how to use klaviyo in shopify

HOW TO USE KLAVIYO | Email Marketing Software for Shopify [Klaviyo Tutorial for Beginners] clavio is

Stewart Gauld

Updated on Jan 15,2023

HOW TO USE KLAVIYO | Email Marketing Software for Shopify [Klaviyo Tutorial for Beginners]

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HOW TO USE KLAVIYO | Email Marketing Software for Shopify [Klaviyo Tutorial for Beginners]

clavio is a powerful email marketing,software that integrates smoothly with,shopify allowing you to get started for,free with email marketing automation,and even sms marketing hey team welcome,back to this channel and if you're new,here then my name's stuart,and i just want to say thanks for,joining us now today i've put together,an email marketing tutorial,for beginners and in this tutorial i'm,going to guide you through,how to use clavio with shopify so you,can get started with email marketing,today we will cover all the important,features with clavio's free,plan that you need to know to really,make the most of email marketing and,automation between,shopify and clavio okay guys now just,quickly before we go ahead and get stuck,into clavio consider subscribing if you,haven't done so already,and that way you'll stay updated with,actionable videos and tutorials,designed to equip you with the skills,knowledge and tools to grow your small,business,online and with that happy note let's go,ahead and dive into clavio and shopify,okay so firstly what we need to do to,connect clavio and shopify together,is we need to log into our shopify store,now if you haven't already gone ahead,and created a shopify store,then feel free to watch our tutorial up,above which will take you through a,shopify tutorial for beginners and help,you create and set up,your online store so go ahead and do,that if you haven't already,created an online store with shopify,now if you already have an online store,with shopify,then what we can do is actually sign up,and set up our clavio account,so what we're going to do now is,navigate over to apps,and then all we need to do is navigate,over to visit,shopify app store then come down and,choose your shopify account,and that will take you to shopify's app,store,now what we need to do is locate clavio,so i'm going to head up to,search apps and type in clavio and then,i'm going to hit,enter then just navigate down and locate,clavio email marketing and select here,and this is the one we want here clavio,email marketing by clavio,marketing software built for your growth,and as you can see they've got 4.3,stars and over 1 000 reviews so come,down and click,add app and what clavio is going to do,is simply connect to your shopify,store and all your data and information,from your shopify store,is going to be linked with clavio so if,we come down to the bottom of this page,you can see that,if we're happy with all this information,here then we can come down and click,install,app and as you can see up here we want,to allow clavio email marketing,to connect to our shopify store and,access all this,information and this important,connection with shopify,will allow us to start engaging in email,marketing,so what we're going to do is navigate,down here and click install,app and here all we need to do is,quickly create a clavio account to,connect with our shopify account,so i'm going to go ahead and use the,email that we use to sign up with,shopify,so we're keeping everything in one place,this is our business,email for both shopify and clavio then,come down and add a password,and once you've created and added your,new clavio password come down and click,continue with integration,and as you can see our shopify account,is successfully connected,now what we want to do is navigate down,here and click continue,and then clavio is going to go ahead and,ask you a bit about your shopify,store now you can go ahead and answer,these questions if you like,or you can navigate down here and click,skip this step,so i'm just going to go ahead and click,i want to start email marketing,and then down here i'm going to click,less than,500k and then come down and click,continue,and then here all we need to do is add,our brand information,and this allows us to comply to,international anti-spam,laws so as you can see choose the sender,name and,email address that will appear in your,subscribers,inbox and then as you can see we've gone,ahead and added our business name,for sender email and then our business,email address,for sender email address and this is,what people are going to see when they,open our emails from their inbox they're,going to see that the emails are from,real foods and from this email address,here which is our business,email address then make sure your,business address is correct here,remember this is so that we comply with,the international anti-spam laws and you,can read more about that up here if you,like,once you've added all your correct,information here then come down and,click continue,and here what we can actually do with,clavio is design our,email templates so this is for when,we're creating emails down the track,we have a default email template with,our logo,social links colors and other,information that we want to add to our,email templates so we're going to go,ahead and actually add a logo here,and we're going to select our business,logo real foods,and then click open then we can come,down here and we can change the colors,if we like so the header colors link,colors buttons and body text,i'm actually happy with those colors for,now but make sure your branding colors,reflect in your email,template then you can come down here and,change the font,if you like but again i'm happy with,this font,then if we navigate over to header and,social links,this is where we can add our social,links and other