how to reorder variants in shopify

Wrong Shopify variant showing up first? How to change the order of variants (2021) hello everybody t

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Wrong Shopify variant showing up first? How to change the order of variants (2021)

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Wrong Shopify variant showing up first? How to change the order of variants (2021)

hello everybody this is ian founder of,i30 media corp and author of the lean,media book blog and video channel,available from,today i'm going to be talking about how,to reorder variants,in shopify a quick disclaimer you're,responsible for following shopify's,terms and conditions and,carefully value risks before following,any advice you find online and what you,may see,today on my video it may look a little,bit different when you actually try to,do it yourself because shopify,they often change things or maybe you,have a special theme or a special app or,something that makes things behave,differently in any case,here's a story here is one of my shopify,stores i sell the i'm a publisher and i,sell,these cheat sheets as well as books,related to technology and other topics i,read some of the books other people,write other,other books but one issue i've had is,most of these,most of these products they have there's,two variants for each one,uh there's the paperback edition and,there's the pdf edition,and actually when you look at look at,this particular book here excel basics,in 30 minutes,it says from 899 and then it has a,crossed out 1299,and it says sale so a lot of people i've,gotten emails about this more than once,they say when i actually go to the page,i'm expecting 8.99 but it shows 11.99,and why is that and the reason is is,because the way i have the variance set,up,the paperback edition shows first,the pdf edition costs 8.99,and this and discounted from 12.99 so,what i want to do,is i want to redo this page,so instead of the paperback edition,showing up first the pdf edition shows,up first and here's how to do it,go to your shopify interface here's mine,click on products find the product,so this is assuming of course you have,products that have variants,now this product has a huge description,and what i'm going to do is i'm going to,edit,uh well actually a lot of times people,think oh i'm going to edit the variant,and that will let you rearrange them it,doesn't work that way what you need to,do is actually go to more options,and reorder variants and,first paperback is on the left pdf is on,the right so this is number one this is,number two,i'm going to grab that just basically,using my mouse to hold it down,and then moving it over like that and,clicking save,so it saved it so now the pdf should,show up first let's go back to the,website and test it out,so let's go back to the home page here,so the text is the same from 899 and the,1299 is crossed out,click on it and there we go it's 8.99,that's the default if people want to get,the more expensive paperback,they can do that too for more,information on how to get the most out,of shopify,go to click on video,and you can see my youtube channel i,also have a blog on lean media,you can check that out i have a lot of,advice about it and i cover things like,shopify,amazon seller central amazon fba amazon,fbm,amazon advertising amazon kdp amazon,advantage,a couple other programs that are um kind,of special such as woocommerce i have a,couple videos about that,but in any case i try to help people get,the most out of these programs and use,them more efficiently,and hopefully you'll learn something,from them if you enjoyed this video,please take a moment to like it on,youtube or subscribe to it i'd,appreciate it,i release new videos at least once or,twice per month sometimes more often,than that,and i really enjoy sharing what i know,my name is ian lamont thank you so much,for watching

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