how to sell customized products on shopify

How To Design And Sell Custom Products Online With Shopify (2022) how to design and sell custom prod

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Design And Sell Custom Products Online With Shopify (2022)

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How To Design And Sell Custom Products Online With Shopify (2022)

how to design and sell custom products,on shopify hi guys welcome back today i,am going to be giving you a tutorial on,how to create your own custom products,and then list them on shopify so let's,get started first what you have to do is,you will simply go to your shopify store,we require a shopify store in order to,sell products and then we can just,simply list our products on shopify we,know that we can integrate our cj,dropshipping ali express ebay on any,kind of print on demand platform to a,shopify to sell products but do you know,that we can also create custom products,and we can actually run a print on,demand on shopify as well so that's what,we will be covering today and i'll show,you how you can actually create custom,products such as clothes bags and,leggings mugs face masks anything you,want with a free platform and then sell,it on shopify um so for that you will,actually have to go to now,why i have chosen teespring well,teespring is a print on demand which is,a free platform and i personally use,teespring as well to design products we,can design stickers mugs hoodies,t-shirts,and phone cases pillowcases whatever we,want we can design right here on,teespring for free and we can sell,products on teespring as well and we can,then list these products on shopify as,well by adding teespring to our shopify,now keep in mind you don't need to go to,just t spring there are a lot of,printing demand out there such as,printful there is also redbubble there,is also cj drop shipping they also allow,us to create our own custom products but,today i will be going for,a an easy way and the way i do it and,i'll show you how you can do it too so,let's go to teespring and then i'm going,to click on start creating and i will,just sign into my account of teespring,once you log into your teespring or,after the initial sign up signing up,process is really easy you can sign up,with your google account or you can sign,up with your email address so after the,initial sign-in this is where you will,get and i have logged into my teespring,now you can see we can create classic,t-shirts mugs and stickers and bags,everything we want home decor i can,create wall arts i can create pillows,blankets if we can create digital,products we can create apparel in,apparel we have socks bottoms t-shirt,hoodies tank tops activator and others,as well in collection i have gaming,collections arts and crafts educational,collection lifestyle wellness and summer,so we can create anything for now what,i'm gonna do is i'm gonna go for peril,because that's what i do and i sell,clothes on shopify so i'm gonna create a,custom design right here so let's just,go with a simple classic t and you just,click on this button right here and it,takes you to your editor so right here,we have our editor and we can design our,product and i can create a design and,add a custom design right here so what,i'm going to do is this is the front and,then we can switch to back as well on,the front what i'm going to do is i'm,going to go and add an image but so this,design was actually,requested by a user by a customer and i,am creating a custom product right now,make sure the quality of the print is,good and what now i can do is i can just,simply go ahead and get a product and,list it on shopify as well so for the,back what i'm gonna do is i'm just gonna,go and uh in the back we can go with the,text any text we want so just click on,add text option and you enter the text,you want also i am saying it again and,again there are other platforms as well,but i go with um teespring because,teespring allows me to earn profit i,earn on teespring and i earn on shopify,as well so this is like actually pretty,good and the more sales i make i make,profit on teespring as well and i make,money from shopify so this is my text on,the background and of course i'm gonna,change the font for this one,and we can change the font from here you,can see there are a lot of them,available so i'm gonna go with,this one right here,after that we can change the color of,the font as well once you're uh you have,added the design then you're gonna,choose the product color and we can add,maximum color so that we can actually,have all of these different you know,shirts so i'm just gonna select all the,colors and let's just go with our front,design and check how it looks the red,one looks really good and then we have,gray so it's looking good on all of the,designs so i'm going to select all of,the colors here black is also looking,really good so i'm going to click on,done and these are my different product,colors then we have select image so i'm,gonna edit this one and select an image,which will be shown as a thumbnail so,i'm gonna go with the red one then we,have to enter our price so you can see,the set price is 17 but i'm not you know,sending it for 17. i'm gonna sell it for,25,and then,27,euros so this is the profit that i will,be making i'm gonna click on continue,and then we can actually choose from all,of the different products available here,you can see we have bags we have mugs we,have pillows we have tank tops we have,hoodies so you will be able to create as,many custom products as you want and,then there are stickers as well as you,can see right here these are the,different products we can create now,these are my custom products and i'm,going to click on continue and these,products will be listed right here on,teespring you just enter your title,description your url now this is the url,that we want let's move to our shopify,now and i'll quickly show you how to add,it on shopify so on shopify what we need,to do is we need to go to the shopify,apps and we can add actually teespring,to our shopify and another way is go to,add products right here and it allows,you to actually import a csv and you,will be able to import products from,other,platforms and you can get a media or a,product with a url so i'm just gonna,click on add from url and we can add an,image or video so we can select the,image from our teespring when it comes,to the price when it comes to listing i,will list this product right here on,shopify with my teespring and this is,how you can create custom products very,easily uh with shopify there are other,ways as well you can get custom products,from cj drop shipping as well uh why i,am mentioning cj because i already have,cj added to my shopify and it allows me,to import products so i can just go to,city drop shipping and create custom,products from there as well or i can,just get products from other platforms,by creating custom products such as etsy,as well you just create a product and,then list them on shopify and sell them,for your prices on your online store,that you have with shopify shopify is an,amazing platform with a lot of different,uh tools and features that help us run a,successful business online and now we,know how to create custom products and,sell them on shopify so yeah guys this,brings us to the end of the video i hope,that i was a big help to you and now you,know everything that you wanted to know,and don't forget to give this video a,big thumbs up if this tutorial was a big,help to you i tried to tell you,everything about the topic and i hope,that you understood everything and now,you are good to go and don't forget to,uh share this video with your friends,and family members so they can also get,the information,they want to also you can subscribe to,the youtube channel the button will be,given right down below go ahead and,subscribe to the youtube channel also,hit the notification bell so every time,you get notified when we post a video so,yeah also leave a comment down below,what was your favorite part and what did,you learn from this video or if you have,any question i hope that i was a big,help to you don't forget to give this,video a big thumbs up leave a comment,down below turn on bell notification and,subscribe to the youtube channel

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