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Updated on Feb 08,2023


The above is a brief introduction to how to make your shopify store stand out

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you got three different types of,audiences y'all cold warm hot,i'm gonna give y'all this quick quick,breakdown cold people don't know who the,hell you are they never heard of you,they are not shopping with you they do,not trust you you have to warm them up,warren they've been following you for a,while maybe they heard about you through,a friend through a friend they sent,somebody repost you,so they got that little bit of trust,factor because it's coming from a third,party,but they still aren't convinced to shop,they got a few questions,they're kind of you know waiting around,for you to butter them up,inform them and get them comfortable,that's your warm audience hot you're hot,they've been riding with you for a while,they purchase they refer you,they are on your list they are ready and,willing to buy everything you come out,with,that's your hot audience you are always,going to be working with,all three okay always,now obviously in the beginning you just,got cold that's it,all right they're asking for the queen,hey,welcome back to another video my name is,jazz anya,for those of you who are new if you are,new,listen believe me when i say you will be,back so you might as well get,comfortable,and hit that subscribe button i'll be,real with y'all,i am not feeling too hot i'm losing my,voice but here we are trying to get our,content trying to get the gems out for,the people,y'all may notice that i'm sounding a,little bit different um so sorry because,i sound like an,old lady right now but anyways so i have,some super exciting news for y'all today,we are going to be talking about,shopify if you have been watching me for,a while you know i am like,a ride or die for shopify like no other,platform compares to shopify i don't,care argue with your mom,okay argue with your mama i don't care,if you are trying to sell physical,products online,you need to be on shopify to my,understanding i have learned that a lot,of you,for one don't even know what shopify is,you do not know how to work it you do,not know,all of the things that you can do with,shopify,to take advantage of making crazy money,online,so i just wanna let y'all know i'm,putting together a shopify series this,is episode,one so a lot of gyms are on the way,y'all,i am super excited about this so that's,why y'all need to subscribe if you,aren't already,and after you watch this video feel free,to comment any videos that you want me,to film,on shopify i'm going to try to cover all,my bases but,you know you can never be too sure okay,so let's just go ahead and get started,like i already,mentioned if you're not subscribed you,will be back so just subscribe,and if it is not your first time here,can i please get some big bank in the,comments y'all know how this,go so let's hop right into it,okay first things first what the hell is,shopify shopify is an e-commerce,platform,let me rewind shopify is the number one,e-commerce platform in the world in the,world,is number one not number two top two and,not number two okay,so shopify is a website platform that is,where your website will be hosted,okay now i'm not gonna do a complete,breakdown because that is not what this,video is about,today i'm gonna give you guys some lit,tips on how to actually make your,shopify store,stand out not look generic not be,boring okay because some of y'all stores,need some work,a lot of work right so here's a great,start,first and foremost stay away,from free things now some of you if you,do not know,about shopify you're not going to,understand what a theme is think of a,theme as like the layout,of your store so this is why most people,love shopify because it's very very user,friendly very beginner friendly,and they make it super easy for you to,just literally go in and build a site in,like a day,okay if you determine you can get it,done i've done it,i'll be procrastinating sometimes but,you can get it done okay,but people be trying to be cheap they'll,be trying to be cheap and they try to,choose a theme that's free because they,have a few that's free,i'm here to tell you stay away from free,things if you like oh this is just where,i want to start i'm going to upgrade,later,upgrade now invest the money now and i'm,about to tell you why,y'all listen it's so funny because i,preach to my mentees all day long like,when they come into my academy,if you have a free theme i need you to,change it i don't even want to talk to,you until you change,that theme until you upgrade your theme,you are missing out on so,many key features from themes upgrades,that you will not have,on your free theme okay so let me,show y'all what i'm talking about i'm,gonna show you a little bit of what i'm,talking about let's go ahead and head to,the shopify,theme store so i can paint a vivid,picture all right guys so we are now,inside of the shopify,theme store you can get here two easy,ways you can go to,it'll take you right here or you can,just google,shopify theme store and click the first,link so,however lazy you're being it's going to,get you the same way all right,so once you are actually on the home,page,this is everything