how to optimize shopify store for mobile

How to optimise your Shopify theme for mobile hi guys welcome see this video from,blank commerce I'm

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How to optimise your Shopify theme for mobile

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how to optimize shopify store for mobile catalogs

How to optimise your Shopify theme for mobile

hi guys welcome see this video from,blank commerce I'm Adam Pearce on CEO,here I'm doing here with Peter he's our,CRO how's it going good thanks Peter so,let's dive into our next video then now,I think we're going to talk about today,is looking at how we can sort of,optimize stores from mobile and,obviously desktop so no mobile is always,kind of talked about a lot at the moment,that has really kind of been a focus,press for the past three years in,e-commerce just to kind of you know give,some high-level stats when we tend to,worry clients what sort of proportions,do you typically see you have sort of,mobile versus desktop traffic yeah so,with mobile traffic we've now you know,we've probably seen some stores get up,to about 90 percent of their traffic,coming from mobile and you know we've,seen that over the last few years that's,obviously just progress progressed and,progressed and you know if you spoke to,us about a year and a half ago two years,that would have probably means sitting,in about 80% where now has actually,pushed up to almost 90 percent in some,cases more but you know the importance,of it over the last three or four years,we were sitting at maybe 30 40 % where,it's now well taken over the desktop,version right so really important that,you get it right really yeah absolutely,it's it's the highest importance when,you know when we work with clients,making sure we focus on mobile first is,the highest importance okay cool well I,think what you were explained to me,today that you're going to show me,something that we did we'd kind of,desktop and mobile templates I don't,know if you're going to share your spree,and kind of give us for the background,and explain exactly what we did and why,we did it,sure yeah so the thing we were talking,about earlier and it was just that we,just did a simple little integration,into a theme which allowed people to do,different things on desktop versus,mobile and so just while I shared the,screen with you here,all right can you see my screen there,yeah that's great okay so this is the,client that we work with and they'd use,the turbo theme from out of the sandbox,and just to show you one of the use,cases where we did this was with the,image with text overlay and the main,banner image on their home page and what,what happens is if you've got so you'll,see here on my left hand side you've got,quite a wide-angle version of an image,which is great for word before using on,desktop but what would happen is when,you get to mobile that that image over,there actually wouldn't be the greatest,because it would actually be quite small,and just filter through just at the top,over here and if you've got any sort of,text on top of that and it looks a,little bit squashed and doesn't look,very nasty so we decided to just add in,a small little feature onto their,sections and to allow them to use the,section either on desktop or mobile and,making sure by doing that we're actually,letting them optimize a different,version of the theme or a different,version for their mobile versus their,desktop completely so not forcing them,just to take desktop and and push that,down to a mobile version so yeah just,just to show you what we actually did,there we just installed on all the,sections the ability for somebody to,show you'll say we see we've got this,display mode and we gave them different,options on where to display that so,sometimes it could be gratefull all,devices,other times mobile only in other times,desktop on me so let me just show you,quickly what this would look like on,mobile only so you'll see you have an,image across there it's quite wide-angle,like we've got and then you've got the,text and everything coming down there,but like you'll see we've actually got,so if we just put that one back in,desktop we've got a very similar section,built out there for mobile only and let,me just show you that one leave this one,here where you got mobile only where,you've got a square image and you're,keeping the text and the button,displayed directly on top of that image,and that's just,or things to optimize your mobile,version versus your desktop version,um yeah Salem that's it excellent can,you um disrupt the the strain off and,we'll go back to you now for a second,great so in in terms of obviously kind,of setting that up is that something,that most plans do themselves or is this,something that kind of a developer can,do how is it going to work yeah you,would need to reach out to a developer,to do this one it's not it's not a very,difficult task to do and you know it,probably maybe an hour maybe two hours,to set them up on certain sections but,if you want to set them up on all your,sections that'll obviously be quite a,quite a no not a really huge job little,take merchants or developer a bit of,time to make sure that they can set that,up okay great,and what's what sort of metrics that we,would see would kind of be impact on,doing something like this well look I,mean the importance here is that you,focusing you're focusing a mobile,version not to be a secondary element on,your desktop version so you're now,creating a version on your store that is,mobile focused mobile first and,obviously trying to increase the key,metrics all your key metrics on your,mobile version of your store so you know,that's talking about enter Cartwright's,reach checkout rates and purchases,actual purchase that are going through,store average order value is everything,by focusing on your mobile version you,can actually increase all those metrics,you know what we see is people that are,you using what are the people that are,getting ninety percent traffic to mobile,vision their conversion rates are really,low compared to what their desktop,version is and but it's trying to bridge,that gap between the two and make sure,that you can get your mobile versions to,more closely follow what the desktop,versions are okay great well look guys,how that's been a useful insight into,something you can do there in terms of,optimizing for mobile and desktop give,us a follow on social we will be posting,more of these videos and content over,next coming days and weeks and if you,want any more information as well feel,free to get in touch with us via hello,Glen commerce calm cheers guys

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