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9 Tips To Optimize Your Product Pages For More Sales (eCommerce Optimization) your product page may

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

9 Tips To Optimize Your Product Pages For More Sales (eCommerce Optimization)

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9 Tips To Optimize Your Product Pages For More Sales (eCommerce Optimization)

your product page may be the difference,between a customer adding to,cart or leaving your store follow along,with me in this video,i'm gonna give you nine tips to make,product pages,that actually convert,hello everybody welcome back and if,you're new,welcome to learn with shopify my name is,michelle bally,i'm gonna be your host for today's video,now if you've stumbled upon this video,you are probably either an entrepreneur,or you're thinking about starting your,own business,if so then you've definitely come to the,right corner of the internet here at,learn with shopify,we release videos every week that are,going to give you the knowledge you need,to start and grow your online business,so make sure that you are subscribed to,this channel if you want to see more,content,like this that being said let's hop,right into it today,so what makes a great product page in,theory product pages are simple you want,to give your customer,the right amount of information to help,them buy the product they want,and give them the confidence that buying,your product is the right choice,so how are you supposed to start i'm,going to show you how to make some,killer product pages that sell,there are four main pillars of a great,product page,your product your brand your copywriting,your page's design and its overall user,experience,your product is obviously center stage,but what exactly you're selling is going,to inform,how you decide to present it the way you,present the product,should be answering any questions your,customers are having before they commit,to buying from you,your branding is especially important on,your product pages,with the way that products are,discovered these days someone might,actually,never see your homepage before buying,from you so branding on your product,pages,does matter your copywriting is,important because it should be combining,the information,that your customers need along with your,brand's unique tone,of voice your page design and your user,experience,is going to involve nuances like how,things are arranged on the page,as well as your load times and all of,these things,can have a big impact on your,conversions so with all of that in mind,here are some specific tips our team of,shopify experts,recommend for you to level up your,product page,do you have a clear call to action,you've got,one goal on a product page and that is,to get your customer to hit,buy that's why maria bonello recommends,that you start,there if you're troubleshooting your,product page or if you're building from,scratch,so she says let's start with the basics,the add to cart button is the most,important component on the page,and should stand out from the,surrounding content here's an example,that she designed for ristology,this works because the cta button takes,center stage position,when you're on desktop and then when,you're on mobile,it sits above the fold this means that,it is,immediately visible when you land on the,page and you don't have to scroll down,to see that button,when deciding on what the actual words,should say,there's no need to be clever here,something like add to cart,and buy are great options there will be,plenty of opportunities to add,fun copywriting but for your ctas you,want to make sure that you're not,confusing someone,who just wants to buy something from you,do you have great product photography,there are so many perks to ecommerce you,can sell all over the world,and you don't have retail space overhead,but ecommerce,does come with its own set of challenges,and one of those big,challenges is that your customers can't,see touch,taste or try your products out before,buying and that is why product,photography plays such,a major role when it comes to your,product pages and why almost,every expert that we spoke to brought it,up as a key factor,in building a great product page mark,preni says,my experience as a web designer has,taught me that when it comes to,e-commerce,people do judge a book by its cover so,invest in solid product photography,and the impact of great product photos,goes beyond just your product pages,these are the images that are going to,show up on google and you can use these,for social as well,so product photography would not be the,place to skimp out on,there are a lot of ways that you can,create great product photos and some,clear guidelines that are going to apply,to everyone,so here are four tips for you make sure,that you're showing multiple angles,here joe mommy jewelry shows her rings,close up,far away on a model and also at,different angles,allow users to zoom into the photos,themselves like this,this is especially important if your,customers would benefit from seeing,texture like clothing jewelry or art,call out unique features with your,photos so revive does an amazing job of,showing,all their unique ingredients in their,smoothies with creative product photos,if you're doing this yourself just use,bright natural light or you can use,studio light if you have that as well,but if you're feeling stuck on this we,actually have a video called how to take,product photography at home,with just your smartphone so i'll make,sure to link that for you guys right,here if you want to check that out,do you link your images to your variants,naming your product variants can be a,really nice way to add some personality,to your products,but if you take it too far your,customers might not know what,we see food and eat it actually looks,like is it pink,is it red magenta who knows and that is,why,linking your images to your product,variants is so,important and it can help increase your,conversions,not linking images to your variants is,one of the most,common mistakes i see people making says,alan shafer,personality is great just as long as it,comes with some sort of clarity as well,so if you do have fun marketing names,just add the actual descriptive name in,brackets,just like this so super quick break here,guys if you are looking to get started,building an online business but you're,not sure what to sell,and maybe you need help finding a,product make sure that you're checking,out our free,40-minute webinar it's going to help you,find winning product ideas,teach you how to validate them and how,to get started so,make sure that you're clicking the link,in the description box i'll leave that,there for you,so that you can get started with this,free training now do you have the right,amount of detail for your product,and price alan says if you have a simple,product,with a high price point you need to make,sure that your copy,will help you back up that price make,sure you describe the materials,the origins and the passion behind the,product you should do,all you can to communicate the quality,and value behind your product,don't assume that your customer already,gets your product or why you're doing,what you're doing,so looking at girlfriend collective here,they have full metrics on how this,particular sweater is sustainable,they have information about the product,details like pockets and warmth level,and they've included