you're going to see,all right so let's just go ahead and,select,all themes and i'm just strictly here to,show you guys the difference between a,free theme and a paid theme,and kind of give you like a blueprint of,how you're supposed to look at,your themes when you're trying to choose,one to um,go with your store right so typically,this debut theme is the thing that comes,with all of shopify stores so let's just,go ahead and click that,and when you click on the theme you want,to go ahead and select,demo okay,so as you guys can see this is very,basic you know,nice looking theme well what i want you,guys to pay attention to when you're,looking at the themes it's the features,not the store okay so even though,this particular theme um demo,is for a handbag store or a bag store or,whatever,that doesn't mean that you have to sell,this product,you are looking at the features of this,okay so you see how plain this theme is,um it's very you know simplistic,minimalistic,that's pretty much it right also,you guys with everything you get a,couple,you get like multiple layouts in one,so to see the other theme styles all you,have to do is select this arrow here,and change it so now you see this,theme in a different like,style i guess how to explain it,but again you're looking for the,features you're looking at the features,you aren't,looking at the actual store so now this,is a furniture store,demo but you're trying to see what all,do you want,on your website like what features do,you want,what advances do you want to be able to,do like,do you want this to be able to be a,video here,right do you want to be able to add,videos to your product,shots right do you want to be able to,host like a different layout for your,collection so let me,kind of further explain what i'm saying,so,that was a free theme we can actually go,ahead and take a look at one more,just so you guys can really understand,what i'm saying let's click this one,view demo,okay so when i say features this is what,i mean,so as i'm able as i'm highlighting over,this photo it's,showing me the name of the product and,the price,okay and you see how the product,photos are taking up the entire screen,now mind you guys i'm on a computer you,always want to view,desktop and mobile versions so because,for one it's 2021 most people are,viewing your site on their phone,okay so you've got to know how your site,is going to look on a phone,as well as a desktop,so this is this theme it's just products,and then their location and that's it,so let's go ahead and go back because,now i'm hoping you guys will really,understand what i'm about to show you,in regards to the paid themes okay,so let's just click on this one,streamline,and as you guys can see the the prices,for the themes are a little expensive,but i have something in store for y'all,so stay tuned,the themes range from 160 dollars,to 180,okay so let's go ahead and click on this,one just to view the demo,this one comes with three styles all,paid themes come with three or four,styles so you really are getting three,to four,websites in one literally,okay so you guys can already see from,the get-go,from the jump how this is already a,totally different vibe they have a whole,movement,i mean a movement they have a whole,video right here,to capture your attention right away,okay so then also did you see that when,i scroll down,first of all okay it's a lot going on in,this team,when i scroll down just a little bit the,menu tab here pops up i really love that,that's super dope,usually it's up here to the left upper,left hand corner but no when you scroll,it pops up,and that's the that's wow it's a dope,feature,also if you guys notice when i scroll a,little bit this bottom portion,moves it's like a parallax,and this also moves okay,so then as you guys can see once i'm,hovering over this product is changing,the photos,okay so you have this arrow here you can,see multiple products,this is another video,and as you guys can see we're taking a,look at the free themes,they didn't have that feature okay,so now let's go ahead and look at a,different style of this theme,so it seems like this theme which is,called streamline,will be good for people who would love,to put video content,um on their website they do a lot of,campaigns and things of that nature,videos are such a great way to keep,people on your site longer,all right so that's the theme these are,very similar,um in regards to the layouts of the,style so let's go ahead and take a look,at a different one,let's go ahead and take a look at this,one now,i'm going to show you something,hopefully i don't forget i'm going to,show you guys something,so this particular thing would be great,for a store,that has a lot of products right,so you guys this kind of reminds you of,like a best buy,or like an amazon because there's a lot,going on,and is a lot of things to choose from,categories here um,you see how the work how the letters not,the letters the names are moving,as i hover over it also the images are,getting bigger,right you have the coupon how much money,you're saving,at the top left-hand corner these are,all things that you guys,want to pay attention to when you are,looking for your theme,don't look at what this store is like oh,it's an accessory store i don't sell,um technology accessories or