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HUGE SHOPIFY UPDATE!! Create Email Automation Workflows and More! TUTORIAL hey guys it's the ecom bu


Updated on Jan 22,2023

HUGE SHOPIFY UPDATE!! Create Email Automation Workflows and More! TUTORIAL

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HUGE SHOPIFY UPDATE!! Create Email Automation Workflows and More! TUTORIAL

hey guys it's the ecom bull here and,today i'm bringing you super good news,shopify has finally released automation,workflows which will allow you to create,automated welcome win back or upsell,emails all within shopify,you will have access to an automation,editor where you can edit the conditions,view the summary page that shows the,status of your workflow email results,and much more everything for free i got,early access to these two and i've been,playing around with it for a little bit,and now i'm ready to show you how to set,it up so let's get started in three two,one,okay so let's get started so to access,the new marketing automations you're,gonna go to your shopify admin and click,on marketing and then,automations,and click on create automation,and right here,this is all new,all new before you cannot do that before,you had to use different apps some of,them paid but right now everything is,here so i'm super excited about this,um we're going to start with a welcome,new subscriber automation,because what i want to do is check this,out,if you go to my website and just scroll,all the way to the bottom,you can see how i am offering a 10,discount,if you put your email there and sign up,for the newsletter i also have a pop-up,but on every single page you can see,this thing at the bottom,and before i had to use third-party,tools so let's try this with the,official shopify automations so as soon,as the customer enters their email i,want to send them a message with a,coupon code welcome blah blah blah and,here's your coupon code now you can buy,and if they don't buy i have their,emails so i can retarget them later,so,very important always you have to offer,something okay offer something in,exchange for their email,so let's go back here to,the automation panel and click on,welcome new subscriber,and this is the workflow editor okay,here is where you specify,the the campaign start here's where you,put the conditions and then also where,you put what to do if these conditions,are met okay it already pre-populates,okay with some basic stuff because we,chose welcome new subscribers and here,you can see that the campaign well the,workflow will start when a customer,subscribes to email but it's gonna check,if the subscription method is not equal,to checkout because sometimes when,people,subscribe it's because they just went to,checkout and they put their email you,don't want to send them a coupon code,after they already purchased they're,gonna feel horrible okay don't do that,you wanna you wanna make sure,that you're sending this coupon before,they check out once they check out,no they already spent the money i'm,sorry you know so okay so it's gonna,check for that and then what's it gonna,do is gonna send a marketing email,automatically instant okay,so,let's click here,because we want to modify the email,and we're going to click on edit email,content,so let's put a subject for this welcome,email,thank you for joining here is your,discount code,and now this is just like the regular,email editor that shopify has super,simple to use i'm gonna quickly prepare,the email,to apply the discount you have to,already have a discount it doesn't,generate automatic new discounts you,have to have one,and you can change it every once in a,while if you don't want people you know,all of these websites that they get your,coupon codes and then put them there,online,that's super annoying but well you will,have to you know change it every once in,a while,so you can just go back to your shopify,and just click on,discount,here you'll just create discount,discount code,choose the code i just put motif 10 sub,19. it is representative to me i know,that i created it on november 19th you,know and also the the customer will,think that is an automatically new,generated just for him okay so serves,double purpose,let's choose percentage,10 percent,i'm going to apply it to all the,products,no minimum required,everyone can use it,i'm not going to limit the number of,times it can be used because,many people are gonna get this coupon,and i'm not gonna limit to one use per,customer you know i'm okay with giving,ten percent every time,click on save discount code,and that's it now let's go back here,where it says,you click on the discount click on,select discount,and there it is,let's add an image,so the customer can visualize him,already having the product in his hand,getting it delivered for 10 off actually,let's try to,put it,up here,okay so i just finished the email and i,added a little emoji right here on the,subject just so it pops up when they,open the email and just have some basic,text the image i have the discount that,they can click or they can just copy,this and paste it on checkout i have six,products here some of the best selling,ones then social media links and a,little,closing statement right there,so we'll click on apply changes,and boom this is what they will receive,okay,so,let's close that,and the workflow is finished so we just,have to activate it right here,turn on,i have to remember to disable the other,apps that are sending an automatic email,when people subscribe because if not,they're gonna receive two emails so i,gotta remember that do that if you have,another app,so that's done let's click on exit now,let's do another automation but this,time i want to send a thank you email a,personal thank you for everybody that,purchased on the site the first time,okay because i want to create also,another one for when they are a repeat,customer showing even more gratitude,okay so how can we do that so let's,click on first purchase upsell,right it's gonna give us the,the basic a configuration and then we,just change whatever we need so start,when the order is paid,perfect the customer purchase,and then he's gonna wait for 14 days,no i don't want to wait 14 days i want,to express gratitude soon i don't want,it instant because it's a personal email,that i'm writing right so i'm gonna put,i'm gonna change this to hours and i'm,gonna change this to 12 hours,so we're gonna wait 12 hours then we're,gonna check if the customer accepts,marketing they order and this is a thank,you emails we're gonna delete that step,and we're just gonna go to the last step,we're gonna send them a marketing email,so let's create the email really quickly,we want to make it personal so,let's add,text,right here,i'm gonna delete that and we're gonna,put hi and then we're gonna use one of,the magic automatic you know,fillers and we're gonna choose first,name,and this is gonna populate it's gonna,read the order the the customer shopify,knows the customer name so it's gonna,say hi first name blah blah blah blah,blah blah so now it's more personal,so the thank you email is finished and,the subject will be thank you the name,and a little heart and then we,appreciate your support hi the first,name i just wanted to take a second to,thank you for your business and for