links to our website,so as you can see here we've got a shop,now text which appears over on this,email template,and then that button is going to link to,our shopify,store so i'm happy with that i could,change this text if i like,i can also come down here and add,another header link,but i'm happy with the one header link,so i'm going to click exit,so it just shows the one header text,link here which is shop,now and that's going to link to my,shopify store then down here we have,social,links so think about some of the social,media platforms that you're currently,using for your business for example,we've got twitter here facebook and,instagram,now for us we've got a facebook and,instagram,so what we'll do is actually go ahead,and paste our url which will take people,to our facebook,page the same with our instagram page so,go ahead and find your facebook and,instagram,url and paste those in here or any other,social platform that you have you can,also click down,and select the social media platform,that you want to use,so again i could use youtube facebook,and instagram,i can come down here and add another,social link if i like but again,i'm happy with these three however we're,gonna leave these social links blank,because this is just a tutorial,and you can do this in your own time so,once you've added,your website url here you've changed,your header text,here and you've come down and added your,urls for the social media links,that you've already created for your,business then come down,and click continue now if you like you,can always go back to your design,of your email templates and change these,at any time,so for us we're going to click continue,and lastly what we need to do to,complete our initial setup of our clavio,account,is we need to head to our email inbox,the email that we use to sign up to,klaviyo and confirm,your email so what we're going to do now,is head over to our email inbox,and then locate your clavio confirmation,email then come down and click confirm,email and there we go just like that,we're all set to get started with clavio,email marketing so come down,and click let's go and congratulations,just like that we've arrived at our,clavio dashboard,now we can dive right into the fun stuff,okay so to get started with clavio and,email marketing what we need to do is,understand,lists and segments so we need to create,a,list or a segment so that we can start,targeting and,building email campaigns and automations,around those,lists or segments so on your clavio,dashboard what we want to do is navigate,over to lists,and segments so it's actually quite easy,to understand what lists,and segments are so think about your,list as,let's say people that come to your,website and sign up with,their email so at the bottom of your,website say if you haven't done many,customizations to your shopify store,you will have a subscription form at the,bottom of your page on your footer,and people can subscribe to your,newsletter your email,list so this would be a list people,subscribing through,your website and then on the other hand,we have segments,so think about segments as a more,defined list,so basically as you can see under list,we have segments,and we have lists available so these are,pre-made,lists and segments that we can choose,from like i mentioned before we have a,newsletter list so these are people that,subscribe through our website,and then a few segments that have,already been populated so down here you,can see that we've got,vip customers this is a segment,win back opportunities that's also a,segment repeat,buyers this is a segment so just quickly,breaking it down one more time we have,lists,which are larger audience groups then we,have,segments which are smaller audience,groups now if we want to go ahead and,create,a new list or segment all we need to do,is navigate over to,create list or segment and then here we,have the option to create a list or,segment so we're going to go ahead,and just create a generic list and here,we're going to create a list of,all our contacts that's everyone that's,interacted with our brand,they could have bought from us,subscribed to our email list or,submitted their email from,a pop-up form this is going to be all,our contacts,so we're going to name this all,subscribers on shopify,and then once you've named your list,come down here and click create list,now because this is a new list we,currently have,no subscribers we have three options,down here to add people to,our list we can create a signup form we,can add a subscribe page,or we can simply upload our contacts if,we already have a database,or a spreadsheet of our contacts so what,we're going to do first,is create a sign up form now to navigate,over to,sign up forms we can also come down here,and simply click,sign up forms and that's going to take,you to this page we have these two,different options,now because we've connected shopify with,clavio,what we can do is click create signup,form so we can build a signup form,a pop-up that can easily be used to turn,visitors into,subscribers so we're going to go ahead,and click create signup form,now remember this is a pop-up form a,sign up form that's going to appear,on our website when visitors are,browsing through our website,and we can create an offering for,example congratulations you have,unlocked 15,off there's other templates down here,again don't miss out,take 10 off your first order when you,sign up,so we have these incentives for people,to give us,their email and join our email list,so remember the email list that we just,created,so we have the option to select any of,these templates if we like or we can,build our signup form,from scratch now for the purpose of this,tutorial we're just going to navigate,through this extremely quickly,because we don't want