whatever,you don't have to,if you have a lot of freaking products,this may be the store for you,you may need all of these features to be,able to put,a product here with the different,variants,and then all of the different product,images that may be something that you,need for your store,right you may want to show your top,rated products or your best-selling,products,in this way where you can actually see,them with the details,right here on the home page so that's,what you're looking for,when you are looking at the themes don't,look at what the story is,hopefully that makes sense okay,so this is what i want to show you guys,i'm so happy i didn't forget,so if you want to look at particular,things in a different um,in a certain like niche you can,you know do that you can kind of filter,it so you have collections so like i was,showing you guys this is something,for if you have a lot of inventory and a,lot of products so if you do you can bam,go to collections,great for large inventories and it will,show you shopify will kind of you know,advise the themes that are for,large inventories or if you have small,inventories,they have those too now you can get,anything that you want this is just kind,of making your life a little bit easier,to help you look through,the things also so i was saying about,the industries and the niches,if you're in jewelry and accessories you,sell jewelry or you sell,earrings that's your child you know i'm,saying,handbags watches there's also jury,you can look through these so we go,ahead and click on canopy,click view demo so you see how this is,like um,a small animation right when you pop up,on the page,the words pop up that's animation,free themes don't have that okay,so you guys you want to go through the,themes and,just pay attention to the features so,you see how this has quick shop,i can click on this without actually,clicking on the product and,re i mean and um leaving the home page,that's quick shop,not everything has that so you want to,look through the themes and,you know kind of have an idea of what,you want your customers to be able to do,on your site,i wanted to mention that when you guys,are on the theme,like main page before you hit the view,demo button,if you just scroll down they will list,their like most top theme features,so you can get an idea of if this is,what you're looking for,or not before you even view the demo now,hopefully y'all understand a little bit,more about,why you want to go for the premium,themes we want to identify ourselves,as a professional right not as a,beginner,not like we have a cheap side not look,like it was thrown,together okay,we wanted to be fired from the get-go,we want people to come to our site and,already feel like damn like they really,put their foot in this,like here's my money that's what we want,right,now a job to also see that those themes,are a bit,expensive for people who are bothered on,budget meaning,they range from 160 dollars to 180,each but guess what y'all know i always,come through for y'all i got,a package of three top best-selling,themes,for y'all available at the link in the,description,now listen don't sleep there's no reason,that you need to have a free thing,there's absolutely no freaking reason,period okay,check out the description i'm giving,y'all three different themes,make sure you read the description so,you can know what the themes,are and then you can go back into the,shopify store and look through it,to see if that's something that you like,because if it's not go buy you a,different one,okay all right i'm trying to help that's,it next thing,this is super important a lot of people,lack on this they don't,i don't know why it just doesn't click,but it's super important for you to,create a,strong branding identity that's,consistent across the board,meaning if you talk a certain way look a,certain way,take certain pictures use certain colors,you have to do it on your website too,so if you're doing it on facebook you,need to be doing it on instagram if you,do it on instagram you need to be doing,it on twitter if you're doing it on,twitter you need to be doing on your,website,because then people are able to identify,with you right away,so i don't know if you guys remembered,par moon,the owner of moon cosmetics right the,girl who made a million dollars in eight,minutes i love bringing her up because,her story is just,one of those stories you just don't hear,about like it's very,rare so she made a million dollars in,eight minutes,after she blew up and after you know,her business started booming and people,started getting familiar with her and,her brand and like it started getting,some buzz and it was all over,everywhere people started making fake,websites of her business,people are crazy y'all like that is,really crazy out here but,the reason why people were also able to,not get scammed now you know it was,it was a few slow ones out there that,probably got scammed because they don't,pay attention,but the ones who know better were able,to not get scammed because they were,able to see the branding across the,board was the same for her business,and also the business name now the,scammers was really goddamn smart,because,they like added one letter to her,website domain name or,took away a letter or added a dash like,people is,crazy