how to set up a shopify teelaunch

Teelaunch Setup & Mug Tutorial | How To Start A Print On Demand Business of WWE and quanta coxsmith

Cinquanta Cox-Smith

Updated on Mar 19,2023

Teelaunch Setup & Mug Tutorial | How To Start A Print On Demand Business

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Teelaunch Setup & Mug Tutorial | How To Start A Print On Demand Business

of WWE and quanta coxsmith calm and,today we are back with how to start a,print-on-demand business so today we are,going to talk about tea launch this,video will require you to pay full,attention and kind of just grasp the,concept because there are a few,different parts to the tea launch brand,so I truly love tea much for some of,their journals and I definitely love,them for mugs some of their shirts are,really good as well but this is the,downside of Thailand,you can't just have a tea launch account,you can't just you know set it up so,here is this he launched website is to,launch calm,you're gonna go to sell elsewhere and,just gonna you know have this low drop,down menu for Etsy and you are going to,click on that now once you click on Etsy,there's gonna need this informational,sheet and I will have gone over this,already in the how to serve in on demand,business and 80 launched no wrong video,print-on-demand sites that you should be,using in 2020 I did go over a review and,T launch as well so here says the T,launch app prints fulfills and ships,order you have to you can check out,their app on se at the Etsy store and,they you have to have an active Shopify,account which is required for you to use,the app so it says you can learn more,about that here so I'm just gonna click,here so you can kind of give you the,rundown but I also have Shopify set up,so even if you sell on another platform,you can still use T launch to fulfill,your orders,you'll need a Shopify account to access,their app which you don't need the $29 a,month plan you can use the nine dollar,plan my shop define account is currently,on the nine dollar plan and it's,basically the full pant plan you just,need the store so they have free trials,here but I am going to go and find my 90,day cold,and it basically gives you exactly what,you need and how to set it up so I'm,gonna go find my 90 day code I want to,share that with you guys for Shopify and,we're gonna keep on moving,all right on Shopify website it,basically has like this little thing at,the top and it's basically you know,sharing how they're helping local pickup,and here on the website if you go to,Shopify and there's a little bar at the,top click that scroll down to the,extended 90 day free trial click on the,90 day free trial and again you know,guys I am using the deer military spouse,gmail account and I'm just gonna create,a password and then I'm going to I keep,hitting wrong buttons and I am going to,name this Lord dear military spouse and,then you hit create store so this is a,free 90 day trial you got three months,to figure it out see if this store is,gonna work for you see if it's gonna you,know give me some money,you know see what you can do in three,months doing this pandemic why you,quarantine come up with a business so it,says success your store is ready to go,all right so now we are into basically,our Shopify account its acts if you are,already selling and I'm gonna just go,ahead and said yes I am already I'm,selling just out online I sell what a,distance different system which system,do you use the most I'm gonna put Etsy,why are you creating this store I want,to start a new business what's your,current revenue you guys can put,whatever applies to you which industry,will you be working in so we close in,fashion apparel are you setting up a,store for a client I am not so I'm gonna,hit next and you don't have to answer,those questions but that's up to you,again everything is going to revolve,around their military spouse and I'm,gonna put all this information in and,then I'm going to come back so there was,a button at the bottom of the page that,says enter my,stores so that is what I am doing right,now I'm just making sure I don't show,any of my personal information all right,so here it says get ready to sell try,these tips to get started add your first,product you can add physical items,digital items and customize the theme,add domain name but remember we aren't,using this for for Shopify we're using,this for T launch so you're gonna go,over to apps and again you remember when,I told you guys it basically tells you,exactly what to do it just I just went,through these steps and now I am here,and says you'll install the T launch,apps from the App Store so it tells you,exactly what to do so I'm gonna go back,to shop defi I'm in the App Store and I,am going to visit the Shopify app store,and I'm gonna look for T launch so again,this is what we're doing and it's gonna,connect