to spend all our,time just playing around with different,forms so we're going to go ahead and,click,on one of these pre-made templates so i,like the look,of this simple form here,and then up here we have the option to,add a name for our form but i'm happy,with just for you so we'll leave that as,it is,and then below that we have subscribe,list and this is the list that you want,to,use to capture email so for example if,someone puts their email in here,and clicks sign up for free that email,is going to be sent to this particular,list,and you have the option to create,multiple lists like i showed you earlier,and as you can see down here we've got,all subscribers on shopify which is the,list we just created,we also have newsletter and preview list,these two default lists,so we're going to go ahead and click all,subscribers on shopify the list that we,just created,and then come down and click create form,now with clavio's drag and drop builder,it's very easy to use so we're not going,to spend too much time,on clavio's drag and drop builder,because you can spend the time yourself,to understand,how all the different elements and,blocks work but what we're going to do,is give you a quick overview of the drag,and drop builder,so you have an idea of how it all works,and how you can customize your campaigns,your forms and essentially anything with,clavio so clavio's drag and drop builder,is very easy to use,as you can see if we navigate over this,form we have,different blocks now we can delete these,blocks if we like,or we can click on each of the block to,start customizing it the way that we,like,so we have a formatting bar up here and,then we have padding down here and,background color so it's very easy to,customize each of these different blocks,again i can select this block and again,i've got a formatting bar,i can change the text down here and i,have block styles below,again i have this block which is our,email,input i can come down here and what i,want to do is enter what i want my,visitors to see here,as you can see enter your email address,i'm happy with that then come down,and leave everything else as it is if,you like,then again we've got another block i'm,shopping for,and this is a radio button i'm going to,keep this,very simple and i'm actually going to,come over here and delete this block,and click delete block so as you can see,my form is extremely simple,i want it to be as user friendly as,possible so people can simply add their,email address,and come down and sign up now here we,have other elements on the left hand,side,these are drag and drop blocks so again,i could come up to,button i could drag that below the sign,up for free,and this is a button that i can,customize the way that i,like but again i don't need that for now,so i'm going to delete,that block again we have a text block i,could drag that,below the header up here and then again,i can customize,that text block if i like but i'm going,to delete that for now because i do not,need that text block,and then i have an image block so i can,drag that in here and add,an image i have another email input but,as you can see i've already got that,email,input here i can add a date if i like,multi-check box i can come down to add a,drop down if i like or a phone number,but i'm happy with how simple my pop-up,form is,so take the time to play around with all,the different blocks,then navigate over to styles this is the,overall style and theme,of your pop-up so again this is all,about the sizing the different colors,the font take the time to go through all,of these different styles,then head over to behaviors and this is,important for the functionality behind,the form,so for example under display timing i'm,going to navigate down here and click,loading delay now when do i want this,form to display show when visitor,is exiting the page show 60 seconds,after page load show after scrolling 60,of the page i'm happy with show 60,seconds,after page load so i'm going to select,show and i'm actually going to change,this to,30 seconds so after 30 seconds someone,has loaded a,page on my website then this form is,going to appear,and people can put in their email,address if they like,to receive 10 off and then come down to,display frequency,don't show again after submitting form,or go to,url action so i'm happy with that and,then come down to,devices so show on desktop and mobile,desktop only mobile only for us we want,this,form to show up on desktop and mobile,then come down to,targeting show to all visitors don't,show to,existing clavio profiles target visitors,in a list or segment,some happy with don't show to existing,clavio profiles,then we have url and location options,but i recommend leaving those blank,i'm happy with all those settings for,now so once you're happy with that come,over,to success message and then here under,the success message you have the options,to customize this,the way that you like so for us i'm,happy with this welcome message,once someone submitted their email use,code and in here what we want to do is,insert,the coupon code and then they'll receive,10 off so because they gave us their,email,they now get 10 off their next order,now what we need to do before we go,ahead and complete this form,is we need to create a coupon code now,to do that what we need to do is head,back to our shopify,dashboard so i'm going to quickly show,you the process to creating a,promotional code,of 10 off and then here on shopify just,navigate over to,discounts and then under discount codes,come down and click create discount code,here we want to name your discount code,for us it's just going to be,10 off then under types we want to leave,it as,percentage and then below value this is,our discount value we want to add,10 so i'm happy with that then