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Updated on Jan 18,2023


The above is a brief introduction to how to start a shopify t shirt store

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what is up good people welcome and,welcome back to another video it's your,girl alex and defined by alex and you,guys so in today's video i'm going to,show you how to build an online store,using the shopify domain where you're,going to be able to fully leave this,video understanding how to create,everything you need how to navigate,through shopify's platform knowing where,to go where you need to go to find your,data how to add products i mean,everything okay so i'm gonna go ahead,and hop into my computer but before i do,that let me go ahead and encourage you,to stay to the end of this video so that,way you guys can see me answer questions,in real time that you've been leaving in,my comments so for those of you who are,new here just really quickly i'm doing,what's called audience highlights where,i spend some time answering questions,that you good people have left me in my,comments so feel free to stay to the end,of this video so that way you won't miss,any good information that i'm going to,share but without further ado let me go,ahead and hop into shopify and show you,how to build your online store let's go,all right good people so let me go ahead,and just break down pretty much how to,navigate and how to build your online,store so once you pretty much go through,those preliminary steps with shopify,like adding all of your information like,your personal information your store the,information where your business is,located all that good stuff then it will,bring you to what i have in front of me,so for the record this is a fake store i,just created it's nothing serious it's,just for the purposes of this tutorial,so i just want to go through and let you,guys see what that you know what it,looks like so it's going to pretty much,walk you through things that you have to,do shopify is really good with putting,things right in front of your face so,that way you know what you need to pay,attention to and you know all that good,stuff so for example when it comes to,like your state tax and sales tax and,setting all that up you could just,merely hit view state and it just takes,care of that and you're good to go this,will go away once you complete that step,but then moving forward if i just want,to go down here and see all of the steps,that they are um suggesting i should say,to complete this gives you a really good,walkthrough of how to you know knowing,what to do and how to do it and stuff,like that i'm not going to focus mainly,on this main section because i want to,take you guys to where you can actually,add a product and build your store to,give you more of that confidence so,moving away from that i'm going to,navigate to my left hand side here you,guys see how it's all of the things that,you need to know when it comes to your,own store so let's just go ahead and,start with the home page this is the,home page so this is what we're looking,at as we speak when it comes to orders,every time you have an order it will,show here or in the event that you have,to create an order just on those one off,you know moments that you have to create,an order then it does it here and so,this is where all of your orders will be,housed if you have draft orders they'll,be housed here as well and things like,that moving on to products i'm going to,show you here in just a moment how to,add a product but this is the section,where you house all of your inventory so,this is where it's going to show you all,of the active inactive and giraffe,products that you've added to your store,archived i mean i guess i should say,more more so archive but nonetheless,this is where it'll be housed when it,comes to knowing your inventory and all,that stuff so so under the overarching,product umbrella then you have like sub,tabs which is your inventory your,transfers collections and gift cards,collections is going to be important to,point out because when it comes to,housing same like product so for an,example when it comes to accessories you,may still sell t-shirts but if you're,someone like me who sells like hats and,journals and coffee mugs this,collections piece is going to be,important because then you can just say,i want it as collection and everything,under accessories will be housed and,that's it collection that you make,moving on to customers when people start,purchasing from you this is where,they'll be so um this is all of your,customers so this is not just email,subscribers it's all of your customers,that are going to be of course you know,shopping with you who have purchased and,things like that when it comes to,finances if you are you know wanting to,look at the the money and the numbers,and things like that this is where,that's housed and to show you your,balance and you have like a shopify,balance from your monthly subscriptions,and your shippings and things like that,your payout your net sales again all of,those figures that you need to,constantly look at i mean like make it a,habit at this point to really know how,your shop is performing when it comes to,the numbers so under finances you'll,find a good chunk of information when it,comes to your financial performance of,how your store is doing okay so moving,on to the analytics tab so this is where,like y'all when i talk about getting,into the data and the data don't lie,this is where it's going to be so right,here let me just hide all these extra,tabs so right here is where you'll know,how your shop is performing when it,comes to how many online sessions how,many people and visitors are visiting,your store your return customer right so,who is buying from you more than once,okay so your conversion rate how many,people are not only adding to cart but,how many people are actually reaching,checkout to where they're completing the,sale okay average order value total,orders you've had i mean this is pretty,much it's gonna tell all of your,businesses business when it comes to,knowing how your store is performing,things that you may need to improve on,things that