y'all but it's super important,for you to create a professional looking,site,that is consistent with your branding on,other platforms if i go on your,instagram and you sell clothes let me,tell y'all something,if i go on your instagram and you sell,clothes and you taking all your pictures,and you take them in front of a certain,background right,you use a certain color maybe your,colors are green purple silver i don't,know,and then i get on your website or what i,thought was your website,and then i see blue yellow and pink,and then those pictures don't look like,the pictures,from your instagram i'm not going to,think that this is the same business,and i'm probably going to think i'm,about to get scammed okay,people are very very hesitant to shop,with new businesses as,is y'all who have started a business and,been struggling you know this y'all know,this y'all know this,people are very hesitant they're getting,smarter they want to be wine and dine,they want your small business to act,like a big business which you should,want that,too so it's important y'all be,consistent so,brand your website brand your website i,repeat,brand your website y'all,and a lot of you don't know the,difference between branding marketing,and advertising,and if that's you that's fine own up to,it comment down below let me know,let me know because i may do a video on,the differences,if there's enough people who need help,in this area they are all equally,important you cannot have one without,the other,but if you don't know where to start let,me know okay let me know,also i have a webinar on branding i'm,just gonna do a little product plug,that's in the description too it's,life-changing okay,one of my like all-time favorite things,about shopify,is the app store if you have a shopify,store and you are not,taking advantage of those apps,you are a mad person mad one man mad man,whichever whatever you identify as,you're crazy the shopify app store is a,gold,mine if you ever go to a website,and you're wondering oh my god had i got,this cool little pop-up,oh my god how'd i got this like spin the,wheel thing,oh my god they got a whole bunch of,videos that pop,up after the products oh my god i want,that girl they're using shopify you can,have that,you can have that too take advantage of,the apps that will help,boost your conversions now y'all know i,got y'all so i'm gonna give you,my how many i'm gonna give y'all,i'm gonna give y'all five i'm gonna give,y'all five,of my personal favorite apps that are,literally installed in my shopify store,i'm gonna get it to y'all if y'all hang,on to the end of this video it'll be a,little gift,okay so y'all gonna get five of my,personal apps that i use,they're um i believe,all of the ones most of them are free,some of them you have to pay,after you reach a certain milestone and,things like that but we'll get into that,at the end,but back to it if you have shopify,i'm gonna need you to go digging inside,the app store and look through those,apps y'all that is,literally going to change the game,within your store,you don't want to just build your store,that say upload your products and send,traffic,no ma'am no bam no sam you need to have,certain funnels in place,you need to have certain incentives in,place you need to have certain banners,in place,you need to have a lot of in place,okay,and you can do that within the app store,so we're gonna talk about that a little,later y'all i'm gonna say that for last,because that's really really really,important now let's get into the actual,website content what goes,on your website,listen y'all one thing i really hate is,going on a website,and it's only like three things and i'm,not talking about products it can be,three products you only have three,products to offer that's,fine i'm talking about content like i go,on a website,and all i see are the products and,that's,it and like maybe a contact us form,i don't girl i'm on and i'm off let me,tell y'all a secret,the longer somebody is on your website,the more likely they are to shop,it's just human nature it's just how we,are curiosity killed the cat,but curiosity also got you back,girl just came up with that but yeah,y'all for real on a serious note,you don't want somebody to just click on,your website and click off,it's nothing for them to view right so,you want to diversify your website,content boo,now i was going to give y'all a list i,was going to give y'all a list,of website content i got something,better in mind,i just filmed a video it's already up,and it was on,how to spy on your competitors to,improve your online sales the answer to,this,is inside that video so that's your,homework,if you want to know what website content,you should add to your shopify store is,you got to go watch that video i'm not,even going to tell you i'll be making it,too,easy for y'all like go watch the video,if you really want to know you'll watch,it because it's there and it's,that's another goldmine video that's,another gym filled video anyway so,you know that's the least you could do,to say thank you jazz okay,now this next one y'all is this,this one thing this one thing could,really improve your stores,like tremendously but you don't know,what you don't know,so i'm not gonna blame y'all or nothing,but get on it okay,use templates for your