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HOW TO SETUP PRE-ORDERS ON SHOPIFY | DETAILED TUTORIAL✨👼🏾 hey y'all welcome back to my channel,thank

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Updated on Jan 17,2023


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hey y'all welcome back to my channel,thank you for clicking on this video,as you can see from the title today's,video is a detailed walkthrough on,setting up pre-orders in shopify,if you saw my very brief overview video,that i did i did promise this video to,you guys,so today i am going to be showing you,how to set up a pre-order in the shopify,app on your phone you can do it on the,go you can do at a coffee shop,it's super easy it takes two seconds and,i'm gonna show y'all exactly step by,step,how to do it this video is helpful for,you at all please make sure to give it a,big thumbs up,comment if it was helpful share with a,friend who might also find it helpful,and hit that subscribe button turn on,the bell notifications so you know when,i,post i think pre-orders are a great idea,if you're a new business,or you don't know how much inventory to,order that's pretty much,why i did mine my store wasn't open yet,it's actually not opening until this,friday,august 28th i was posting myself wearing,one of my items and everyone was asking,when they can order so i was like,let me not miss out on this money and go,ahead and open it up so,pre-orders would be a great fit for you,so you don't really come out of pocket,when you're ordering the inventory,and also it helps you as a new business,because you don't always know exactly,how much to order of each item,so with that being said let's get into,how to set it up,so first thing you're going to do is,start in the shopify,app and,go to the products tab and as you can,see i already have a product set up here,this is a dummy product so i don't have,everything set up but,if you're listing this regularly you,would already have your pricing and all,that ready,so i put pre-order in the title you want,to avoid as much confusion as possible,so i always add it to the title or i,would add it to the title to avoid any,i didn't know it was a pre-ordered item,situations,so just save yourself the trouble this,is not something you want to try to be,gimmicky,or try to just get the orders in and not,tell the customer it's going to ship at,a later date,so make sure your customers are fully,aware that this is a pre-ordered item,it will not be available until a later,date once it's back in stock,it will be shipped then and if you do,have an idea of when the item is going,to ship,to you or when you're going to have the,item in stock if you have the exact date,of that that's even,better so maybe put that in the,description as a bonus,and shipping is really tricky right now,so none of my inventory has come on time,so if you add the shipping date add give,yourself about three to four days,as a cushion just in case it doesn't,come on time say,it's coming back into stock on september,first,give yourself maybe three to four days,from that just to be safe even up to a,week,and if it comes earlier and it ships,earlier your customer is going to be,happy so,that's my tidbit on that but really,you're okay with just having the,description and just letting the,customer know it's not in stock right,now,it's going to ship at a later date,you'll receive your tracking number once,it actually ships,i have the item set up and if you did,not watch my other video i told you guys,that,setting up a pre-order is no different,from setting up any regular,item for purchase in your store so the,only thing you're going to change,you see i have inventory zero available,in shopify you can set it to track the,quantity which,that really doesn't matter in this case,since the inventory is not there,um but the main thing you want to focus,on,is allowing the purchase when out of,stock you're gonna switch that on and,that gives the customer the ability to,buy the item,even though there's no inventory on your,end now make sure you turn this off if,you don't want to keep doing pre-orders,whenever the item is actually in stock,or else you might run into some issues,with your inventory later and you might,run into some issues with your customers,but when you're doing a pre-order allow,purchase when out of stock is the only,thing that makes it a pre-order,otherwise,it's just a regular purchase okay so,that's the main things and if you are a,new store you obviously want to make,sure your shipping is set up,and you want to make sure you have your,prices set up because once they go to,checkout,you don't want to have to go hunting,down shipping fees and all that so you,want to make sure they're paying for,everything as they typically would when,they're purchasing from your store,and whenever the item's in stock you go,on on,and ship it out to them and they'll,receive their tracking number,through shopify i've already done my,pre-orders like i've already ordered,everything the customers are already,receiving their orders so i can't really,show you guys,how it looks but basically as people,order,it's gonna say negative whatever so,negative five negative four i recommend,doing a pre-order window versus just,having it always be pre-orders that's my,personal opinion,so open it up on friday close it on,monday or sunday something like that,so you're able to put a close to it and,order the inventory,once your pre-order sale has ended or,once you're done collecting pre-orders,you're just going to go through shopify,go through the orders take note,of the sizes and colors for each order,that you need i,like to do it on pen and paper i'm old,school and then you're going to just go,to your vendor and,order the item rule of thumb for me is,to order a few additional items on top,of the pre-ordered items,just so i can have a little bit of stock,on hand you don't want to just have it,out of stock all the time,so that's my personal opinion i like to,have a few extra because once people see,everybody posting their items,and they didn't pre-order and they want,to order one you want to have it on,stock and have it ready you know you,gotta be ready for the money,and that's it once it's here once you,have the item in stock,go ahead and start shipping if you're,familiar with shopify you know,once you start shipping it's going to,send the tracking number and tracking,information to your customer,and you are good to go that is how you,set up a pre-order,i hope this video was helpful for you,make sure you give it a big thumbs up,comment if it was helpful share with a,friend that might find it helpful and,hit that subscribe button turn on the,bell notifications so you know when i,post look how my fingers are,i will talk to y'all soon wishing you,much success in your businesses,thank you for watching bye

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