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How To Disable Auto Variant Selection On Products | Shopify | 2020 hello and welcome back to another


Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To Disable Auto Variant Selection On Products | Shopify | 2020

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How To Disable Auto Variant Selection On Products | Shopify | 2020

hello and welcome back to another,shopify tutorial,in this video i'm going to show you guys,how to show a featured,image until a variant is selected i'm,going to show you guys a quick,example here so i just click the product,and as you guys can see it auto selected,a variant for me,and what we're going to do is we're,going to do this,so every time i select a product it's,going to show something like this,and until a user selects it it won't be,able to,add to cart and if you guys are new to,coding please check out the video above,there's going to be some serious code,editing so make sure you know how to,back up your code and be able to revert,back if anything goes wrong,stay tuned,welcome back so as you guys can see here,i am using the minimal theme,and let's just double check it's not the,one that is edited,so auto variant selected,so what we want to do is we want to go,into the code,and start editing so we're going to want,to click on the snippet folder,and click on add new snippet and we're,going to add,something called pick,an option,don't worry guys i'm going to be adding,all the code into the comments below and,i will,label them on to which step it goes,where,so just follow along and stay with me,here,so what we want to put into this box is,this code right here,and then hit save,and then let's go back to the,layout directory and find the,theme dot liquid here and let's just,look for,the body tag and what we want to do is,put a few spaces down here,and add this line of code,hit the save button and then we're going,to want to search,product dash template,and we're going to click on this one,and press the button control f,to search the line,option curly bracket,all right so this is what we're looking,for we're going to take this,and replace it with the following,code so we're going to put this code,here,all right hit save and then we're going,to do the same thing and we're going to,search,this brackets,percent sign assign,featured okay right there,so we're going to take this line right,here so i'm using minimal theme don't,forget that,and i'm going to replace it with the,following code,hit the save button and there we have,the,code is ready to go now so if we click,on our online store here,catalog sport shoe,and as you guys can see it doesn't pick,a variant,and uh it would say unavailable so if we,go back,let's just double check so now if you,guys want to change this unavailable,uh we're going to get into how to change,this thing to say,for example make a selection so we're,going to go back into our online store,and hit themes and,under actions we want to go to edit,languages,and then we're going to want to search,for unavailable,and we're going to scroll down to where,it says,products slash product and we're going,to change unavailable to,make a selection,and we're going to hit save and then,we're going to check our store here,let's see so it says make a selection,just double check this works and perfect,so if you guys like the video make sure,you guys like it and subscribe to my,channel i'm going to be uploading tons,of new content,for shopify and other web platforms and,just programs in general,hope you liked it bye for now

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