how to tag products in shopify

How to add Shopify product tags and types, step-by-step | What are Tags On Shopify | Shopify Q&A sho

Adarsh Kash

Updated on Mar 07,2023

How to add Shopify product tags and types, step-by-step | What are Tags On Shopify | Shopify Q&A

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How to add Shopify product tags and types, step-by-step | What are Tags On Shopify | Shopify Q&A

shopify tags okay are these things,useful,what are shopify tags why should i need,it,do i even need it and if i need it how,should i create a shopify tag,and add to those to my products okay,don't worry okay because in this video,i've gone an,in-depth description about the shopify,tags why you need them,how to use them and how to use your,products to,add to different tags and how to use,different tags,so that it can increase the amount of,time people want to search,amount of time duration people need to,search for a particular product to in,your site okay,so watch this video till the end to get,an in-depth knowledge and end up,about how to add and use tags features,in shopify,to your own benefit okay so watch this,video till the end to get to know about,the whole process,okay so let's get started okay so,you want to add text to your products,okay,adding tags to your products okay,let's say we are selling,okay let's say you're selling men,okay next okay,but you can see nothing is appearing,okay but we have a product,which is related okay so how are people,gonna find it if they discuss it,you have to,okay now in this section see,here's the tags option okay as you can,see i've already,added a couple of tags okay,let's just do men's dependence,okay,you can do men's,necklace,okay and item okay so as you can see we,have added,two more tags to all of those tags now,just click on save,okay product save the tags are added,okay,you can see this items start appearing,okay,and if you go remove the tag,and send it in next save,you can see okay,wait for some time reload the page,wait a second,okay,and,it takes some time to load okay,like you can see if you remove the,attack from yes it's not going over here,okay,so whenever you are adding the product,to your website,try to add related tags to them,is,so that whenever someone searches it,it's gonna have to display in front of,them okay,so this is how easily you can use the,tag feature,and then add that to your products and,then how useful,it is to add text to your website okay i,hope you found this video,useful as i already just said this video,is the part of a shopify series in which,i'm taking you on a journey from,creating your own shopify store,to adding products to advertising to,making real profit,so to get notified when i upload my next,video please subscribe my channel,and press the bell icon button to get,notified when i upload my video,thank you very much

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