you know is working and all,that good stuff so because this is a,test store i don't have any you know,type of figures or metrics that's pulled,in i just want to help you guys know,what to look for and how to navigate it,first before we get to the building part,so moving on to the marketing shopify's,like oh my god shopify is just the, when it comes to marketing and,having a all-in-one platform where you,can sell your products download app,market you know i mean it's just it's a,lot and it can be overwhelming in the,beginning but trust me when i say i have,never thought about switching to any,other platform since i've used shopify,which is now over over a year you know,well over a year um i really enjoy just,knowing i know where to go to look at,how my store is doing when it comes to,discounts over here so this is where you,can create um discount codes whether you,want to have customers type in the code,when they reach their you know checkout,and leaving your store or if you want to,have something automatic um where they,click a product and they add it to cart,and the you know shopify already just,embeds the automatic discount that,you've applied and created in this tab,here moving on to the app so if you want,to start adding um likes what's a good,app like your upsell app if you want to,do print on demand you will go here go,to customize your store and it will,bring up i mean it's an app store think,about how we use our phones like you,know our iphone and our android and we,have those apps you know that app store,where we may need to know like how to,organize how to cook how to play it well,think of shopify as the same thing but,for your business so when it comes to,like i said before creating an upsell,when it comes to you know wanting to use,print on demand and having those apps,that integrate with shopify you're going,to want to make sure that you know what,to look for and going here you can,honestly just browse like it's just so,much to already search for so this is a,section where you will find all of those,you know those one-off apps that can,help you keep having your store standing,strong sustaining it bringing in more,revenue and all that good fun stuff okay,so just a quick recap when it comes to,the left-hand side of this of the menu,of shopify you're gonna have your home,tab your orders is where all of your,orders will be housed your products when,it comes to adding a product which i'll,get to here in just a moment your,customers so who has bought from you um,and just seeing you know the pretty much,the customer behavior your finances so,it's showing like your subscriptions how,much you owe what's coming in what's,going out all that good stuff your,analytics which is the powerhouse of how,your store is going to be ran you know,knowing again what platforms are,performing the best for your store,whether it's instagram facebook all that,your marketing how are you gathering,people and their information to your,store to shop and things like that your,discount so creating those specialized,discount codes for your customers so,they can you know feel like they're um,buying more and spending less all that,good stuff and then finally the app,store where you can pretty much go and,just honestly honey shop till you drop,download all the things that you want,when it comes to having all the apps,that's going to be beneficial for your,store so now let's move on to this,bottom half and then i'll go into the,settings before i quickly go over to,building an online store and things you,know to note when you're getting started,so when it comes to the sales channel,this is where it's going to be important,for you guys to pay attention when it,comes to building your store all right,so before i show you guys how to kind of,build the foundation of your store let,me go ahead and add a product so you can,see how to do that so if you're starting,from scratch this is what your screen is,going to look like so i'm going to go,ahead and add a product and so when i do,that it's going to take me to printing,out the product and it's description,page so let's just say i'm just going to,start again this is a test so you know,i'm going to make up something on the,fly here so let's just say i want to do,tie dye let's just say tie-dye t and i,know i have a tight id it's a picture of,an example but you will make the title,okay so from the main section here you,would go ahead and just pretty much,write out the title of what your t-shirt,is so if it's a t-shirt that says you,know this girl is popping you could just,call that this girl is popping tea,whatever and so this is where you would,list the description so i can just say,there's so,much fun,in tie-dye okay i can't i'm just coming,up with whatever y'all so so i'll do,that now within the description you can,embed so many things like you can add,pictures you can add a video i mean you,can get really really creative when it,comes to the product description now i'm,going to add a file which i already have,hold up here and i'm just gonna drag and,drop because the cool thing about,shopify is that you can drag and drop,when it comes to your products okay so i,did that um as you guys can see why i,chose tight eyes because i had this in,my files so this was just an example,over here quickly to the right for the,product that is it's going to default to,be in giraffe but then once you're eight,once you're done and you're done with,the description you've added the,products and the price which i move on,here too and it's in just a second you,can go ahead and switch this status too,active and it'll show you all of the,channels which is where your product is,going to be seen right here as well so,you'll have your online store which is,of course your shopify store you'll have,facebook i chose google the shopify buy,button i just honestly clicked whatever,just for the sake of this video but you,don't need all of these channels it's,mainly going to be where you're going to,you know show up the most so for sure,your website and facebook i will always,always always recommend that you have,selected when it comes to your sales,channels and the apps so now moving down,to