how to transfer squarespace domain to shopify

Transferring Domains: What You Need to Know buying a domain name is simple you just,go to google typ

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Transferring Domains: What You Need to Know

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Transferring Domains: What You Need to Know

buying a domain name is simple you just,go to google type domain name click the,first result register the domain and,you're done,chances are you don't even really think,about it again after doing that until,the domain comes up for renewal next,year as people get more experience with,domain names i find that they say oh you,know what i think this first place i,register my domain at probably isn't the,best place to keep it at typically the,more popular domain registrars,go daddy,i'm not trying to call any company out,but there are some popular domain,registrars that are not really great and,as people get more experience they,realize that and they want to transfer,their domain out so what are the,considerations before you transfer your,domain name well the first thing you,need to keep in mind is that you'll need,to unlock your domain before you,transfer there's something called a,domain transfer lock and every registrar,does this what you'll need to do is log,into your domain registrar panel and,flip the switch that says domain,transfer lock to off and this tells the,new registrar that you are able to,transfer your domain out from the,previous registrar to that,that's not all though you also need to,obtain the auth code the auth code is a,randomly generated code like a password,your domain registrar will have a spot,in their panel where you can say request,auth code they'll usually email this to,you or you can contact support and they,will be able to send this to you as well,your auth code is your ticket to,transfer your domain name so you need,the auth code and you need to have your,domain unlocked in order to be able to,transfer it to the new registrar now in,most cases you're going to be allowed to,transfer your domain name anywhere you,want whenever you want however there are,two scenarios in which you may not be,able to transfer your domain name,yes your domain could be hostage at your,current registrar the first case is if,your domain is less than 60 days old so,if you bought your domain last month at,godaddy and you're trying to transfer it,to namecheap you may not be able to do,this we'll talk about why in a second,the second case is if you updated the,contact info on the domain the,registrant details the information that,is publicly listed in the who is,database,if you updated that info within the last,60 days that is another thing that could,stop you from transferring your domain,name to another registrar,why is this well i can the non-profit,organization that regulates domains,actually put this rule in place to help,prevent fraud,i'll be honest i don't totally,understand it i don't know what this,prevents as far as fraud but the good,news is that registrars have the option,to let people opt out and i find that,most registrars including godaddy,including ones i'm not really a big fan,of,they tend to let you opt out of this,stuff so i wouldn't be too concerned,about this but just keep in mind if your,domain is less than 60 days old or if,you did recently update the contact info,technically your registrar could choose,to stop you from transferring the domain,name and that's an i can regulation,meaning the registrar isn't necessarily,the bad guy it's just a weird quirk,about how domains work so one important,thing you need to know when you transfer,your domain is that you're actually,adding one year of time to when your,domain name expires,what does this mean well i think when a,lot of people transfer their domain they,think oh i'm paying eight or ten dollars,to transfer my domain like i'm paying a,transfer fee and that's actually not,true what you're paying for is adding,one year of time to your domain name at,the new registrar so if you've got one,month left on your domain before you,transfer after you transfer it you're,gonna have one month plus one year left,so at this point you're probably,wondering christian how do i transfer my,domain name and i've actually got a full,tutorial you can watch on transferring,your domain name from godaddy to,namecheap i'll have that linked up here,and in the description below it's an,unlisted video so make sure you check,the links to be able to find it when you,do go to transfer your domain name,you're gonna find it'll take anywhere,from two to nine days to transfer and,this is because registrars have,different methods for transferring your,domain out from the old one and into the,new one what do i mean well some,registrars are going to send you an,email saying hey we got a request to,release your domain to the new registrar,if we don't hear from you for five days,we're gonna go ahead and release that,automatically in that case you basically,have a five day waiting period before,the new registrar can get a hold of that,domain and take it into their possession,so if that's the case it's gonna be,closer to probably seven to nine days to,transfer your domain however,some registrars are kind and they'll,actually send you an email and say hey,the new registrar sent us an email,letting us know that you want to,transfer your domain out if this is,really true click the link in this email,and will release it immediately when,that happens your domain transfer will,probably take place in two to four days,so hopefully your registrar is one of,those that will let you just click the,link and release it to the new registrar,if not you have a waiting period that,unfortunately cannot be bypassed and,speaking of waiting periods and things,that cannot be bypassed if your domain,expires in less than seven days,stop do not pass go renew your domain,name at the current registrar first,before you transfer i know what you're,thinking you're probably going but,christian i want to get this thing away,from godaddy or wherever i'm leaving i,don't want to renew this domain again,before i transfer it i know i know i,know it's probably a painfully high,renewal cost but if your domain expires,in less than seven days and it's,important meaning it's running on a live,website that gets traffic you don't want,to risk your domain name expiring while,it's in the transfer process think about,this if your registrar is one of those,that has say a five day waiting period,and then it might take two to three,business days for the new registrar to,transfer it in once it's released you,might wait eight or nine days for that,transfer to take place and until it is,complete and at the new registrar the,old registrar is responsible for it so,if you have seven days left on the,domain and it takes nine days to,transfer well guess what for the last,two days of that transfer your domain is,expired and there's not really anything,you can do about it because it's being,transferred you're literally going to,get stuck where you have no choice but,to wait with your website offline until,the transfer is completed so those are,the things you need to know before,transferring your domain name from any,registrar to any registrar if you'd like,to know how to transfer a domain name i,have a whole tutorial on transferring,from godaddy to namecheap if that's what,you're transferring to and from great,but if not you're still going to get,great insight out of this tutorial,because the transfer process is very,similar no matter who you're,transferring from or to so if you like,this video definitely do be sure to hit,that subscribe button and click the bell,so you don't miss when i release new,videos and with that said i will catch,you guys,next time

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