how to sell cbd products on shopify

10 Minute CBD Dropshipping Shopify Tutorial for Beginners Hey, I’m Myron with Smoke Drop. We’re the

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

10 Minute CBD Dropshipping Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

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10 Minute CBD Dropshipping Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

Hey, I’m Myron with Smoke Drop. We’re the leading  wholesale and dropship marketplace for smoke,  ,vape, and CBD products.,Now if you clicked on this video,  ,you might be asking yourself “is  CBD dropshipping dead in 2022?”,No.,In fact, the US CBD market is  expected to exceed $3 billion in 2023.,Now, I know what you’re thinking. CBD is  heavily regulated, there’s a lot of competition,  ,and it can be difficult to find a  payment gateway for an online CBD store.,Despite these hurdles, there is still plenty  of room for a new brand to enter the industry  ,and find success. It all starts with  how you set up your online store.,So, how do you set up a CBD dropshipping  store on Shopify the right way?  ,Well, by the end of this video  you’ll know exactly how to do it.,Let’s jump right in.,Laws in the US surrounding hemp and  hemp-derived products are changing,  ,so you should consult with legal counsel  before you sell these products on Shopify.,Shopify can't provide legal advice on what  and where you can sell and neither can I.,Before selling hemp or hemp-derived products  on Shopify, review and monitor federal,  ,state, and local laws. You should also monitor  updates from the Food and Drug Administration.,I’ve included links to FDA resources  in the description of this video.,With that out of the way, let’s  start setting up our store!,Before we get started, I want to  note that this tutorial is for US  ,merchants interested in selling hemp and  hemp-derived CBD products on Shopify.,First, we’ll create our Shopify store  using their free trial link for CBD stores.  ,You’ll find a link to this page  in the description of the video.,For this tutorial, I’m going  to name my store Wellness Leaf.,Once you’ve completed your  Shopify free trial sign up,  ,you’ll need to review and submit the Attestation  for the Sale of Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products.,Before you sell any CBD products, make sure that  you understand and submit the attestation form.,You need to complete the attestation  to confirm that you understand  ,and will comply with the requirements  for selling these products on Shopify.,With our Shopify store created,  let’s discuss payment gateways.,Unfortunately, Shopify Payments is not  available for hemp or CBD products.,But Shopify has partnered with  third party payment gateways  ,that support hemp and hemp-derived CBD businesses.,Check the description for links to three payment  gateways you should consider applying to:,The first being DigiPay, then  Pinwheel, and finally,,Because CBD is a regulated market,  ,the approval process for any payment  gateway will require more work than usual.,In my experience, it takes 2-4 weeks for  the approval process to be completed.,We’ll go more in depth on CBD  payment gateways in another video.,While waiting on your payment gateway, let’s  start finding CBD products to dropship.,In other industries, setting up a dropshipping  store usually involves finding low cost  ,(sometimes low quality) products  from AliExpress using Oberlo.,CBD dropshipping is very different.,You need quality products from reliable  suppliers to find success in this industry.,There are plenty of ways to  find CBD suppliers who dropship.,A simple Google search will reveal  many options available to you.,But for this tutorial, I’m  shamelessly recommending you  ,use Smoke Drop to source CBD products to dropship.,I’m part of the team that runs Smoke Drop  ,and I’ve managed multiple 7-figure  dropshipping stores in the industry using it.,Smoke Drop brings together the  top CBD suppliers in one place  ,for easy, automated dropshipping through our app.,Let’s see just how easy it is to  set up the app, find CBD products,  ,and add them to our Shopify store.,To get started, open the Shopify App  Store and search for ‘Smoke Drop’,Check out our reviews to see real feedback  from other entrepreneurs using the app.,Add the app to your Shopify  store, and start your free trial.,If you’re paying close attention you’ll  see a promo code on screen that unlocks  ,an extended free trial and  discounted subscription.,Now that we’re in the app,  let’s find some CBD products.,Smoke Drop has thousands of products available, so  knowing how to search for products is essential.,I recommend using the following filters: Categories ,Inventory minimum Margin minimum,For this demo, I'm going to focus on CBD gummies.  Let’s start with a minimum of 100 inventory  ,and a margin minimum of 40%.,Finally, I'm just going to enter  gummy here as a keyword to search for.,Once you find products you’d like to  sell, click dropship on each product card  ,and you’re one step away from adding  the products to your Shopify store.,When you’re done adding products,  head over to the Products page.,On this page, you can edit  product details like title,  ,description and pricing before importing  the products to your Shopify store.,After you finish making any  changes, save your changes  ,and activate the products using the  toggle shown here that says 'Is Active?'  ,or by selecting checkboxes and  activating multiple products at once.,In just a minute or two after activating  your products, they'll be added automatically  ,to your Shopify store with photos,  descriptions, pricing, inventory, and tags.,Now that you have products in your store,  ,let’s discuss one of the most important aspects  of running a successful CBD dropshipping store  ,on Shopify - lab reports or also  known as certificates of analysis.,Consumers want to know what’s in the  CBD products you’re offering them,  ,so being transparent with  your lab reports is essential.,Almost every payment gateway will require  lab reports for any CBD products you sell.,Lab reports also help build trust on your site.,Smoke Drop offers a spreadsheet of up-to-date lab  reports for the CBD products offered in the app.,Reach out to our customer service  team after signing up to get access.,I recommend having a link  to the lab report for each  ,product in your product descriptions at minimum.,Adding a photo of the lab reports or creating  a dedicated lab report page on your site  ,are other ways to make them  easily accessible to customers.,Most payment gateways will require a disclaimer  to be placed on every page of your site.  ,This disclaimer is typically located in  the footer and informs customers that  ,the CBD products you sell have  not been evaluated by the FDA.,A sample of this disclaimer can  be found in the description.,You can only send notifications related  to CBD products and shops by email.,SMS messages aren't supported.,Here’s how you can disable SMS  notifications on your store:,From your Shopify admin, go  to Settings then Checkout.,In Customer Contact section, select  Customers can only check out using email.,To disable shipping updates by SMS,  uncheck the Customers can choose to add  ,a phone number or email to receive shipping  updates after they complete their order.,When you're done making these changes, click Save.,Here are some general recommendations to  consider when designing your Shopify store:,First, a soft green color palette. This is  smooth on the eyes, and subconsciously keeps  ,visitors’ minds at ease. Obviously makes  sense with the hemp and plant theme too.,Next, a clean site design. This gives a  friendly welcome as navigation is made simple.  ,Notice how few buttons there are to press on the  page of this Shopify CBD stores like Cannuka.,Blog and information at hand. Your blog posts  should offer interesting news and information  ,related to wellbeing, from CBD benefits to  healthy sleep patterns and even yoga poses.,You'll also want to have a CBD guide. This  is gives visitors all the knowledge they  ,want about CBD on tap, without having  to leave your store to go find it.,And finally, easy contact info at hand.  Email address to contact is great,  ,but offering a phone number too will inspire  confidence in even the biggest skeptics.,Now I want to spend some time  talking about 3 essential apps  ,you should have on any Shopify  CBD dropshipping store.,The first I want to cover is Loox.,Most CBD purchases are  influenced by word of mouth,  ,so when you’re running a CBD dropshipping store,  collecting feedback and reviews from customers  ,is essential to establishing  yourself in the industry.,My favorite app for collecting reviews is Loox.,Loox offers an easy-to-use Shopify app  ,that automates collecting video  and photo reviews from customers.,Just set up the timing and messaging  of your automatic review request emails  ,and Loox will take care of the rest.,Reviews can be displayed on your  products pages with star ratings  ,and completely customizable galleries.,Add on 24/7 support and it’s clear why Loox is a  ,revenue generator for over  100,000 Shopify merchants.,Next, I want to talk about email marketing.,Email marketing is typically responsible for a  third of the revenue generated by online stores.,Klaviyo is my preferred solution  for email marketing on Shopify.,Its platform serves as a suite of marketing  tools to help generate more revenue  ,and manage customer relationships.,From automated email flows and deep analytics  to signup forms and advanced segmentation,  ,Klaviyo is a best-in-class solution  for email marketing on Shopify.,It’s a must-have for any CBD dropshipping store.,The last essential app I want  to cover is age verification.,Most payment gateways will require you to  have age verification enabled on your site.  ,This essentially asks visitors to confirm  their age before entering your site.,There are a number of Shopify apps  available that offer solutions for this,  ,so rather than reviewing each, I’ve added links  to a few options in the description of this video.,I hope this tutorial has shown you how easy it is  to set up a CBD dropshipping business on Shopify.,It’s certainly not easy to run a successful  dropshipping business, but with the solid  ,foundation we outlined in this video, you’re  well on your way to finding that success.,I hope you’ll let our team at Smoke  Drop be a part of your journey.,Are there any questions about setting  up a CBD dropshipping store that we  ,didn't cover in this video? If  so, comment and let us know!,Thanks again for watching and happy selling.

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