collection,banners,and your slide shows stop trying to go,on canva,and diy it and you know damn well,you don't know graphic design at all we,can tell,okay maybe you showed your grandma and,she was like oh yeah baby you look so,good i'm so proud of you baby,come on now granny she's gonna be easy,on you,i'm here to tell you the truth hire,somebody okay,take advantage of templates y'all this,right here,can be a very very very low cost,thing you can check out some templates,on etsy,or you can hire somebody on fiverr to do,it for you let's go take a look let me,just,i'm gonna show y'all real quick i'm,gonna show y'all real quick i'm gonna,show y'all real,quick and we're gonna get back into it,okay okay so first things,first let's go ahead and take a look at,etsy,because etsy is really people sleeping,on it,okay so what we're looking for are,website banners,now what you want to do is type in,now you can type you're kind of going to,have to play with it so let's actually,type in website banner website banner,template,and let's just say for example purposes,you're in the fitness industry,the one thing you guys need to know,about,templates are they're editable now i,have noticed that these,website banners and these templates are,kind of geared more towards,women-owned businesses i have noticed,that on on,sc that they're really dominating in the,beauty space,the health space um and that type of,industry,but let's go ahead and check this one,out okay so this isn't even what i,searched,just say website and we don't want that,we want a template,like this is the kind of thing we're,looking for,if you guys can get multiples and one,like a kit that would be perfect,so let's just go ahead and zoom in on,this so this is all you would get you,would get all of these banners you see,how professional,this looks and very branded um so,you know you can change all of this,stuff,now i won't say that let me not say that,so you want to make sure that you,actually,read the description over to the right,so you can know exactly what you're able,to edit and what you want so like let's,say for example depending on,the browser that the graphic designer,used like if it's canva you should be,able to edit all of this,but sometimes they use other versions i,mean other software,then maybe you can't edit the colors of,a you know,because it was done in photoshop or,something like that but they will always,have it in the details so make sure you,guys are reading before,purchasing but you get all of these,downloads,and you see how beautifully branded this,is,all cohesive with one another um you can,change out the fonts,the wording the pictures to make them,your own obviously your own,discount discount to say save up to 40,off if maybe you just get 20,off like you can change that um,obviously you can put your own images,but this is just really beautifully,crafted,so this would work for really any,business um if you're,into this type of branding so let's go,ahead and take a look at another one,this is another template kit for,obviously waist trainers,now this is what i meant by some of,these may not be able to be editable,um because this was clearly made in,photoshop so once you guys are kind of,you know,you get more familiar with graphics you,wouldn't,be able to tell what's created in,photoshop and what is created in canva,and things like that so this clearly,says the colors and design are not,changeable only the words are,so you wouldn't be able to change,nothing but the words pretty much,okay so if you guys ever see,like a banner or a template that you,actually like,make sure you just go ahead and click on,the actual store to see what else they,have to offer so here we go one we found,one for fitness this is,social media banners this isn't website,banners,but like i just said if you see,something that,you like you can always go to their,store,and see what else they have to offer and,this particular,um etsy store really focuses on social,media kids,and social media templates so you guys,may have to do some digging this is a,instagram story pack these are all,templates so you can edit all this stuff,if your brand colors are orange and,black bam this will work for you,but you may even be able to actually,change this,so make sure you guys are just reading,to see what's editable if you can change,the colors,you can change the wording change the,pictures,always read that before purchasing so,i'm gonna show you guys one more since,the fitness didn't really work out,and i know that the actual hair business,really would these are really big on,etsy,really really big on etsy so i know a,lot of girl colors are usually pink,so let's just click on this one so you,guys will get this entire kit,for eight dollars and fifty cents and it,looks way,more professional than what you would,who's gonna create in camera,okay for less than ten bucks,right so you get all of this new,arrivals,you get this pretty picture here these,are all banners website banners,collection banners these are super cute,if you like this but maybe you want to,see what else have to offer,you're going to go to this etsy store,design friends art,select that and bam,for those of you who have a hair,business she has a whole hair bundle,branding kit you will get all of this,diy branding kit for 40 bucks and you,can,literally