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How to add, edit, and delete a staff account || Shopify Help Center Adding staff accounts means that

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How to add, edit, and delete a staff account || Shopify Help Center

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How to add, edit, and delete a staff account || Shopify Help Center

Adding staff accounts means that your  employees can log in to your Shopify store  ,using their own credentials. The types of  tasks that they can do in your admin are  ,limited by the permissions that you give them.  In this video I’m going to show you how to add,  ,edit and delete staff accounts on  your online store. Let’s get started.,To add a new staff account  start from your Shopify admin.  ,Click “Settings”, then click  “Users and permissions”.,Here you’ll see the number of staff  accounts you can create. This number  ,is dependent on what subscription plan you’re on.,Click “Add staff”. ,Enter your staff's full name as it appears on any  government-issued ID, and their email address.,Click the checkboxes for the permissions  you want to give this staff member.  ,If you want to give them all  available permissions, then check  ,“select all”. For more information about  permissions check out the link below.,Next, click “Send invite”. ,Each staff member that you sent and invite to  will receive an email invitation to complete  ,the setup process. Your staff members need to  complete the following steps to create an account:,In the invitation email,  click “Create staff account”. ,If your staff member already has a Shopify ID then  then they’ll be taken to their Shopify login page.,Instruct them to log in and then select  “Accept invite” on the next page. ,If they don’t have a Shopify ID yet, then  they need to fill out some personal details,  ,create a password, and then  click “Create account”.,Remember, invitations to create a  staff login expire after 7 days.,You can manage your staff accounts to update  details, edit permissions, and suspend access.,To edit a staff account, from your Shopify admin,  go to “Settings”, then “Users and permissions”. ,Click the name that you want to edit.,Here, you can add a short paragraph  about who this staff member is,  ,or help your staff member change  their password, if they forgot it.,Next, the “Permissions” section determines  what they can and can't do on your store admin. ,Keep in mind, there are actions that  only the account owner can do, such as: ,change pricing plans update billing information ,manage payment options access Shopify Capital settings ,choose a new store owner ,Or list your store on the  Shopify Exchange marketplace,In the “Apps and Channels Access” section  you can choose whether you want this staff  ,member to have access to all your  apps and channels, or just a few. ,If you want this staff member to access  your POS app, then check “Give Point of  ,Sale access to this staff” and create  a unique four digit pin for them. They  ,will use this pin to access your POS app. In the “Recent access to store” section,  ,you can see all the recent times this  staff member has logged in to your store.  ,Keep an eye on this section for anything out of  the ordinary. If you don't recognize a location,  ,IP address, or ISP, it could mean  your store has been compromised,  ,and you should take steps to secure your  account. To learn more about Account security,  ,including how to secure a compromised  account, check out the link below. ,If you no longer want this staff member  to have access to your admin, then you  ,can suspend their access here. You can always  reverse a suspended staff account at any time.  ,For security reasons, it’s recommended that  all unused staff accounts be suspended.,You can also delete a staff member permanently.  But, this action can’t be reversed.,From the “Users and permissions” page,  click the name that you want to remove.,Now, scroll to the bottom of the  page and click the “Remove” button.,Enter your current password in the  pop up window and then click “Remove”. ,That covers everything you need to know  about getting started with staff accounts.  ,For more information on everything I  covered today, visit

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