a sizing guide they,also have their shipping and returns,conveniently on the product page which,will help increase conversions,even if you're not a premium brand and,maybe you never want to be,it is still worth evaluating if you do,have enough,information on your product pages to,answer all your consumers,questions however it does become,critical when you're aiming for a,premium price to have,more information on your product pages,rosaria joseph from venture web says,some of your users will be experts in,the type of products you sell,others will be coming with less,background knowledge make sure that the,information you share is useful,and understandable for as many people as,possible without patronizing or talking,down to your users,so with that in mind let's say you own a,bike company and you want to strike a,balance between,tech geek specs like stats and materials,and content for a general consumer if,you do have a lot of info,well executed product videos can really,condense this type of storytelling,into a short clip if you have a lot of,information and you're trying to keep,your product pages looking clean,you can use ux features like drop down,tabs,for this i like to use a free shopify,app called tabs by station,and you can also use content that,reveals when you hover over to clean up,the amount of images that you have,overall our goal with the information is,to answer potential questions,our target audience might be having but,in an easy to digest way,do you have a well-branded product page,your brand isn't just your social media,graphics and your logo,it is everything you stand for and why,you do what you do,our friend mark perrini says the,difference between creating a mediocre,page,and a stellar product page is your,ability to weave your brand's dna,into the page as a visitor as soon as i,land on that product page,i want to know within two seconds what,your brand is all about,so how can you do that well mark,recommends a simple,thought exercise to get you going,remember that some visitors may never,visit your homepage if they're coming,from your social media sites,or an article so put your brand in the,absolute best light,use copy that sounds like you are you,the type of brand to say,our resistance bands give you a powerful,workout or,do you say give your muscles an extreme,workout with these killer resistance,bands,make sure that your images are also,looking like you are you the type to use,grainy film images,that look old school or are you going,for super clean images for more of a,futuristic look,do you have aspirational content most,customers other than your mom,aren't buying your products because they,love you no they want your products to,do something for them they want to solve,a problem they want to make,themselves better they want you to help,them so your product pages should make,it easy for them to see,how your products can do that rosario,joseph says,think about how your products can help,make your users lives more fun,enjoyable or efficient so let's look at,fitbit for example,their product description says that,they're a tool to make a healthier you,happen,the lifestyle they're selling is a,healthy one they're also selling you on,their convenience features,and tools for a better night's sleep and,here they're telling you that their,products will increase your motivation,your health and help you reach your,goals it's all about the lifestyle,how does your brand and products fit,into a specific lifestyle,and how do you make it relevant for your,consumers selling your products is all,about the story that you tell around,them,bring them and bring the brand to life,by guiding your users,through the details that matter do you,have content that sounds human,when you're trying to get all of your,features onto the page it can be easy to,slip into,boring bullet points and really salesy,paragraphs but you want to make sure,that you are building your brand voice,as well descriptions don't have to be,bland,invest the time and energy to speak to,your users advises maria,would it be on brand to say y'all great,go for it,but if something doesn't feel on brand,then don't try to make it work it won't,be authentic,and it likely won't resonate with your,audience either it's important to,remember that most of your users won't,read,so don't write too much you have about,.02 seconds to make an impression,so make it a lasting one by owning your,voice,another way to add a human element is by,featuring,customer reviews there's a free app on,shopify called product reviews for this,you should definitely check that out and,then finally try including photos that,seem realistic,this could be user generated content or,lifestyle images that aren't perfectly,polished,does your product page elicit trust,a great way to elicit trust is by adding,social proof,adding social proof adds credibility and,boosts conversions,reviews photos from instagram and first,person testimonials build consumer trust,and encourage purchasing behavior,especially for new brands,maria shares with us this bicycle,product page elicits trusts,for many reasons they have a chat,feature the returns and warranty,they also have photo reviews and,questions and answers as well as,video content do you have a good,understanding of your consumer,to make any of these decisions well you,need to really understand,who your consumer is and what they want,from you,everything stems back to your audience,and telling a story that matters to them,do your homework to understand your,consumers and learn who they are,what their motivations are and what,matters to them so what makes a great,product page,it's not as simple as just choosing one,of these pieces of advice,and calling it a day your product page,is going to be a balance between,all of these factors and it's going to,evolve as you go,when it comes to selling online it has,never been easier faster,or more scalable shopify allows you to,set up within a matter of days you can,get started with a free 14-day trial,there is no commitment at all you don't,need a credit card,and this is going to give you a full two,weeks to build an e-commerce store,that will impress your customers so make,sure that you're clicking the link in,the description box if you want to get,started with your free,14-day trial so that is it those are all,the tips that we have for today,hopefully you found,this helpful if you feel like you're on,the right track but you do want a second,pair of eyes,on your product pages make sure that,you're leaving a link in the comment,section,i will try to provide some feedback for,all of you but i also want you guys to,look at each other's pages and give each,other some feedback,and some advice if you found this video,helpful make sure that you're giving it,a big thumbs up that actually does help,our channel and our community grow,and we have been seeing a lot of growth,over the past few months so,big love to all of you that have been,with us from the start you know our goal,is really to continue,to make these helpful videos so that we,can support you guys,um speaking of which if you have any,ideas for upcoming videos don't be shy,feel free to just let me know what you'd,like to see in the comments section,below i'll make sure to look at those um,and that is it for today,thank you guys so much for watching i'm,your host michelle bally and i will see,you in the next one bye,you

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