go in and edit all of this you,put your own company name put your own,pictures,and things like that this is why i told,you guys to take advantage,of templates take advantage of templates,this small small thing can make,such a huge difference in your business,because you come off as professional,let's go ahead,and head to fiverr as well,because fiverr is another place that you,guys can go to get website,banners created for the lolo,so all i did was type in web banner i'm,going to select web banner here,and i am just going to,make me log in,okay they didn't okay cool so all you,guys are going to do is just go ahead,and go through,this these gigs i already showed you how,to do it how my process is if you guys,want to see how i actually find the best,fiber gigs i will link that video down,below,but for now you just look through them,and check out their previous work and,bam,you can get one done for as little as,ten dollars the premium package is,40 bucks and yeah so,make sure you guys are investing in your,business,where it counts all right and it doesn't,mean you have to spend a lot of money,to get work done that looked like you,did okay,so i'm hoping that that one just like,blew your mind,and y'all about to take advantage of,that like today,okay today like i've been stressing,myself out for no reason that's exactly,what you've been doing but,it's all good now because you don't know,what you don't know and now you know,and once you know better you do better,okay can i get a thumbs up,please i give thumbs up please i must,love y'all cause my voice is trying to,come back,only thing i ate today was some chicken,noodle soup so,and i have like this not in my yeah i,don't care yeah i don't care okay the,next thing i wanted to mention was,to repurpose your ig content any,any social media content that you guys,are on any platform,you don't necessarily have to have like,instagram doesn't have to be your main,thing okay it's going to vary depending,on where,your audience is your audience could be,on pinterest people sleeping on,pinterest pinterest is a gold mine,i'm just going to drop that it could be,twitter people are,making a killing on twitter because they,go viral all the time promoting their,products,right it could be tick-tock i got a girl,right now shout out to nigel,freaking tik tok famous in my mentorship,program and literally selling out,because of tick-tock,don't be close-minded and don't think,that instagram is the only platform that,you,should be on where is your audience,right goes back to my point,whichever social media platform that you,are utilizing,to sell to promote to engage to build,this wonderful amazing community,repurpose that content and post it on,your website,you can do this in a numbers of ways,this could be blogs,this could be reviews you can take the,product photos and add them as a,slideshow in your products,this could be product videos listen,y'all,i always say this pictures are good,videos will,always be bedtime,always be better okay always,now if you guys are like brand spanking,new to silly,and it's just you feel like you're,getting overwhelmed with a lot of,information you don't know what to do,first,you don't know what to prioritize so,check out the description this is,another product,plug because y'all know if i can tell,you all it is,for the free what do y'all think is in,the paid content,okay think about that this is,specifically,a bundle that i put together for people,who,don't know how to sell okay,literally the title of the bundle is how,to sell, when you're just getting started,i'm just playing there's no in the,title it should be though maybe i should,edit that,let me know what you think but that's in,the description if you need it it's,literally very very resourceful very,helpful very beginner friendly,it's gonna get you together like you're,gonna be all right you're gonna be ready,to get your shopify popping,especially after that bundle and this,series oh boy you're gonna be all right,i just need you to come back and give me,my flowers that's all i have to do now,this next thing i wanted to mention,because i've been kind of,preaching this to my mentees a lot,lately,and that is adding a quiz to your,website,now success leaves clues if y'all,watched my last video you,you you heard me mention that success,leaves clues,pay attention so one thing that i've,been paying attention to a lot lately,is all of these big brands kylie jenner,mac cosmetics i think uh who's the other,pretty little thing,i've been saying like these big you know,i i do my research y'all never stop,learning,i've been seeing these big companies use,quizzes more and more,so let me go over a few of the benefits,right the first things first,think of it there's so many benefits,y'all,let's say for example you are new to,selling clothes let's use clothes,because i was going to use skin care,i think i already used skincare so i'm,using different examples let's say you,sell,clothes right and you in the beginning,stages of selling your clothes you know,you're probably doing pre-order method,or you just have,small amounts of inventory okay,so you are still maybe trying to figure,out who to target you don't really know,the style that your audience is,necessarily interested in put a goddamn,quiz on your website,which top