how to put a logo in shopify store

How to Add Logo to Shopify Store 2021| Change Shopify Logo | Shopify Logo Setup | Shopify Q&A hi the

Adarsh Kash

Updated on Mar 02,2023

How to Add Logo to Shopify Store 2021| Change Shopify Logo | Shopify Logo Setup | Shopify Q&A

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How to Add Logo to Shopify Store 2021| Change Shopify Logo | Shopify Logo Setup | Shopify Q&A

hi there are you having trouble,uploading your shopify logo,or editing it aligning it anything,related to shopify logos,in this video i've shown you,step-by-step process how to edit,how to upload and how to align your,shopify,logo on your shopify website okay so you,can see like this is our shopify website,store and we don't have a logo over here,okay so if you want to,add a different logo to shopify store,okay,just go to online store option okay and,by default you will be on the,themes page okay see from here you can,edit your,theme okay like we are using the debut,theme right now,click on customize okay,see okay see so like see so the other,store okay so see this,is like the header section of the,website okay so,the you know your logo will be displayed,on,the header section okay so from here,choose,header option okay header and as you can,see here you,have the logo image logo alignment,everything okay,so if you want to align your logo okay,so in the left section like it is right,over here it's on the yes,this one option okay but if you want,like your logo like on the center,just click on centered and here we have,our logo okay,so to upload the logo select image click,on select image as you can see i've,already uploaded my logo over here okay,or you can just click on upload,okay and select the image from here,and that's it okay it's uploading,you can see here is your shopify logo,okay,now just select this image okay and now,see,you can edit the all text of the image,from here,or anything okay if you want to edit,okay or like let's say,it's not looking great over here so,let's align it to the left,okay if you want to see resize the logo,like custom logo width okay,let's make it more bigger you can see,it's popping out like this okay so you,can change the,logo width from here okay so this is how,you can customize your logo,and add the shopif your logo to your,shopify website okay,see and the moment you add this logo on,one page let's see,do do the save option see change is,saved,okay now this is the store reload the,page,see this is our shopify image okay,so like let's see we are on some product,page okay,so see your logo will be displayed on,every single page,okay even in your contact us page news,page or any page okay,and the moment you click on logo it will,head you to the home section okay so see,you click on your logo this is on your,home page okay,see this is how easily you can edit as,well as add your shopify logo to your,shopify website,okay i hope you found this video useful,as i already just said this video is the,part of a shopify series in which i am,taking you on a journey from creating,your own shopify store,to adding products to advertising to,making real profit,so to get notified when i upload my next,video please subscribe my channel and,press the bell icon button to get,notified,when i upload my video thank you very,much

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