this actual you know product you can,go ahead and set the pricing so this,section here is where you go ahead and,set the pricing for this t so let's just,say i want it to be 15.95 that's the,price that customers are going to see,you always want to make sure that there,is text for this product you don't want,to ever want into situations where your,products aren't being taxed okay so make,sure that this box is always checked,when it comes to compared price this is,just to show a sale or a discount so,let's just say i want to have this,t-shirt now for 7.50 customers are gonna,see on the front end that my shirt is on,sale for 7.50 but the original price is,15.95 okay now if i wanted to cost per,item i can't and it pretty much just,give me like my profit margins things,like that me personally i don't do this,but if you want to hey go for it when it,comes to inventory um if you have your,stock keeping unit number you don't need,it okay it's not required this is just,for people who are just very anal about,their numbers and everything you don't,have to do that um i would also,recommend that you always have shopify,track the quantity so if they know,something is sold out your customer is,notified as well and they can't purchase,that okay um so this is just a fake,address but it'll show you your address,and how many are available so you can go,ahead and mark that number in here if,you want so let's just say i have 10 of,these available i can keep it moving if,it's a physical product which if you're,selling t-shirts most likely they always,will be physical products so you can go,ahead and make sure that this is,selected put in your weight here too so,i would say if you know of course you're,fulfilling out of your home go ahead and,have the weight that's calculated for,this product and as you can see here it,gives you the disclosure to use the,calculated shipping rates at checkout,and you know with label prices during,fulfillment so i would say always make,sure that your product is in some type,of packaging bag so that way you know,like what it really weighs and not just,what it weighs with a t-shirt alone like,just have the most accurate number that,you can okay okay so just to continue,with the uh natural product description,and when you add one so just moving down,after the weight um if you want to go,ahead and put in like customs,information this section is only,specific to international shipping if,you know you're going to be based out of,the us and only sale to the us you don't,have to worry about this section so,going down to the option so this is,where you're going to indicate the sizes,and the colors of your t-shirts so for,an example you select the check mark box,and so it says your option name shopify,does a wonderful job of kind of just,giving you what you already need so i'm,going ahead i'm going to go ahead and,select size and i know for my values i'm,just going to go ahead and indicate if,it's a small i'm just i'm hitting enter,to go to the next line go to medium hit,enter go to large hit enter go to extra,large hit enter and then go to 2xl,and then you're done with that now to,add another option i'm going to do,colors so i know let's just say you want,to do black you're going to sell it in,i say black tie-dye since this is a,tie-dye shirt and i can do blue tie-dye,you know what i don't have a black,tie-dye example so we're just going to,keep it at blue tie-dye but you guys get,my gist so this is how you add what's,called the variance so as a consumer,yourself think about when you're,shopping for something and you want to,make sure that it's the right size and,the color that you want on the back end,on a business owner perspective this is,what it looks like when you're making,those variants that customers have when,it comes to deciding what size and what,color they want for their t-shirt so now,moving down here is where those variants,are going to pop up so when it comes to,the sizes you see they're going to be,right here and then the actual color,which is just for this case one color,you add as many as you offer okay so,this is just an example but you add as,many as you offer and then when it comes,to the quantity i'm just going to play,around and just in the in the quantity,box type 2 for all of the options and,then i'm just going to scroll up here,and just check everything,but in a quick glimpse you guys this is,how you would physically add a product,to shopify now before i hit save over,here where it says product organization,just to make sure that you have like,strong seo and that customers can,navigate through your actual online,store you can like identify what type of,product it is so if it's a custom,product like for me it's going to be a,t-shirt so i can add that type of custom,product organization and things like,that for the vendor you can put your,actual store so it'd be the t empire,just for the sake of this example so the,t empire is a vendor and then for,collections if you wanted to appear on,whatever type of sub category page you,would add it here for this example i'll,do homepage because i haven't made a,collection yet so that'll come later but,again this is just the overall view,pretty much high level overall view of,how you add a product and then if you,want to create tags again this is just,to let customers find the specific,product that they're searching for so if,i know this is a tie-dye shirt i'm going,to add a tie-dye tag and call it a day,okay,so just in a quick glance this is how,you add a product to your store um every,time you have products that you want to,add to your shopify store now i'm going,to click save and let that save in the,system cool so,my product is here you see it says add,it tight i t and now i'm going to keep,it moving with going back to my online,store right here and now we're going to,get started with you know mapping out,how we want our online store to look so,when starting out building an online,store this is going to be where you have,to just take your time you're building,something from scratch so just to kind,of jump down to the most important parts,here you want to focus on the theme so,if you're someone who's starting out