how to refund an order on shopify

How to Refund an Order in Shopify, 2022 hello everyone in today's tutorial i,would like to show you

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to Refund an Order in Shopify, 2022

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How to Refund an Order in Shopify, 2022

hello everyone in today's tutorial i,would like to show you how you can,create refunds in shopify,but before i show you demonstration,there are a few things i would like to,point out,in shopify you can only refund back to,the original payment method for example,if customer paid via shopify payments,under used visa you can only refund to,their visa,number two the credit card transaction,fees which you incur as a merchant are,not returned back to you after refund,and the three refunds can take at,maximum 10 business days to process but,from my experience here in,canada it usually takes three to five,business days,to process,so now let's go with the actual,demonstration so once you're logged into,your,shopify admin panel,go to,orders,and then select the order which you,would like to refund so let's say i,would like to refund this order,um the order has already been fulfilled,and,now you have to look for the button,which is called refund and just click on,it,so from here you have few options you,can do either full refund or partial,partial refund to do a full refund you,essentially have to,add the quantities for each product,into this field for example let's refund,product two one quantity product three,two quantities because the customer,purchased two,and uh product four,three quantities,so plus you also have an option to,restock items,basically if you clear you enable it,after you initiate refund the,your stock will increase,in shopify because these products will,be put back on shelf,and also,uh you can either do a partial or full,refund for shipping so customer pay 10,for shipping you can either give back,ten dollars,or you can,just,don't refund anything just leave it zero,so uh,let's see but in my case i would like to,refund pull order and uh,originally was seventy dollars and as,you can see the full refund is also,seventy dollars in my case you do not,see taxes here because uh this is,development store i have enabled,collection of taxes but in your case if,you do collect taxes you will likely um,refund them too,so once it's all,ready you just either,can send notification to a customer if,they enable their if they add the email,address in the order form or you know if,you don't want to send a notification,you just can disable it,and but in my case i'll send,notification and click,refund,and that's it the refund is processed,and it will take several business days,to,show up on a credit card,uh history on on the customer side,so i hope this video was helpful and uh,thanks for watching and please subscribe,to my channel thank you

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