how to use shipstation with shopify

Shipstation For Beginners | How to Use Shipstation Tutorial 2022 hey guys and in today's video we're

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

Shipstation For Beginners | How to Use Shipstation Tutorial 2022

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Shipstation For Beginners | How to Use Shipstation Tutorial 2022

hey guys and in today's video we're,going to be talking about ship station,and how to get started on ship station,for beginners,so welcome back guys to today's video,and today's video i'm going to be,showing you a step-by-step tutorial or a,guide on how to get started with a ship,station so to give a brief overview or,insight about a ship station well a shep,station is a shipping platform that,allows you to manage all your small,parcel and e-commerce fulfillments,so if you want to,begin using this platform to fulfill or,manage your customers orders then this,video is the perfect fit for you so,let's just get right into it shall we,so first things first let's get on to, and as you can see over,here this is their main home page,and with this software you can easily,connect and integrate your setting,channels like shopify woocommerce ebay,etsy and also you can,connect a different couriers for,shipping like ups dhl fedex and many and,many more,and this platform also provides,different features various features,not adjust shipping but also order a,management branding,from like having customized email to,tracking pages,and more,so you can provide a consistent and,exceptional visual identity for your,customers and your brand,and it also includes inventory,management,and lastly integration and partners so,wherever you sell however you ship your,items,ship station will power up your shipping,and you can just simply connect ship,station to your online stores,marketplaces careers and e-commerce,tools in just a matter of seconds and,seamlessly sync your shipping,so,so right before we start creating an,account here let's first check its,pricing just for you to have an idea of,how much it'll cost your company to use,the software if you haven't checked this,one out,so just go to the pricing section and,they offer six different plans to choose,from,they don't provide you with any free,plans but for new users you can have a,free trial,so the cheapest plan is,the starter plan for a,9.99 per month and with this plan you'll,get 50 shipments per month,one users,branded labels and packing slips and,email and community forum support,up next is the bronze plan for 29.99,and what you'll get,is a 500 shipments per month then a,silver plan,for,49.99,and from this plan you'll get 1500,shipments,plus you can have two users and,customize packing slips and labels now,for the gold plan it is their most,popular,plan for a 69.99,not a bad price,and you'll get up to a 3 000 shipments,and you can have three users,and up next is the platinum plan for a,99.99 and you'll have up to 6 000,shipments per month and you can also,cater to a five users,and then lastly the enterprise plan,for,159.99,it's perfectly usable and plausible to,have 10 000 shipments per month in this,and you can cater to 10 users,if you have more than 10 000 shipments,per month you can con attack them for,them to cater to your needs so let's get,started with creating an account for us,to show you how to get started here on a,ship station so just click here try it,free button,and here you can have 30 days on the,house and there will be no credit card,needed so just fill out this form with,your information,so once done just click continue and,then kindly provide your phone number,and your a number of shipments per month,and create your own password very,important and please don't forget to,check that i read and agree to the terms,and conditions box and click on and get,started and now you may proceed to log,it into your account so to give you a,brief overview on how shipstation works,first they import your orders then they,manage your orders on the ship station,platform they create labels and automate,the updates so this software will not,manage or keep your physical products,but they will just help you with the,logistics or shipping of the products,and create labels for your customers,so after you log in and this will be,your dashboard,so from right here what we can do now is,connect your selling channels,so from the dashboard you can go to,account settings over on the top right,corner,and click on selling channels,and then proceed to click on storage,setup,and there you have the option to connect,your store or marketplace so just simply,click on that and you'll see here,different stores available,and just choose your online store,for example shopify so from here just,provide in your shopify domain and then,click connect if you take a look for big,commerce they have different,instructions on how to connect your,store over on ship station so not all,the stores here have the same steps to,connect after you have connected you,will be prompted to this page and over,here you can name your store,and set your store active or not,and you can set up your branding over,here this is very very important to set,up because,that will be used on your packing slips,custom tracking pages and a shipment,notification emails,also you can set up your tracking pages,here,notifications,packing slips,and so on,now the next thing that we can do here,is choosing the career so ship station,has many career partners,so let's just simply go to shipping and,select careers and fulfillment and then,from here,select the ad providers,and you over here you can see all the,different career providers,and it will depend on which country you,are from,just simply select the career you're,most comfortable with or familiar,and you can connect your account or,create an account on there and no,worries a ship station will provide,instructions on how you can do that so,let's quickly move on to how to set up,your printing for your label so here,under printing click on the printing,setup,and over here you can set up your,printing labels layout just simply click,on the document option,and select a,format and after that you can enter some,information over here that is needed and,then click on save changes okay the next,thing you can set is your shipping from,a location,so let's just go back to the shipping,and then click,ship from locations and then simply add,your location here,from where their product originated and,the last thing i will show you guys is,how to import your order here from your,online store so just click on order,and go to awaiting shipment,so as you can see we don't currently,have any orders yet imported so to,import orders from your top right corner,just click on this update icon,and here you can select update all,stores if you have a multiple stores,here and you want to update or you can,simply import order manually just select,the store and name here so once you,click on update,all of the orders from your store will,be imported here on a ship station and,no worries everyone you can also set up,the auto update so there is a no need,for you to manually click the update,button,well let's just go back to the settings,and go to setting channels and store,setup and you can hear you can check the,allow the store to auto update,periodically,with that ticked from time to time it,will auto update for you and that is,pretty much it for today's video guys i,hope you guys learned something new,don't forget to like subscribe down,below and i will see you guys on the,next one bye guys

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