come down,to applies to,all products specific collection,specific products,this is completely up to you we're going,to leave it as all products,then minimum requirement again this is,completely up to you,we're going to leave it as none then,customer eligibility,again everyone specific groups of,customers or specific customers,we're going to keep it easy and go,everyone then we have a,usage limit we're going to come down,here and click limit to,one use per customer and then we have,dates down here,if you like you can add an active start,date to your promotion,and an end date if you like again we're,just going to leave it as it is,and come down and click save discount,code now that we've saved our code you,can see a summary over here now i don't,really like the look of this code so,what i can do,is actually change the name so i could,change this name to,10 off for you i'm happy with that code,it's a bit more creative,and then all i need to do is click save,again i can generate a code,if i like if i don't want to create my,own code so i'm going to go ahead and,click,save and as you can see this is my new,code so what i want to do is actually,copy this,to my clipboard and then head back to,clavio,and then here back on clavio and under,success message,for our new form that we're creating,what we want to do is actually go ahead,and,insert our discount code or our,promotional code,in this little area here for people to,use so i'm going to click here,and then come up to text now it's in,white that's why you can't see it and,then what i'm going to do,is copy this all the way over to,insert so insert coupon code and i'm,going to paste my code in here,and then what i want to do is just,quickly change the color and then we'll,just go,white up here i'm happy with that and as,you can see,use code and then i've got the code in,here at checkout to get,10 off so that is just a,quick overview of how you can use,clavio's form builder drag and drop,builder to create your own forms so once,you're happy with your form,navigate over to draft and come down,here and click,live and then come down here and as you,can see sign up forms are successfully,installed on your site because we've,already connected shopify,and clavio together then come down and,click publish,and there we go your signup form has,been published and will appear,on your website so i'm happy with that,now what we want to do is actually,navigate back to our clavio dashboard so,navigate over to clavio click here,and then here under signup forms you can,see that we have one,signup form live and our list is all,subscribers on shopify,so we've created a list and we've,created a pop-up form so let's go test,and see that this is working on our,shopify,store okay so here we are on our shopify,store and as you can see after waiting,30 seconds,our pop-up form has appeared so i can,see that that is all working,now we're happy with our pop-up form,what we're going to do is head back to,clavio,and now what we want to do is navigate,over to campaigns,then under campaigns this is where you,can essentially create your own custom,campaigns,and send them to different lists and,segments so different audiences,so for example if we go ahead and click,create campaign,then come down and name this campaign so,for us we're going to call this,new promotion and then once you've named,your campaign come down to,recipients so who do you want to send,this campaign to,so for us we're going to select the list,that we created earlier,this list has one subscriber so all,subscribers on,shopify we can also select other,segments and lists if we like but we're,just going to select that one list that,we created earlier,then we can come down here and select a,segment that we do not want to send to,so for example if you selected a list,you can choose a,segment that's part of that list that,you do not want to send to,so that's optional down there then we,can come down,and skip recently email profiles but i'm,going to turn,that one off and then come down to,tracking and we'll leave that one off,and come down and click,save and continue to content then,up here what you want to do is add a,sender name and send a email address,so for the purpose of this tutorial,we're going to leave our name as our,business name,as the sender and then our email address,is going to be our business,email address then down here what you,want to do is add a,subject line and then preview text so,the subject,line is essentially what people are,going to see first when they,see your email arrive in their inbox for,example 50,off 24 hours only so that's an example,of a subject line,then our preview text now this can be a,bit more of an explanation,of our email campaign so for example,this could be,limited edition christmas special so,once you're happy with your preview text,and your subject line come down and,click save changes,then navigate down to how would you like,to design your email,now you have the option to use text only,a simple format,or you can navigate over to drag and,drop remember we showed you the drag and,drop builder,through clavio you can use that here or,for more advanced you can go ahead and,use html,but for the purpose of this tutorial,we're just going to go ahead and click,select template,then here what you want to do is,navigate through all these email,campaign templates,and decide on which one best works for,you and your brand,and the message that you want to create,so for us we're just going to go ahead,and select,this template over here you can also,preview each of these templates before,you decide,which template that you want to use for,us we're going to select this template,here,and here we are on clavio's drag and,drop builder like i briefly showed you,earlier when we were creating our pop-up,form