how to transfer a shopify store

how to transfer a shopify store to another shopify store hello Shopify store owners I hope,business

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

how to transfer a shopify store to another shopify store

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how to transfer a shopify store catalogs

how to transfer a shopify store to another shopify store

hello Shopify store owners I hope,business is doing good and welcome to,this week video I will show you how to,transfer a store maybe you want to to,move your domain name you want to move,your stores you want to create a,duplicate you want to create something,similar for whatever reason it is I will,show you how to transfer and how I do it,to transfer your your current store to a,new store that you created so here I,have my Micron's store and I have a,testing store right here what I have no,no products and that I have the the,basic the basic theme that it's that,it's there so first thing first what I'm,doing is I'm I will import I will export,my products so what you want to do is,export select all products CSV CSV for,Excel it will send it to your email then,I will go and I will go and export my,current theme that I'm using you do you,do download theme it will be sent by,email also for this step always make,sure that for whatever reason you're,doing the transfer check from where you,got your your team on I know on Shopify,stores you can only have one template,that you purchase per per website so if,you're planning to use the same theme on,more than one website you should,purchase more,then one time so make sure from where,you have the team if it's free then,that's that's no issue with that but if,you paid for it just double check before,that you are allowed to use it on,multiple stores so we have that you have,to know that some items you won't be,able to transfer like navigation so your,menus you're gonna have to add them,manually and same thing for collections,so inside your products the collection,you're gonna have to to add them,manually if you have just a few it's ok,if you have a bunch of 200s that's a,different story,you can always export and import your,customers so you can do that as well,export all customers CSV or Excel for,excel and same thing it will it will get,your email address orders you can export,them but you can't you can't import them,back so you will export them for,whatever financial reason you need to,what if you want to make a backup but,you cannot import orders into Shopify,directly with your admin you'll have to,use some applications for that so let's,get to some manual work that you need to,do for your your pages and your blog,posts the idea is it's pretty simple but,long depending on the number of pages or,blog posts you have so the idea is to,the idea is to open each page that you,want and go to HTML select all copy so,now we copied the page and it's easier,if you,go directly to the store that where you,want to transfer and you paste it there,or what you can do is paste it in in a,text editor,or or and in the word whatever you want,to save it but easier and faster is to,have open both stores your current one,and the one you want to transfer to in,this case I already have about us but,let's assume it's it's a different page,so about two and what you will do is,click again on show HTML right click and,paste you will be able to save this and,that's how you transfer your pages blog,posts it's it's it's the same just,before I moved to that make sure in your,pages that you you always have selected,the same template for the new one,because if this is a fake you for,example when you create a new page is,just gonna go to the standard one which,is your default page so make sure you do,save that you do change that if if you,need so coming back to your blog posts,first make sure you have the same blogs,so right here you can manage your blog's,I have only one let's see over here,blog posts let's see manage blog post,here I have two so let's just do the one,for 4 News obviously you will have to,create the other one what's important,also for you to check is that the the,handle or the URL it's it's the same so,easiest thing to do is using the same,title it will just create the same,handle and your URL will be the same,here I have it and the URL the handle is,the same the URL is not the same because,another same store but the handle is the,same so going back to your posts we only,have here first post so let's assume we,just want to copy any one of these in,this blog click again on show HTML,right-click select all right click copy,let's go over here click on add blog,post and give it the same name click on,show HTML paste it if you have featured,image obviously you will need to put,them in same thing for the template if,you have a different template you will,have to put them in in this case and my,excerpt I put an image so you'll have to,put that as well you can do the same,thing here just click on show HTML it,will give you what's inside your excerpt,so you can again copy that and paste it,over here add excerpt show HTML paste it,and it will give you the same thing now,if it is a link and if it's going to to,a different store make sure that this,will always be available because if your,closing does in this store the first one,the,file here won't be available anymore so,what will be more wise to do will be to,actually add the file to to this store,as well if you do have a link over there,and that's it for this make sure you put,it visible or you can specify a date,okay so that's the idea for blog posts,and pages you need to manually copy them,over the easiest way is with the HTML,editor you select the code you need you,copy it and you paste it to your new,store so let's see how to add the the,customers products and team into this,new store so what I previously did was,to download the links that the emails I,got from from Shopify will see them here,so I have my customer export product,export and team let's go back to our,store if we go in themes you will have,the button right here to upload theme it,has to be a zip file not more than 20,megabytes click on browse,so we want to select this click open,upload depending on again on the size of,view of your team it will take longer if,if it's a bigger size but normal is just,a few few seconds or minutes once that,is done it will add it to to the bottom,here so we have our we have our main one,that it's that is the one published,right now and we have the one that we,just added the team export and then we,can customize it if we want or we can,publish right away so now the team is,transferred you can notice right away,that the menus are not there and,obviously the collections won't be there,neither if we go back to this I want to,go into products I have no product so,I'm just gonna click import need to,browse I can select my products from,here open and upload file looks ok 25,product that's what I had in the other,stores so that's fine with images,depending on the number of products it,can take from a few seconds to a few,minutes you can always close this and it,will do it in in the back end it will,also send you an email to let you know,that the import was success and if you,have any errors in the import I'm just,gonna close it for now and let's go to,customers same here same thing here I'm,just gonna import my customers,you can browse,customers right here open you have the,options if you already have customers,here but you shouldn't because this is,brand-new what happened there let's do,that again,okay it's here so you can override,existing customers that have the same,email in my case I don't have customers,so that's not an issue and just click,import customers did I not have any,customers yes so I have customers here I,should also have the products in right,here and that's about it so don't forget,you can always export and import your,products your team and your your,customers here what the email will look,like for the import so 25 were,successfully imported and I have no,errors this and for collections for,collections and navigation you'll have,to manually put them in make sure you,use the same make sure you use the same,titles the same links the same same,handle all of that should be should be,the same again it's easier if you open,you have your both your stores open,side-by-side then for for collection is,the same idea use the same use the same,title use the same handle and make sure,you use the same conditions if you do,have conditions make sure you are using,the same ones on the new store then for,your product for your pages and your,blog post as I showed you you you need,to go and copy the HTML code of 8,of the pages and the blogpost and then,paste it and in the new website so,that's it for today I hope this was,useful to you if you have any questions,please let me know you can always,comment in in the comments below,you also have in the description all the,ways to reach me out by email by,LinkedIn Twitter Skype all of that is,there so don't as they don't be shy also,please subscribe to my channel I'm,releasing videos like this one each week,like that you won't miss anything thank,you and have a good day

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