your,recent purchase from our store,i hope that you love your new fitness,where you put whatever you sell,and we hope that it motivates you thank,you for supporting a small company with,big dreams if you have any questions or,if there is anything else that i can,help you with please reach out to me,without hesitation,the social media and you know to make it,more personal use a photo of in this,case me,right so apply changes,and now we have the thank you email,ready so whenever they order after 12,hours they will get a very personal,thank you email and i'm gonna tell you,it really works a lot i have gotten many,many emails saying oh thank you so much,i'm glad to support and you know you can,get to know your customer if you start a,conversation a lot of times they repeat,the purchase you know they buy again,so it's a very powerful tool and,honestly i really mean it i really,appreciate that they buy from my store,i recommend making another automation,for the next time that they purchase,okay it can't be the same email saying,oh thank you i appreciate it should be,something different something like wow,thank you so much we're glad that you're,back is super rewarding to see a repeat,customer or something like that the only,thing that you will need to change is,here i'm just going to do it on this one,where it says order account you're going,to click on that and then change this to,the conditions have to be met and just,change these two,greater than,one so if it's their second order or,their third fourth fifth you know you,can send them,another you know personalized message,and you can go crazy with this let's say,that you have one unique email for the,first time that they buy the second the,third the four you can go really crazy,with this you know it just will take a,lot of time and also look at this the,level of personalization that you can,have is amazing you can for example,establish a criteria a condition for,discount code you know so check if they,use a specific discount code let's say,that you're running a marketing campaign,an advertising campaign on tick tock,let's say and and you know you have a,specific coupon code for people that you,know they click on that ad because,you're promoting i don't know,an event or something so here you can,target a specific email for the people,that use that coupon code and say hey,thank you for seeing my tick tock,whatever you know so the possibilities,are really crazy,another condition that you can use is,the unpaid condition whether no payments,have been made for the order so this,would be something like a you know a,card recovery email there's some apps i,use an app that actually sends a,recovery email every like the first time,he sends it after 24 hours then he sends,it for eight hours later and 72 hours,later so you know just to try to recover,the cards but you can also do it here,it's going to take some time to set it,up but you don't have to pay for that,app and i pay for that app i pay a lot,so i think it's probably worth it if i,just set everything up here you know and,and stop paying for that app even though,i really like it,another interesting one here will be the,product tags and this will be if you,want to create for example an upsell you,know or a cross sell after they check,out right so let's say that they bought,something that you have a tag for,t-shirt okay and then you want to,up-sell them you know some pants or or a,jacket right so you will choose product,tag and then just choose whatever tag,you have,for example here you know you have a tag,of shirt and then when they you know,when this condition the product tag is,equal to shared then do that if not you,know it won't send the email you can,create so many different automations,here but you have to be careful not to,overlap different automations let's take,a look at some of the other suggested,automations for example the customer win,back,the workflow is gonna start after an,order is fulfilled then it's gonna wait,60 days and then it's going to send them,an email saying hey we miss you whatever,you want to buy something else so you,might be interested in this so super,powerful,and just to show you the power of the,workflows here we are sending an email,after all these conditions are met but,you can do many more things,for example,if we click on then instead of sending a,marketing email we're gonna choose a,different action,you can choose for example instead of,sending a marketing email you could,update a customer note so let's say that,every time a customer buys something,that you know weights more than 20,pounds you have to send it with ups for,example,and so you can put an automatic note,when the condition of the,package weight is more than,50 pounds then automatically add a note,saying ship with ups so your fulfillment,you know your fulfillment people will,read that and be like oh okay okay so,we're shipping this with ups instead of,usps so,whatever you know and of course you can,also choose to add a customer tag which,you know if you have some external apps,that,get information from the tags or from,the notes you know,you can have everything automated right,now this is completely amazing i'm super,surprised,oh and did i mention that this also,comes with analytics check this out if,you come here to automations you can see,well all the automations that you have,this is the one that we created to,welcome new subscribers i just did a,test and look here you can see the,summary of the automation and you can,see here view runs and here i just made,this you know a test i just subscribed,on the website and automatically,it sent the,the email right so you can see every,time someone subscribes it's gonna,appear here you can see here completed,with actions you can also see if they,fail but not only that,also,check this out right here,you can see the open rate of the email,the click-through rate and how many,sales it has bring to you so,yeah you have a lot of data to you know,to make sure that it's working and,to make sure that your you know,your efforts are,getting rewarded,what i'm going to do is i'm going to,create a set of workflows you know for,a customer thank you,getting the subscriber you know customer,win back i'm gonna do a few of them for,another video and i'm going to then,explain and probably i don't know if,there's a way to share this you know the,method so you can just copy or at least,i'm gonna put some images so you can,copy exactly what i do but i'm gonna,create all the possibilities all the,funnels so you know you have everything,because sometimes it's a little bit hard,to to understand especially because this,is still on beta and i have access a,little bit early but probably by the,time the video is uploaded everybody,will have access and,hopefully i can you know have everything,ready so you guys can just go and just,copy,everything right just to make it easy so,you know subscribe and and you know like,the video just so so you're up to date,with with my doings here,and that's it thank you so much for,watching all the way to the end i hope,that you are as excited as i am with,this new tool it's gonna save me a lot,of money hopefully it also saves you a,lot of money so thank you thank you,thank you,you

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