and,you have a smaller budget you want to,explore the free themes and so this,gives you all of the free theme options,when it comes to your shopify store and,things like that or if you want to visit,the theme store this gives you a lot of,the both paid and free themes that,shopify offers when it comes to building,a website all right friends so i went,ahead and jumped into the theme that was,defaulted which is the dawn theme and i,just want to show you guys give you just,a good navigation source of how to,navigate when you're actually on the,well the web building site right so this,is what everyone sees when they're,making their shopify store they're gonna,have their header which you guys can,customize everything that you see for,the most part when it comes to fonts and,colors and layout this is where you can,have a really good time with making sure,your store looks the way that you want,it to look okay so um just for a quick,glance you guys see i have the product,that i added already but when it comes,to what you want your customers to see,when they first log on this is going to,be that image banner so you can add any,image that you want as far as knowing,what,ties to,what piece over in the main section from,the left hand menu if you just click on,the tabs here it gives you a good idea,of what,dictates what so for an example i have,my image banner which is going to be the,main big piece here then when i go to,image banner you can say you can see how,it has the text,you can see how it has more fine-tuned,text over here you can see i can add,buttons and all that good stuff if i,wanted to remove a block let me kind of,like move my floating head here if i,wanted to move a block i could just,remove this and then when it comes to,more like text that you want to like,help your customers really resonate and,identify with you can do that when it,comes to the feature collection if you,have a feature collection this is where,you would um pretty much identify your,feature collection so you guys saw how i,added the tie-dye t-shirt on the other,end of shopify one now when it comes to,the online store building site this is,where you'll see and customers will see,what the product looks like okay you,don't have to have everything that these,themes already come with the beautiful,part about this all is that you can take,away anything and add whatever that you,want like for an example if you don't,have a video you don't need it remove,this section and just call it a day okay,same thing with this multi-column,section if i don't want it i'm going to,remove it and that just pretty much,condenses all the extra stuff that i,know i don't need and it puts in my,store what i know i need what i know i,want and things like that so this is,what it looks like just on the overall,glance of building an online store,um but what i wanted to really point out,is how your product will look once you,add it so as you guys saw i added the,product and now i went into my theme of,my store just clicking on all the,buttons honestly just testing it out and,this is what i will get okay so just as,a quick glance an overview this is how,it looks when it comes to building a,shopify store it really takes a lot of,your might and your creativity of what,you want your store to look like but,overall this is how you would build it,shopify already gives you a great like,foundation all you have to do is,customize it so you just plug into your,image your products save it and that's,it okay,all right friends so just kind of,wrapping up again what we're seeing,through shopify how to navigate it,things to look out for when it comes to,building your online store that pretty,much wraps it up so again this was just,like an overview of shopify i strongly,encourage that if you're gonna dive into,it you go ahead and get your feet wet,and just go all in because it can be,really fun when you're building it,before i go and change scenes i'm going,to show you as far as the settings so,this part here in your shopify store is,going to give you like a lot of,information like your important,information,may get you your plan information,your user and permissions your payments,your checkout so when you go to settings,this is how you are going to identify,and dictate what happens when it comes,to your taxes when it comes to your,shipping and delivery when it comes to,your checkout page i mean it's just so,many things in shopify that you can do,that you can control um so i strongly,recommend that you always pay attention,to your settings information and your,tab so that way you know how your store,is going to operate when it comes to,payout when it comes to billing when it,comes to having everything on file that,is correct and accurate so that way you,know you won't miss out on any important,information that you need to,when it comes to your store so that,pretty much wraps up showing you guys,everything about shopify everything that,i know that i've learned to know there's,so much more to learn of course um i'll,for sure be making more videos in the,future but again as a quick overview i,hope this helps as far as knowing again,how to navigate what to do when it comes,to building an online store and you know,just you know just continuing building,your small business for yourself all,right good people so that concludes the,actual building of your online store,using shopify to sell your t-shirts so,now i'm going to jump into the audience,highlight section of today's video and,answer some questions that you guys have,left me okay so the first comment i'm,going to respond to is from zidc,hey friend hey and so basically you want,to know how to get started whether you,need to use a dba or an llc um you need,to know how to begin promoting it looks,like you want to know where to find the,most affordable t-shirts good quality,and quantity so this is a really loaded,question that i think is really pretty,common to be honest so let me go ahead,and start with the first part of this,question in any business that you're,forming and any idea that you want to,take from a simple idea to have it be a,paid out you know type of business and,things like that you need to make