so again just navigate across all,of these different elements,and blocks and you can go ahead and,delete and copy each of these blocks,if you like you can also navigate over,to the left hand side,and select and drag each of these blocks,for example the text block,and you can place that anywhere you like,again we have the formatting options,over here,again if i click on blocks i can come,over here and select image,and i can drag that under here if i like,and then customize that image and add an,image,again we have blocks and we have other,blocks that we can choose from so take,the time to,test each of these blocks it's really,easy to,build out your email template so just,play around with,each of these blocks then come down to,styles and again,similar to what we showed you before,this is where you can customize the,overall feel,theme and style of your email campaign,then once you've done that navigate over,to preview,and this is where you can go ahead and,preview your email just come down here,and click preview now or you can go,ahead and send it as an email to your,email address and just,test to see if this campaign looks okay,before you send it live to your list or,your segments,so we're going to cancel out of that one,for now and you can also come up here,and view what your email campaign will,look like on mobile,and on desktop so i like the look of,that,take the time to play around with this,campaign before you go ahead and send,that to,your audience you can also come up here,and change your template if you're not,too happy with this email,template for the purpose of this,tutorial what we're going to do is,navigate up to save,content and as you can see we have our,preview down here as well as the other,information that we filled out earlier,we can come down here and click review,and send campaign,then here what we want to do before we,go ahead and send our campaign to,our list is review our campaign,information,and clavio is also going to provide some,suggestions,to what you should be looking at or what,you should possibly change,before you go ahead and send your,campaign so for us i'm happy with all,that information there,then when you're ready to go live and,send this campaign to your lists or,segments,come down and click schedule or send,here we have the option to schedule our,campaign or we can send it now so i'm,going to go ahead,and click send now and just like that,you've gone ahead and sent your first,email campaign to your audience to your,list,or segment so this can take some time,before your campaign,is sent so just be patient and give it a,few moments,so what i'm going to do is click return,to campaigns,okay so now that we've sent our first,email campaign to our list,and segments what we want to do now is,actually cover,flows and email sequences this is the,last part,that we want to talk about in regards to,getting started with,email marketing so navigate over to flow,okay so here we are on email flows or,otherwise known as,email sequences and this is all about,building,automations with your email marketing so,automating the whole email process when,it comes to different behavior,and engagement on your website so you,can see down here we have some ideas for,us to choose from or we can go ahead and,create our flow here,now for example over here we've got a,welcome series so welcome flow,basically welcome subscribers with this,free email series that provides a,warm introduction to your business so,what we're going to do is actually go,ahead and click get started,and as you can see under flows we now,have the welcome series,flow so what we're going to do is edit,this flow and show you how,a sequence works a flow works so go,ahead and click,edit flow here we want to select a list,so for us we're going to go ahead and,select the list that we created earlier,all subscribers on shopify and click,continue,then come down here and click let's go,okay so let's break down and create some,understanding,around these flows so as you can see,we've selected,welcome series flow remember we just,selected that that's a pre-made,flow or email sequence now let's explain,how this actually works,well as you can see we have the trigger,here so the trigger is,when someone subscribes to all,subscribers on,shopify so remember this is all to do,with our pop-up email,if someone submits their email into that,pop-up form,then this will be triggered and they,will get sent,straight away if we navigate over here,this email,will be sent on the same day as the,trigger,so as soon as they submit and subscribe,to our newsletter or our email,list then they're gonna get a welcome,series email one,which is thanks for signing up then once,they receive that,three days later they will get another,email and this is email number two and,this will be a,follow us on social media then four days,later,that individual that initially,subscribed to our all subscribers on,shopify so our,pop-up they will get another email,third email in our welcome series and,that will be,check out our best sellers okay now,each of these emails here we can edit,and customize the way that we like,or we can drag these different blocks,over to,customize this flow this email sequence,the way that we like but we're going to,leave that as a,basic email flow for now because we,don't want to make it too complicated,this,is a beginner's tutorial so let's show,you how this all,works now if you want to edit any of,these all we need to do is say for,example we've got,three emails here so we've got email 1,email 2,and email 3. now if we navigate over to,here,and we click on email 1 and come down,and click,edit and then here we have the same,options,as if we were creating a email campaign,so go ahead and fill out that,information there then come down and,click,save