he launched to our store okay,and then we'll go from there what,finished setting up and getting the,right things that we need all right so,it's a search for app so in the search,for apps we are just going to search for,T launch and we already know what he,launched looks like so we have it here,it's an ad but it's also right here so,it's free to install there's no extra,additional cost we're just gonna hit add,app I think I hit it so I'm going to add,up I'm just gonna wait for that to do is,bang remember we said you know kind of,tells you what to do that T launch here,and load into a shop too fast or that's,load in and stop basically bring you to,it gonna stall it then you gonna start,to see all the stuff on a collection and,it has a video as well so now it's,connecting the era military style,Shopify stores to T launch and,go ahead and hit install app and here,it's accident hey you know just your,trial just started because I'm not gonna,keep this as a store I don't think I'm,not gonna select a plan so when the 90,days are over it's just over it doesn't,have my card on file to charge because I,am doing this for purposes of this,tutorial so we're just gonna hit except,to the privacy policy agreement and then,here it's gonna say go to T launch app,alright so here is the T launch app,right here again this is my Etsy store,so I want to go back on that page where,it says something about the Etsy store,so you guys okay so it says check out,the app in the empty store so I'm gonna,click that I am doing two things at once,but I want you guys to be able to see,this as well so it just basically tools,and and things you need to help enhance,and it's always funny because I never,see it right away but I'm gonna um I'm,gonna show you guys I think I have it do,I haven't Princip eyes so I'm gonna show,you guys why I think that like that so,so it says integrations and you know you,can integrate what Etsy here so once you,get into this is the T launch dashboard,and you would hit integration right and,the only thing that you have is you know,Betsy we hit integration we're gonna,connect Etsy so this is my dear military,spouse thing and I'm gonna allow access,to my dear military spouse page and it,says you granted them you know to get up,in here I'm gonna hit okay and when I,put that code in did you guys see I had,a cold over here took that code to get,back to the tea launch and now I'm gonna,hit save Etsy code so now my tea launch,is connected with Ed Zee,so here are my products from my Etsy,store alright,so it's connected to the military spouse,and this is my Etsy store here so let's,go back to the integrations and let's,hit refresh ok and let's see if now if I,go to manage now T launch is there so,now it's integrated and you do all of,that from getting the Shopify account,from Shopify you go to the apps find T,launch add T launch to your Shopify,store under the three month free trial,or the pot store for $9 and then you go,ahead to the T launch dashboard and you,connect it to your Etsy and then you,have all of those integrations done so,now that we have basically set it up we,did that within 10 minutes,look how fast we did that so we can just,kind of pretty much move on let me pause,this and go ahead and bring up my canvas,so we can go ahead and create we can,probably go ahead and create a mug and,something else while we you know have T,launch up for right now so we're gonna,pause this and come back alright so my,canva up and I am going to just go right,to create product now know that with,each one of these sites you can go into,account which is like your settings and,set the store up we'll make the payment,stuff and all of that ok so you see all,of the products they have drinkware home,goods office stuff so we are going to,let's see what's in lifestyle Bluetooth,speakers headphones I think it's in,offices in an office that's the journals,where our dogs combo mugs is that new no,ok so we have a black mug I love the,black mug so I'm gonna go ahead and,choose the black mug and you hit it and,then you go create T launch account oh,wait,why does it say I must have a seal on,Chiana all right so I'm gonna go ahead,and put in my information here and then,keep it moving all right so it just,basically prompted me to do some,information stuff time zone logo sticker,insert cards things like that logo and,more information so now I can go ahead,and create the product but every site,will have you just set up especially for,a print on a man site it will have you,to put in a credit card because they,want to know who to charge for their,production part when our customer places,our order on your website so we're gonna,go home over to combo look and again I'm,gonna click that black mug it's one of,my favorites so oh this one is basically,like choose your your mug she's your,second mug and then listen as a