is your favorite this one or,that one which bottom is your favorite,this one or that are you a two-piece,girl are you a,midi maxi dress girl i don't know you,know,so there for one the customer is on your,site longer remember we talked about,that,you're getting them to interact with you,and then you're,also getting questions from them so you,can better know,how to proceed with your store,okay and last but not least girl,product recommendation oh this is juices,i gotta talk for you so yeah i gotta,think outside the box pay,attention to what the big dogs are doing,i'll even give you guys an example from,my website,i didn't necessarily want to do a quiz i,just didn't want to do that i wanted to,do something a little bit more,straightforward,so i categorized my audience into three,collections beginner lit experience,and the big banker maybe you come on my,website and you are just a little bit,overwhelmed because i got a lot,of products if y'all want to see it,description,and you like girl i don't know where to,start i don't know if this is for me i,don't know i would get,questions like that all the freaking,time so i'm wondering to myself okay,what can i do with this information i,need to create a better system that,helps my freaking customers get what,they need right,so i categorized it bam three different,collections,if you are a beginner you click i'm a,beginner,these are the products that i have put,together for beginners,if you have a little bit of experience,you're making a little bit of money,but you're trying to make mo these,products are for you,and if you are already making money your,business is popping but you ready to,scale it to six figures or more,these products are for you that is what,i decided to do,you guys don't have to do a quiz but you,absolutely must know,that everybody who comes to your website,will not know what to purchase,and on top of that everybody will not be,informed of your brand and informed on,your products you have to account for,those people,now if y'all been following me for a,while on instagram hopefully,you are following me if not go follow i,used to talk about cold audiences,warm audiences and hot audiences a lot,because people are under the assumption,that everybody who come on your page,has been there before everybody who,comes on your page has seen your post,from three weeks ago,that is why repurposing your content is,so important we getting off the subject,of shopify but this is really important,y'all yeah i need to tell you all this,repurpose your content that is why also,you want to post multiple times a day,when you are in the foundation building,phase,you're trying to build a community,you're trying to get your reach further,you have to be consistent you got three,different types of audiences y'all,cold warm hot cold i'm gonna give y'all,this quick,quick breakdown cold people don't know,who the hell you are they never heard of,you,they are not shopping with you they do,not trust you you have to warm them up,warren they've been following you for a,while maybe they heard about you through,a friend through a friend they sent,somebody repost you,so they got that little bit of trust,factor because it's coming from a third,party,but they still aren't convinced to shop,they got a few questions,they're kind of you know waiting around,for you to butter them up,inform them and get them comfortable,that's your warm audience hot you're hot,they've been riding with you for a while,they,purchase they refer you they are on your,list they are ready and willing to buy,everything you come out with,that's your hot audience you are always,going to be working with,all three okay always,now obviously in the beginning you just,got cold that's it they all code they,don't know you they don't trust you,and that's why i always preach to y'all,you cannot just promote promote promote,promote promote,if you need help with content check out,my how to beat the instagram algorithm,series,there's really a content class on how to,warm people up how to actually convert,people that are just viewers into buyers,filled with jams so you have to check,that out i just uploaded that to my,website actually because i had to,integrate it from a different platform,yes none of your business okay anyway,that's in the description box too okay,now,this is something that is slept on right,now it's very very new,i would probably say i've been seeing,brands utilize this for the past two,years,and it's still slipped on very much,slept on i'm gonna do a video on this,topic actually,and that is utilizing sms marketing aka,text message marketing text message,marketing have,over a 90 percent open rate,y'all like what jesus christ,over 90 open rate y'all that is crazy,high,emails sit at about 30 to 40 on a good,day,on a good day that means if you have,a hundred people on your list let me,just break this down for y'all if you,got 100 people on your list let's take,email and then sms,email on average only 30 to 40 people,will,actually open it that doesn't mean,they're gonna click on whatever the hell,you told them to click on that's just,the open rate,versus sms marketing has 90,that means 90 people out of those 100,are likely to open that text message why,because we are,literally always on our phone people are,addicted to their phone,use