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Shopify: Custom Product Options okay hey guys so i've been getting a lot,of questions on how to set

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Updated on Jan 17,2023

Shopify: Custom Product Options

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Shopify: Custom Product Options

okay hey guys so i've been getting a lot,of questions on how to set up the,app for infinite options by hulk,so if you want your shop to look like,this where you have your stylist your,customers can choose all different,stylings with all different prices,and then for size to pop up,that can also have additional costs the,higher the size,um,then i can show you how to do that so,first things first is of course you will,download the infinite product options,you go to apps,customize your store,that'll pop up,the shopify,marketplace and then you can download,from there,so once you go into it,you have to agree with their privacy,settings things like that,so the first thing that you want to do,is it'll make you choose a plan you will,need to choose conditional logic,if you would like to be able to have it,where,i choose something,and something else pops up,so conditional logic is where,options are given to your customers,based upon their previous choices so if,i choose,beanie then the beanie sizing will pop,up if i choose,bloomers then the bloomers will pop up,and as you can see those are two totally,different size,sets and that's why you would want to,have conditional logic,um,as well as you know there are also some,styles that you may offer that have,add-ons whereas others do not,um,so,this client specifically can,do add-ons for you know just anything,but you know if you may have a certain,style that can come,with or without,maybe a cowl you know it's getting,colder things like that,it's also something that you could use,it for,so you'll want to choose the advanced,plan,okay,then you'll want to go to,option settings,and let's go ahead and start the style,list,so,don't do the drop down,okay so,if your shop offers bummies,now your bummies,are regularly we'll say 18,i don't actually know what those start,out at i,make them each different,okay,so,then you would go ahead and save this,you're going to add another one,and then you'll choose size,and then this is where you want to do as,you can see it's got a bunch of the,other ones from where i've done it for,other clients but you'll say you know,bummy,sizing and then as you can see i've got,a bunch of different ones on here,so,drop down,i personally like drop down it's a lot,cleaner especially when you have a lot,of options but you can always do the,buttons or radios or whatever,um it's just a lot cleaner so i really,recommend using the drop down but you,can do whatever,so,this is a very small boutique we can,only do three to,nine since that's on property through,twelve,that's what i'm feeling today um and you,know here you can do if you wanna do you,know two dollars extra for larger sizes,so that's how you do that,um,and just for you know purposes i'll just,kind of show you,you'll have to do you'll want to upload,your size charts again and again so one,for each that you did so i think i did,leo's,sorry,sizing,is only available in six months,and then you'll want to go to option,sets,so you want to create a full option set,so,let's say we'll do,full clothing,full style list,and then like i said i only made two,sizing,um ones but you'll want to have a sizing,graph for each option,that of course require sizes,and then an important next step is to,select your custom products,so select products,i only have one product you know one,test product on right now save,i didn't even know,all right well they have crashed,so that was great that happens sometimes,especially whenever you're in a test,store so this isn't a real store this is,what i just,um,you know i can't even transfer to,somebody i can't even make this live,store,see clothing options,cool style list, sizing,funny size,okay hey sorry,i had a little tech malfunction there um,but got the clothing option saved so,here's the clothing option set,now you want to come over to conditions,select,add new so if full styling list is equal,to bummies,then you'll want to show,bummy size,add another one,if full styling list is equal to,leo's then show,leo sizing,and that is how you create conditional,logic,to where you get this where,if i choose beanie,only the beanie sizes will show up,my cheese pepper only the peppermint,sizes will show,let's go ahead and add it to the cart,this little shop has 93,discount codes do work i don't know what,a discount code is for this store,um,but discount codes can still apply you,can check out,and this will say 93 and it will say,here what you all got everything that,you need,there you go

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