sure,that all of your t's are crossed and all,of your eyes are dotted so yes i was,strongly encourage you go ahead and file,an llc file a legalized entity so that,your business is registered with your,state you know for when it comes to,taxes and filings and things like that i,would say if you have the intention to,become a small business where you are,you know paying tax on something then,you need to have an llc when it comes to,promoting just a more roundabout answer,honestly i would say that you need to,know that you have to promote your,business if you you know aspire to make,money off of it so that being said when,it comes to social media um an extension,of that is going to be like facebook ads,and running like tick tock ads all the,ads you can think of that you feel is,going to be good for your business i,would strongly encourage that you start,looking into you know that type of,experience when it comes to growing your,business i would also say when it comes,to promoting you just have to have it in,mind on how you're going to reach your,audience so this is where your,creativity and your strategic mindset,have to go hand in hand because you need,to make sure that you're being strategic,when it comes to promoting and that you,know you're having fun you're creative,it's doing what it needs to do so yes to,an llc i would highly highly highly,recommend that you file one and then,when it comes to promoting you know i,would just merely say think about how,big you want to be as a business right,and so let that question carry you into,knowing how you got to execute and,promote your products as far as the,quality of your t-shirts and where to,get them and things like that i've only,shopped at jiffy shirts so i'm gonna,only speak on what i know and i'll leave,the link for you in the description box,below but when it comes to blank,wholesaling t-shirts you can go to jiffy,shirts you can also go to alpha border i,think i'm saying that right but you can,use both of those platforms and you can,find all of the good blank shirts that,you want as far as good quality i found,gildan soft style t-shirts to be really,great some people use next level some,people use bella canvas these are,questions i don't think i can really,pinpoint for you i would just help you,in the direction and you can decide for,yourself so my friend i hope that,answers your questions as far as your,llc promoting and where to get your,t-shirts i will always say test out a,few different brands of t-shirts to,really know if you like them or not so,let me move on to the next one okay so,for the next comment it's from a star,fitness hey friend hey and so you really,want to know what are the best ways to,start pushing out the business um like,so it looks like you're asking me did i,start a shopify website um or did i,start like on etsy and instagram,so i took a couple of left turns when it,came to starting so just initially fresh,off the gate i actually did have a store,on etsy still the same name so,everything was the same black mantras is,my business so i still had my name,together i have found my llc my ein all,of that stuff so i was on etsy and then,i went over to shopify because i,personally as someone who let me be,honest you guys i am a little bit of a,control freak so i like to control you,know how people are seeing my products,in that type of nature so i went ahead,and moved off of etsy to shopify because,i wanted that ownership like i wanted,that complete control of knowing that i,have this whole website that i have sat,down and you know designed and made sure,that it's polished made sure that my,customers can navigate it you know,easily that's what i wanted i always say,that it's all about what you want and,how you want your products to be,delivered in that way when it comes to,you know selling on the platform i am,not saying don't go to etsy and i'm not,saying don't go to shopify i'm just,merely saying pay attention to what your,needs and what you want in your business,if you don't care about you know having,a shared space like you will on etsy or,your customer just types in a specific,type of t-shirt and not only does your,product pop up but so many other sellers,products pop up then if you don't care,about that then hey do you friend on the,flip side if you are someone like me and,you want to have the ownership of a,website where you have the domain and,you own the domain okay so can nobody,take www,bom,from you because you've paid for that,and you own that domain you want to own,the way your website looks you want to,add products and be able to take them,away whenever you please and so i just,merely say it's really all up to your,needs and your wants when it comes to,your platform i will be biased and just,tell you that my personal suggestion,would would be to have your own store,essentially because you want to always,have a place where your customers know,where they can go you don't want to make,it seem like that they have to search,for you if they really want to shop with,you if that makes sense so my friend i,hope that answered your question um but,yeah other than that that wraps up,today's video on how to build an online,store specifically to sell your t-shirts,using shopify now if you guys are,needing some more help and guidance,outside of the videos then feel free to,purchase my ebook and i'll leave that in,the description box below for you so,that way you have a very well,straightforward,guide on how to get started the right,way and avoid all that fluffy stuff when,it comes to starting your t-shirt,business but that is it for today's,video my friend thank you guys so so,much for watching just to let you guys,know i am shooting to gain 50 000,subscribers by june of 2022 and i am,totally confident that i'm gonna get,there with the help of you guys it,really means a lot to me that you guys,are enjoying my videos and you enjoy and,trust the knowledge that i share so,thank you all so much shout out to you,but as always friends don't forget to,drink your water mind your business and,always choose yourself first and i'll be,back in my next video bye y'all

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