how to set up shipping drop shipping on shopify

How To Set up Shipping Settings On Shopify Step By Step Instructions For Beginners For Dropshipping

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Updated on Mar 08,2023

How To Set up Shipping Settings On Shopify Step By Step Instructions For Beginners For Dropshipping

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How To Set up Shipping Settings On Shopify Step By Step Instructions For Beginners For Dropshipping

hey guys how have you been,alright so today we're gonna go over,shipping settings so first log into your,shopify store,once you've logged in go to settings,and then we're just gonna skip over,general we've already done the general,setup,so remember to check out that video,if you haven't done so before gonna skip,over payments for now,let me skip over checkout let's jump to,shipping and delivery,all right so first things first,we want to check the shipping rates our,check um manage the reads so where it,says shipping rates we don't need to,mess with that,just click manage rates,all right so you'll see the address,that you you had please for your store,it will be the address that you are,shipping from,so you could change that as needed,but and i don't want to change it,um gives your it gives your customers,the impression that you're shipping from,the us,and that's just better for business,for domestic,and then rest of world,what i like to do is add a few more,countries,to the domestic zone so,edit zone and,i like to add the uk,the ukraine,united kingdom,there we go,i selected australia,new zealand,there we go canada,so just the big five the united states,um australia new zealand,canada the uk,hit done and for the rest of the world,we'll just leave that,as is we don't need to mess with that,so first we are gonna set up a few,shipping rates,or we're gonna edit these shipping rates,here,first one i'm gonna do,is,this changes,okay so shopify,did something new here usually,it's fine to add the other countries in,but if it doesn't want us to do it,then we need to um make an edit,and it's it's good to see this,so let's edit the zone and just remove,um the extra ones,so canada,let's uncheck that uncheck the united,kingdom,let's uncheck us australia,and new zealand as well,so it's just the united states now let's,see if they have issues,at it rate and it's fine,so it says economy,based on weight and,this one will be free economy um,custom flat rates because,i want to do the name myself,so and again guys this is brand new this,is,all brand new settings that shopify,um has made brand new changes,so i want um,free economy,i want to enter,10 to,20 working years,this is free based on weight,and this will be from zero pounds upward,so,every product that we add will have this,shipping available all right,so that's the first one next one,is custom flat ridge,same time 10,to 20 working days,and the working days is important guys,it is important,a work day is different from um,from a regular day regular day,means weekends and holidays,work days means monday to fridays,excluding weekends,so it effectively means your shipping,will take a month,but 10 to 20 working days look a lot,better,and we're gonna charge 299 for this one,and this one is from zero pounds up as,well,now this is great for just making,additional revenue just an additional,three dollars if someone picks,insured if their item is lost in transit,then we will just ask for a reshape,that's all it means,and we would do this just the same even,without them picking this,so you're not losing anything by adding,it,you are only gaining all right,so done,the next one is,a standard shipping rate,standard,and you want five,to ten working days,like this would be like with sf,express from the states,um from china i should say,like when when you jump on aliexpress,and you see products that says it's been,shipped from the united states,this is usually the the shipping time,they give,and it just makes sense,and we can charge can easily charge 5.99,for this,but 4.99 kinda looks better,and again the the cost of shipping will,be included in your goods,so this is literally just profits,and what i like to do is set this weight,from,zero so from one,upwards so no maximum weight but,when we when we import an item from,aliexpress,and we set the weight to one,then it gets,it gets many options it gets the free,economy,economy insured standard,the standard five to ten working days,then standard insured,all right so let's,edit that one again let's go to,standard,in sword,and this is,five two,five to ten or seven to ten,five to ten,working this,so they do see,the shipping time on each of these it's,4.99,without the insurance so we can charge,7.99 with insurance and we're just gonna,keep the weight,at one as well,and then last but definitely not least,we're gonna do the express shipping,so with express shipping um what i like,to do,is if we have like an,item that we can find on ebay or maybe,amazon,i like to add in the express shipping,method,you know that way they can get um two,day shipping for a much,higher cost but it's more profitable,well,generally the cost of the item on amazon,or ebay,is kind of close to the cost on alex was,like,just a few extra bucks here are there,so i like with extra shipping,to put three to five work in these,even though most of the time um it will,be,like it'll be like two working days,maybe even one,for them to get it but you want to give,yourself that leeway,you don't want to box yourself in,and we're going to do,14.99 for that one and,change the weight from zero to two,two upwards so two pounds,to no maximum,now we have another one,express insured,and that one will be,16.99,in the same conditions,as before two pawns up we need to let,them know the time,as well three two,five working days,for 16 dollars,hit done,and a bonus shipping rate that we'll be,adding,is for promotional items and this one,will come in handy because we'll,definitely need it,so for this one,we'll do,custom,change the name to,special line,because it's a promotional shipping rate,and for this one,we will charge about 6.99,won't add any time to this one because,it's for,something special so this one will be,based on price,and the price has to be zero,to zero and click done,so this is for free plus shipping offers,right so,when we have items um,that we want to sell that,as for like zero dollars we want to,collect shipping on it,we use a special line just keep the,price at zero,and hit save,we want to do the um the same thing for,the rest of the world here,so just go ahead,and delete these two rates,actually we probably won't need the,express shipping rate,for the rest of the world because i mean,express,shipping from china to anywhere other,than the states,is basically not gonna happen,so let's add a rate,custom flat rate um,economy shipping,so 10 to 20 working days price,couldn't be economy insurance should be,free economy,10 to 20 working days zero,and zero upwards,done,gotta make sure the conditions,are there so based on weight click on,that click done,all right the condition is up now let's,add a second rate,um let's do a flat rate,we're looking for economy insured,and we can charge more 399,since it's international,oh didn't add,the conditions so the conditions are,important guys,remember the conditions are important,let's add another rate,we want standard shipping,um,five to ten working days,7.99 at conditions,based on weight we could actually just,leave out,the standard shipping um,i don't think that we'll be getting,fast enough shipping from china too much,five to ten working days,really so we could actually leave it,but let's put the minimum weight at one,actually let's put that at zero as well,zero,upwards and then standard insured,five to ten working days,we want that at 9.99,based on width,zero upwards click done,and last but not least,we need that special line shipping,price is,7.99 conditions,based on order price between zero,and zero and done,and that's it guys we have,completed the shipping setup,that's it quick easy not too,not too complicated to do all right guys,if you have any questions,please feel free to comment them any up,any ideas updates advice,whatever you'd like please feel free to,comment,and most definitely like share and,subscribe,now look out for our next installment,that goes over your payment settings,and then we'll go into the other,setup other store setup sections like,your checkout settings your legal pages,and stuff like that,so until then guys see you next time,you

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