changes then if you want to edit,your content again all we need to do is,navigate,scroll down to view the content this,is the first email in our welcome series,so they'll receive this there's a shop,now button up here,welcome thanks for signing up and then,this information,down here and then we have the real,foods team so this is already automated,and then we have the logo branding down,here because this is,a free plan we do have clavio branding,down here if you want to remove that you,just need to upgrade to a,paid plan so i'm happy with that content,you can go ahead and edit the content if,you like by simply clicking,edit content and like we mentioned,before when we were creating our email,campaign,you can go ahead and drag each of these,different blocks and elements,and you can create your campaign the way,that you,like so that is completely up to you,remember this interface this,drag and drop builder is the same,throughout clavio and again you can,preview,and save your content up here so it's,very straightforward and very similar to,creating an email campaign but remember,this is going to be,automated so if we come up here and,click done i can come down here,and edit email too or i can come down,and edit,email three i'm going to keep them as,they are for now i can also edit these,periods here so after,three days the second email is sent if i,click here you can see the formatting,options on the left hand side,i can change the delay to as many days,as,i like and i can add a specific time,of day but again i'm going to leave this,flow this email sequence,the way that it is for now so what i'm,going to do is come down here and where,it says draft i'm going to come down and,click,live and then click dismiss and as you,can see the single email,is now live so what i want to do is come,down here and select,live for the second email now i have two,emails in my flow that are currently,live,i can come down here and now i want to,make the third email,that's part of this welcome flow and i,want to turn that on,also and i'm happy with that welcome,email flow for now i'm going to navigate,up to save and exit and as you can see,i now have my welcome series flow or,email sequence active and live and now,when people subscribe to my email list,they add their email and subscribe on,that pop-up form that we created at the,beginning of this tutorial,then they're going to be part of this,welcome series,and they're going to receive three,emails over the period,of four days i hope that makes sense,then what you can do is come down here,and you can create these other,additional flows that are already,pre-made and automated,if you like for example a banded cart,this,is a great one that i recommend getting,started with and then customize it the,way that you like,again we've got browse abandonment,customer thank you so when someone,purchases from you,then there is an email flow or email,sequence,when someone has purchased a product,from your,website then we have product review,cross sell,and then we have more across here and,you can browse all the ideas if you like,again if you want to create a email flow,from scratch,then just navigate up to create flow,then again you have,email templates here that you can choose,from and customize the way,that you like you can also come down to,type goal or integrations for example,on type i could come down to abandoned,cart,and that's going to bring up my,abandoned cart flows,i can also come down to goal so if i,untick here,and come down to go i can also click,build,loyalty and that's going to show me some,email flows here,however if i want to build from scratch,just navigate up to,create from scratch and here you just,need to simply name your flow so for us,we're going to name this,new customer and then come down and,click create flow,and this is where we can go ahead and,create a new email flow email sequence,for new customers it could be a email,sequence for upselling it could be a,thank you,be creative and think about what you can,create however i recommend getting,started with,the templates to begin with like we just,showed you with the welcome,series and then you can start creating,your own email flows and email sequences,from scratch so remember you need a,trigger that could be a list,or it could be a segment for us it would,be a segment because it would be our new,customers,and this could be like i said a welcome,email or it could be an upselling,email flow email sequence so we're not,actually going to dive into this one,we've given you an overview,of how you can get started with an email,flow email sequence,so we're gonna leave that as it is so,take the time to,create your own flow i suggest you use,some of those pre-made templates or,pre-made flows i just showed you and,customize them the way that you like,so for now what we're gonna do is,navigate up to save and exit,and then navigate over to dashboard and,just quickly,under your dashboard this is where you,can see some overall analytics and,information surrounding your campaigns,your flows and,any relevant basic information that is,important to,your clavio account so with that said,that is it for today's tutorial that is,a beginner's,overview of how you can get started with,email marketing,with clavio and there we have it guys,that is it for today's tutorial i hope,you're ready to fully engage in,email marketing after watching this,tutorial now if you have any questions,about this video make sure to pop them,down below,and with that said thank you so much for,watching this tutorial all the way,through,to the end if you got value make sure,you leave a like,and subscribe if you haven't done so,already and that way i'll see you in the,next tutorial,take care guys,you

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