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Shopify Gift Cards Walkthrough Hey, everybody. This is Ori from Astral Web.,And today I'm going to i

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

Shopify Gift Cards Walkthrough

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Shopify Gift Cards Walkthrough

Hey, everybody. This is Ori from Astral Web.,And today I'm going to introduce the Shopify gift card functionality.,So what are Shopify gift cards?,Gift cards are a product that a customer can go to the store and buy an amount,,a dollar amount of money that they can use in a future purchase.,Typically, they are given as gifts just like the name is said, the gift card.,So if my friend has some kind of event, or birthday, or something, and I'm not sure what to get them,,I might want to get them a gift card so they can take that amount of credit, that amount of money,,and then use it to buy, any time they want in the future, from my store.,That's kind of the idea. So let's talk about gift cards, right?,It's a built-in functionality in Shopify and I want to show you a few things.,So, first of all, there's two ways customers can actually get a gift card.,Number one, they actually go to the site and they browse.,Here I set up a demo site.,And they can actually go and find a product, add to cart, and buy.,The second one is you can actually issue a gift card for free to a customer.,So, for example, maybe you had an issue with the customer as a business and you wanted to give them a,free gift card, or maybe you had like a lottery or a contest, you want to issue it.,So you can basically go here and issue the gift card.,This is the code that they'll be able to redeem it.,You can put the amount either your own or one of these set ones.,You can tie into a specific customer so that customer will get an email alert or if not you can just,copy-paste this, give it to them.,And you can make an expiry time.,Sometimes you want to have it expire.,For example, you can only use a gift card for one year maximum.,And then here you can put some internal notes.,When you click on this, let's look at an example.,Okay. So when you click on this, let's say I issued a $25 one,,and I won't have an expiry, and I click on send, the the gift card was created and then,there is a code. You can actually email this to them or they can actually get an email themselves, right?,So let's go here.,And let me check my email.,Here is my gift card. I got an email.,Here it is. It's available.,I click on View as a customer, of course, and then here it is.,Have some kind of design, my company name, the business name, the shop, the redeem itself.,This QR code is basically the same code.,So you can do that.,And that's it.,So as a customer, I'd copy this, go proceed, you know, to shop, buy stuff, use it in the checkout.,And we'll show that a little bit later. Okay.,So let's talk about what you can do as a business before we show the customer experience.,So first of all, I actually want to create one, right?,So let's go and create a product.,So I click here, create new product.,Right now I have one.,But if you just set it up, you have to actually, you know, click on set up for the first time, right?,And then you're going to click on Add the product and you're going to create a product.,So let's call it Holiday Gift Card.,And you do kind of the same things you do when you upload an actual product in Shopify.,It's just a little simpler.,There's a little bit less functionality, okay?,So, "this is a test for our video.",Okay. And then you upload a media, right?,So a main image or multiple images.,So, for example, I'm just going to put this image.,Okay. Obviously, I can upload multiple images.,And now here, I'm going to specify the denomination.,So if you want the customer to be able to select a different amount, you can put the denominations,,but if you don't want, let's show an example here.,Let's say I only have...the whole thing is $100.,You can't purchase anything else from $100.,I can edit the SEO things, tags, assign them to Collections.,These are all the default stuff when you add a product.,So if you're not sure about this, you can go to our other videos.,You can just find this for a...our other videos.,So now I'm going to specify, obviously, I want them to be in both of my channels.,If I want, I can specify a publication date.,That's, again, just for a different video and I click on Save.,When I clicked on Save, I'm going to actually view it.,I want to show this to you. Okay.,And you can you see the customer can only select their own, right?,So just...sorry, only select one.,Now if I want multiple denominations, I would go here and I would specify let's add variant.,Okay. And I would ask, let's just say $150 as well. Okay.,I can put obviously a SKU and things like that but right now...sorry, let's do $150.,Let's call it and that's it.,So these are really just the normal variants.,Okay. So I'm going to go here.,Refresh my page.,And now you can see I have two different ones.,So let's put the $150, for example.,And I'm going to purchase this as a customer.,Okay. Actually, I'm going to do one more thing.,So I want to show you some settings before we do the customer itself.,So let's go back to Products and Gift cards and I'm going to manage my products.,And now I have this one, is the one I just created.,So you can see. Created it now.,There are a few settings.,So I want to show this before we do the customer experience.,So what can we do?,Number one is if you go to the Settings themselves and you go to Gift cards right here,,you have two very simple settings.,Number one is you can specify if gift cards expire or not.,Not every country allows this.,It actually says it here.,So it depends on kind of the rules of your business in your country, are you allowed to have them expire?,If you do want, you can change the duration to days, months, or years, and just put a number.,The second thing you can do is add a small button.,So you can see it right here on View gift card.,You can add a small button right here called Add to Apple wallet.,And if they have an iPhone, there'll be a small icon right here.,And they can basically save it in their wallet.,It's all so it's easy for them to remember this code when they actually want to shop.,So it's pretty simple.,Not too useful.,Very specific to iPhone and not everybody