how to schedule products on shopify

How to schedule a 50% discount for all products in Shopify without discount codes hey guys it's Jord

Simple Software for Shopify

Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to schedule a 50% discount for all products in Shopify without discount codes

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How to schedule a 50% discount for all products in Shopify without discount codes

hey guys it's Jordan from simple,software,I'm just going to run through a basic 50,off discount for all products in your,store,so the first step what we need to do is,install this app product price scheduler,for Shopify,the link for this is in the description,as well,this will be probably one of many how-to,videos for this app,so once we're here just choose a plan,pricing structure is flexible you can,pick whatever you want,which I think is quite unique,uh hit approve,and here we are the app is installed,we're taking to the first page of the,admin so first of all just hit create,job just for reference,this version that we're looking at is,3.0.2,new updates are rolled out every week so,this will definitely change but,the uh,the general structure will remain the,same so we'll start from there,we'll give it a friendly name so let's,just say uh Black Friday,50 percent,discount on all products,I'll spell Friday correctly,and the adjustment type we want we've,got three choices uh static which is,like a static value you pick the exact,price you want your product product or,selection of products to change to a,fixed price is a dynamic increase or,decrease so you can say,uh subtracts ten dollars from all,products so it's like a ten dollar,discount,or you can even go increase your,products by ten dollars but for what,we're doing we're going to be doing a,percentage increase or decrease decrease,for this one so we'll type negative 50.,and,we'll be doing it on all products so,we'll just hit all products,once you select that this help Banner,populates at the bottom,just to give you an idea of how long the,job will take for your store we're going,to be starting this job immediately so,we can ignore the start date but for the,end date we'll choose the 30th of this,month,and we'll end it around midnight you can,choose any number of email addresses to,receive a notification for when the job,starts and when the job ends,so I'll just put,this one,and some Advanced options here round up,to the nearest 99 Cents except all,amounts uh just based on compare our,price or adjust the compare our price,this one is quite powerful and we will,be using that so I will select this,and we want to set our compare out price,of the products before the discount is,applied so we'll select this one at the,bottom it's pre-selected,and we can just hit test rule as well so,just hit test it just to give you an,idea of what to expect before you,actually save and schedule the job,so just a review,your rule in this section,if everything looks good,you'll hit save and schedule if you want,to do it for the future,or we'll be starting this immediately so,we'll just hit start now,and once we do that we're taken back to,the home page uh the job it's starting,soon,um,if we just hit refresh,we can see that it's,already processed roughly 70 70 of the,products in the store it goes through,them quite quickly,and we've got one product remaining so,for this one,um what we can do,job is now active what we can do is,we'll just view our online store,this is just a test store that we've got,and let's just go to the catalog page,and you can see that for all of the,products here using ancient river as an,example,it was set to 50 off,uh ten dollars which is five dollars and,the compare price was set to ten dollars,so it gives you that like uh sort of on,sale,um effect,and that will apply across the entire,store,um on all products every single product,in the store including uh gift cards,just open up a product page here,and we can see uh damp bush is uh five,dollars it was five dollars and is now,2.50 so that looks good,um and this is ending in three days but,uh for demonstration purposes we'll just,go ahead and end it right now so we'll,just hit uh revert,please confirm your version of Black,Friday 50 off discount on all products,Yep looks good let's hit revert,and there's 102 products remaining so,it's uh just reverting the job back to,what it was,um before we created it,once again it's quite quick so,just give it a second,hit refresh a couple of times,and,depending on depending on how many um,how many stores I've got different,things running can affect this but for,the most part it's pretty good,um it is very very reliable the,infrastructure behind it,so that's completed if we go back to our,store and we knew we know dab Bush,um it was five dollars and we reduced it,by 50 to 2.50,if we just refresh this page,and we can see it's gone back to five,dollars,and,that there is no uh compare at Price set,for damp Bush so if we actually go to,Shopify admin and find their bush,we scroll down to the pricing it's five,dollars with the care and power price,it's set to null,um so,that is good everything works as it,should and that's pretty much it so I'll,be doing a few more videos uh in this,style for very common scenarios that a,lot of uh clients or stores look for,um so yeah thanks for watching and I,will see you in the next one

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