how to sell on wish with shopify

🌐 Product Research - Shopify Dropshipping | WISH.COM METHOD 🌐 so I'll be reviewing the wish calm,met

Andy Mai

Updated on Jan 21,2023

🌐 Product Research - Shopify Dropshipping | WISH.COM METHOD 🌐

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🌐 Product Research - Shopify Dropshipping | WISH.COM METHOD 🌐

so I'll be reviewing the wish calm,method which no other youtubers either,know or they don't reveal hey guys,what's up today I'll be going over a,highly requested video so I put up a,poll on my Facebook group which just hit,a hundred members so I highly recommend,you guys join the group the most highly,requested beer was a product research,video so today I'll be revealing another,product research method which not many,people use or reveal I was planning to,save this method for course that was,planned to drop Leonard down the road,but I was like why not let's provide my,viewers golden nuggets and actual,valuable content because I really,believe in providing content rather than,saving it for myself and being greedy,about it if I did drop a course it would,just be in-depth methods of everything I,have on my youtube channel that's my,goal people who want to go to next level,I want a handheld relationship then they,could join my course but for those who,are able to you know spend hours and a,lot of effort into you know learning my,free content they'll definitely be able,to succeed that is my goal to be able to,create content for you guys that allow,you guys to succeed not just to give you,a little taste a little bit of,information and require you to buy the,course to succeed that is not my goal as,you can see I did a poll most,anticipated video was product research,so I'll be reviewing the wish calm,method which no other youtubers if you,don't know or they don't reveal so what,you do is you want to go wish calm,credit account you want to go to the,popular category from popular category,you see a bunch of items which calm is,basically the world biggest drop,shipping store it's insane how many,products they have and basically are,usually the first to come out with,winning products because they test a lot,and as a result they sort of create the,winning products before you see them,getting advertised by other Shopify drop,shipping stores so obviously I'm not,gonna ask you to test every single,product there's some golden rules that,I'm gonna reveal why,you don't look for that product that has,5000 more plus bought this this is,really important you don't want to test,products that are under 5k so as I said,you want to be testing products that are,already selling get a piece of the pie,rather than creating the pie that's my,model to know the general clothing you,don't want to be testing general,clothing because fashion is so,competitive it's really difficult to,sell fashion clothing,hence skip or fashion related clothing 3,if you have seen the product before and,it's been heavily tested skipper full,sample these anti-theft bags it's so,saturated that's why I highly recommend,you to skip products than you've seen,before,stuff like blackhead mask hair coloring,wax anti-theft bags skip products that,you have seen that have been heavily,tested so that's about it that's the,simple wish calm method that I just,revealed so when I hit 200 members on my,Facebook group I'll be doing another,poll and if everyone hits product,research again I'll be forced to reveal,another method so if you wanna learn,more join my facebook group ecommerce,legacy if you liked this video and found,it helpful drop a like below if you have,any more questions drop a comment below,don't forget to subscribe and I'll see,you guys tomorrow,peace

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