uses it but sometimes it doesn't hurt.,So it's kind of up to you. Okay.,So let's go here.,So if you do have the Apple wallet pass, if you do want to add the button,,you can actually customize how this looks.,So you can change the title, the colors a little bit, and the banner itself.,So you can see here. This is a "TEST.",You can see it changed here.,I can change some of the colors, right?,The actual text. Let's make something with more contrast.,The secondary text, a little more contrast.,And you can also upload your own logo and your own banner, right?,So you can do that, upload, but I'm not going to show you right now.,Pretty simple.,If it's good, you save it. Okay.,So let's see what else we have here.,Let's go to Products, Gift cards, and let's go here to my products.,Okay. So now...oh, there is one more thing, sorry, in the settings.,Now I remember.,There is Notifications.,So when a customer actually purchases a gift card, they pay successfully, they make a checkout, they pay,,they actually are going to get an email saying, okay, you know, "Thank you for your order.",And then, "Here is your gift card," just like you saw right here, right?,They're going to get this email.,Now if you want to customize this email, you can, right?,So what you do is you go to Settings, you go to Notifications, and then you search for gifts,,and you got it right here. Okay.,So if you click on this, you can customize subject and you can customize,the email body.,Now if you're not familiar with how the emails work, you've got to be careful.,But here's the simple rule.,There's a lot of words. You can change the words.,For example, "Your gift card is now available," and it should be right here, right?,But if you noticed, there's all these like different what we call variables, right? So different things.,So you don't really want to touch it if you're not sure but what that means is it's using Shopify's internal,code to specify things like headers, you know, bigger sizes, and alignments, and colors,,and all that stuff.,And if you want to specify certain variables like you want to put your logo in or something like that,,you can use the variables, the liquid variable right here.,If you're not sure, you can ask us.,You can ask other developers.,They can figure it out.,And you have the same thing for SMS if you have this, right?,For text messages.,So you finish, you want to make a change, then you click on Save.,So now let's go ahead and make an order.,Okay. So I'm going to go here.,I'm going to make an order and, obviously, with gift cards because this is kind of like a,virtual thing, you're not shipping...this is not shipping an actual, like physical card,,although you could do that.,So in this case you don't really need a shipping address, okay?,Because the customer is just going to get an email like this, and says, "Here is your code," etc.,So it's kind of like a virtual or digital gift card.,Okay. So you go here.,And I have my test site.,Obviously, this is a test site just for this video.,It's a fake credit card processor so we're not...don't worry that, you know, it is.,So I'm going to do this and I'm going to pay.,So what I'm doing is I'm mimicking a real customer's order, okay, that was paid for.,And I'm going to make sure the order goes through and the order was confirmed.,Great. So now as a customer, I'm going to receive my emails, okay?,So order was confirmed.,That's great.,And, you know, this is just a normal order itself, right?,And you get whenever you order.,And then you get "Your gift card is ready," right?,So "here is your $150.",You can click on it.,And I can actually go and copy this as a customer and next time I want to shop, I can use it.,So let's go ahead. It's $150. It's a lot.,So now I'm going to go here and I'm going to buy something that's more than $150.,Okay.,So actually, you know what?,I'm going to buy...yeah, here it is, $179. Okay.,I'll buy here, add to cart, view cart, checkout.,And I'm going to go here and I'm going to enter it, right?,Gift card or discount code.,You can use both, right?,Customers can use both at the same time as well, either one or other, or both, okay?,Here you see. Gift card was redeemed.,I can see the last four of the gift card, right?,The last four.,And I can go and proceed so let's go proceed to the next step.,And, obviously, I can make my order now.,So I'm going to specify the shipping.,Now, obviously, there's shipping here because I'm buying a different product.,I'm not buying a gift card.,I'm buying an actual shoe.,So we're going to go here.,And I think we should be good.,So that's the idea.,So now I'm going to show you the last part which is what does the actual business see.,How can the business help with customer service and understand what's actually happened?,So I'm going to go back to Products.,I'm going to go to Gift cards. Okay.,And, if you remember, the last four digits are this one, right?,So now you see that there's an actual code that was issued right here.,It's done. The value of the code was $150 but it was already used, right?,We already used the $150. If it wasn't used yet, it would say $150 under the Balance.,If I click here, I can see the code.,I can see it was all used and then all the specs of it, right?,And I can put notes and things like that, okay?,So this is kind of showing you the whole idea.,If you want to resend, you can disable the gift card, assuming it hasn't been used yet,,and you can resend the gift card to customer.,Just send an email.,So let's show you an example of a gift card that was not used.,So, for example, I made $25 and I still have the $25.,So you see the balance.,There's a nice color here.,Customers can use, you know, partial balances as well, right?,They don't have to use the whole thing.,And I can also disable one.,Okay. Let's see here. Great. And that's it.,And then Orders, of course... here you see it's disabled.,Orders, of course kind of looks the same.,So you can see, this was the order that I made as a customer.,Okay. Obviously, it was a test.,And here is the order, right?,It was paid for, etc., etc.,So everything kind of looks the same here.,That's it. Hope you enjoyed the video.,If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer.,Really appreciate your time, everybody, and looking forward to making more Shopify videos.,Thank you.

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