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How to Connect Your Domain to Shopify 2021 | Quick Shopify Tips 2021 having a custom domain really g

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to Connect Your Domain to Shopify 2021 | Quick Shopify Tips 2021

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How to Connect Your Domain to Shopify 2021 | Quick Shopify Tips 2021

having a custom domain really gives your,site credibility instead of having the, in the url,so in this video i'm going to show you,exactly how to set that up,easily in under five minutes for your,shopify store,having a custom domain makes it really,easy to,share about your products online plus it,helps influence your branding,because you can actually put your brand,name in your url,so i want to show you really quickly how,to set up a custom domain for your,shopify store,you have two different options you can,either buy a,domain through shopify or if you've,already purchased a domain with another,provider like,godaddy or bluehost you can connect that,domain,in so you're going to get to this area,in the shopify backend by going to your,online store,and then into domains so,now we can see the options to either buy,a new domain,so you can buy this through shopify and,just click in here to actually go,through the process of purchasing this,through shopify,or you can do connect existing domain we,have just our default,domain now,so let's go ahead and do connect,existing domain,so now we're going to type in our domain,that we want to connect to this shopify,store,so now that we've got our domain in it's,showing that it knows our host is,bluehost,which is correct you may also have your,provider name show up here or it may not,know exactly who your provider is,but it'll show specific instructions,there,so you also may get the option if you,have a platform like,godaddy where you can connect,automatically by just logging into your,godaddy account so if that's the case,and you see connect,automatically you can just go ahead and,click that there log into your godaddy,account and it's a little bit,faster to set that up however we don't,have those options with our domain,provider which is bluehost,so we have to add in the information,manually,so we can just click on this view,bluehost instructions,to get the exact things that we need to,add in,so if we scroll down this page here we,can then see,the different things that we need to add,in,so now in this connect your domain,manually section,you can see the different information,that we need to add in so first we need,to add in,this a record so i'm just going to copy,this number right here,and then i'm going to go to my bluehost,account and,go into the dns settings so now i'm in,my,dns manager of my bluehost account and,you can see this,a host and this at symbol host record,so this is what we want to edit for this,first,field so you can see here it's a,different number so i'm just going to,click on this to edit,and i'm going to paste in what i've,copied there,and hit save okay so now that's updated,however it does show that it can take up,to four hours to,actually fully transfer over the next,thing that we need to do,is we need to edit our cname record so,that way if someone was to type in the,www version,that it'll pull into the shopify store,as well so let's go back to the shopify,documentation,and you can see here we need to have,this to go to,so i'm just going to copy that and go,back to bluehost and again i'm just,going to click on this next to the www,click edit i'm going to paste it into,this points to field and hit save,now our information is added in both for,the a record and,for the cname record so we should be,good to go so if we go back to our,shopify store,you can now hit verify connection now it,does take,some time again my hosting provider said,it could take up to four hours,so it may not actually verify the,connection right away but let's go ahead,and just click on this,and see so you can see here,that we have this where it's not showing,up just yet,but it says again that it may take a few,minutes for them to update their,settings so you can always just sit here,on this page,come back to it a little bit later and,hit this verify again,and then it should show up correctly so,i'm going to go ahead and just click,this add domain button,and this way it'll add it into our,shopify store and we can just,get notified whenever that actually,pulls in so you can see here it says not,connected,but we can retry that connection and,it'll automatically update once,it is ready so i gave it about 30,minutes and,then you can see it pulled in and it is,now showing is connected with my ssl,certificate,pending so now what we could do is we,could actually change this to be our,primary domain so to do that we'll just,click on,change primary domain and we can choose,the domain from here so i always like to,go with the non-ww,version just because it's a little bit,cleaner and it's faster to type in,but we can hit save from here and we can,see now this is set,up as our primary domain so we can now,see,that this is our primary domain and all,of our traffic is going to be redirected,here,you could add in multiple different,domains if you had that were all going,to connect to the same,shopify store and then just choose which,primary domain you want to be the main,one to redirect all the traffic to,so that way if you had multiple let's,say misspellings of your domain,purchased,you could add all those in and then just,have them all redirect to this,primary domain that you have so i hope,you found this,shopify quick tips video very helpful,we've got an,entire playlist of more five minute,tutorial videos just like this all about,shopify,and how to grow your online store so,make sure to check out that playlist,and if you haven't yet also subscribe we,post new videos every week,all about shopify

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