combo,that's new and they got combo appear on,let's see this maybe I don't want that,drink we're okay so maybe we're doing it,and drink we're and not a combo because,in a combo it would it gave us two,different mugs to add as a but I love,that because you can offer a black any,white mug you know for probably a pretty,good deal so you remember I tell you,guys all of these things basically tell,you the size so the print area is eight,eight eight by eight eight eight and,it's a black mug so I need to go to my,camera account and get my handy dandy,logo let's find it,yeah I'm gonna make a copy I make a copy,of that logo I'm gonna open it up,I'm going to change the size and we're,going to change the name alright so dear,military spouse logo and this is for a,tea launch ok and we're going to resize,it to 8 8 8 8 8 8 pixels alright so I'm,just going to resize it and I need to,change this to the color white because,the mug is black orchids of that yellow,see how the yellow looks yellow I'm,gonna download that PNG with transparent,background I'm gonna hit download and,wait for that to download and then we,are going to go back to Shopify and we,are going to upload the image which is,here and I'll wait for that to load and,there you have it now we have the yellow,there and then we're going to review and,publish the design,right so I'm gonna name this military,spouse mug and if I you know I had the,collection already I will do that but I,don't you would probably want to put in,tags and then at the price that she'll,be selling it so it basically tells you,that they are charging you five fifty,each,so hey I'm gonna do mine for $12.99 here,you can view a picture of the full size,of the mug and it opens up so you can,see it the logo on it,you got side by side cuz it prints on,both sides and then you know just a few,pictures for you okay so you're folding,all your information and then you hit,publish to store says are you sure you,want to publish each item to your shop,the full shot to five story the new,items will be added to your Shopify,products so I'm going to hit okay so now,it is processing in and adding it to my,Shopify store now if I wanted to add it,to Etsy that's a whole nother ballgame,but I think we have time I see as well,we have got time so we'll go to the,integrations and want to hit Etsy and it,should show me all of my products that I,have on Etsy and on Shopify so I'm gonna,scroll down to see if they edit the mug,nope so when I go to products here and,we have our drink ware and it says our,bento is tea lunch so let me see if it,pushed it to my Etsy store because we,might have to manually do that sometimes,they push you know I push stuff and then,sometimes you may have to add it to to,Ed to yourself tea launches a little,finicky like that,so I don't see it so there is SEL,channels and X he's not one okay all,right I gotta add it to my Etsy store I,don't know do I even have my tea logic,to summarize you saw I don't even,remember but let's go back to the app so,we're going back since he launched app,and let's see,okay so it says to link your Etsy,products just press select button and,select your Shopify product but I feel,like I'm gonna have to add it on Etsy,before that so now when your orders,placed in your empty store or Shopify,whatever created so sucks but this is,kind of what it seems like you're gonna,have to do you're gonna have to create,the let the listing on Etsy and then go,back to shop go back to teach launch and,hit like hit and then no link so your,Etsy store,I'm surety launch has a video on this,but that is I'll save that for the next,video to actually do it for you guys but,I already have it done so then we won't,have to you know worry about that but in,the next video I am going to probably,show you guys how to do a journal and a,t-shirt but again I just showed you guys,how to get a free trial free 90 day,trial on Shopify you have to have an,active Shopify store even if it's pause,or incident,the dining day trial to use T launch and,to connect he launched yet seem so I,showed you how to start a Shopify store,I showed you how to connect it to your,Etsy store and get the app and in the,next video after the setup in the mug I,am going to show you guys how to add on,this thing,and your NC store and connected to your,Shopify 40 launch to fulfill it and we,are gonna go over creating a journal and,a t-shirt in T launch so hope you guys,enjoyed this video remember don't forget,to Like comment subscribe and share and,this is auntie LAN setup video along,with a mugs tutorial on how to start a,print-on-demand business my name is,Senne quanta of WWWE quantum coxsmith,comm follow me on instagram axe and,quanta smell,don't forget again to subscribe and,until next time,more than I love this vlog but it's a,video okay,peace

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