one t-shirt is being returned.,The expected package weighs 0.1lbs and the t-shirt weighs 0.1lbs for a total of 0.2lbs.,When the customer ships the item, the shipping carrier weighs and measures the package to,determine the final cost.,Return labels use a technology called “Pay on scan”.,This means that the shipping carrier weighs and measures the package when they receive,it, and then calculates the cost.,The cost of a return label is only added to your Shopify account after the carrier scans,the package.,Your account is charged when you reach a billing threshold that's determined by your current,Shopify plan.,Next, select a shipping method.,Under “Label summary” you see where the package will be returned from, along with,the expected cost of the label.,When you’re ready, select “Create return label”.,Now that the return label’s been created, you can send it to the customer in two ways.,To send an email with a link to the label, confirm the customer’s email address, then,select “Email customer”.,You can preview the appearance of the email by selecting “Preview email”.,You can also click “Copy link” and send the label to a customer in a direct message,or any other form of communication you choose.,When you’re finished, select “Done”.,If you ever need to resend a return label, open the order and click “View details”,under “Return label”.,From here, you can resend the email or copy the link as outlined before.,It’s important to note that return labels don’t expire, and cannot be voided, however,you aren’t charged for any unused return labels.,For more videos on how to grow your business, subscribe now!,If you still have questions, comment below or contact the Shopify support team directly.

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