that to your advantage okay so make,sure you are utilizing,an sms marketing strategy on your,website,along with that if you guys are shipping,physical products,add your tracking option as well it's,just an,extra level of security security,people want to feel like you know okay,i was comfortable enough to purchase i,purchased,i did it bam you want to track your,order ma'am,would you like to track your order sir,oh now i'm feeling good hell yeah have,my number,add my email which they already got yes,so at that tracking option they have so,many tracking,apps in the app store the very last,thing i want to share with y'all,today is to offer more than one payment,options at checkout y'all,it's 2021. we live in a world full of,people that are able to take their card,next to the card reader and just and,it's paid for you even got a swipe,number,you ain't got to enter it no more people,love convenience okay,make sure you have multiple payment,options on your website,people don't like to punch in they card,number and i gotta go dig in my purse,go look for my car people lazy you know,even though you already at home you,still don't feel like doing it,so make sure you have like a paypal,option like a apple pay,samsung pay things along those lines,make it easy for people to give you,their money,okay don't make it a hassle don't make,it hard all right,now i did promise y'all my five,apps that i will share with y'all that i,use in my store so i'm gonna give you,that i'm gonna give you that but first i,need something i need my thumbs up,you know because my views don't be,matching my thumbs up i'd be like,i could just want to ask for a favor but,damn,okay so maybe i heard a hearing i don't,know,but can i please get my thumbs up and,that's big red button,smushed in if you are new here because i,promise you'll be back you're gonna keep,seeing me,i know what i'm doing you know i know,how to work the algorithm,or whatever okay y'all anyway so five of,my apps the first one,this right here is a gym in itself and,it's,completely free and it's one of,the most converting apps on my store,the name of the app is called sales pop,up pro or sales pop-up one of the two,i'm gonna show y'all and this app allows,people to see what others have purchased,that have,came on your site so we're just kind of,adding just a little bit of social proof,and it's making people aware of,different products that they may have,not been looking at,that's available for purchase on your,website like,y'all i make all my mentees download,this goddamn app and they conversion,rates have improved drastically,drastically the next app this is a terms,and conditions,app this app works for me and my,business wonderfully,because i sell digital products they are,non-refundable baby,don't try to give me your money and you,get your product and then you try to say,that you didn't get it because i know,you got it because i could see you got,it because my system,told me you got it like you know mm-hmm,but people triesty,they try to scam they try to get over,and you know they be opening the,disputes,not today not today now i already have,it in my policies it's,already on my product descriptions,people don't read,with this app people aren't able to even,check out the os ain't going,nowhere until you click the box that you,read these terms and conditions,and the reason why i love this app,because i already have this available on,my site before,but with this particular app i can,actually go back,and view the date and the time that they,click the box so i can send in that info,if i need to,if they decide to open a dispute or tell,paypal or they bank that they ain't get,it,this will also be a good app for y'all,if you sell like custom items,or you know handmade items anything,that girl you just want to protect,yourself even if you don't hell if your,return policy is 7 days 14 days and it's,outside of that window,put that girl put put put your terms and,conditions,put put this app on your site thank me,later okay,the next app is called yahoo now y'all,already know we've been talking about,social proof,a hell of a lot also let me just do,another product plug because i just,thought about this ebook that i,that's new to my site and it's on how to,build,trust from xero check that out y'all,that's gonna help a lot of y'all okay,but,i use yappo for my reviews i love yapo,because you get,written photo and video reviews,they also have a free plan so for y'all,well i'm not a budget you can still take,advantage of it,now i don't think you get access to the,photos in the video reviews,part you have to upgrade for that but,y'all yappo is amazing,amazing that's what i use for my reviews,there's tons and tons and tons,of freaking you know review apps but,this is what i use i,already i did the homework and decided,that this would work for me,okay this is like a double whammy and,this is clavio,and sms bump now previously i used,convertkit for my email marketing and,honestly,i really been slacking because i just,got back on shopify a week ago,and i have not converted over to like,set up my email marketing the way i need,to so,that's my homework for you know this,week but i decided to go with clavio,because they integrate,seamlessly with shopify and,yeah i just really feel like this was,the best move after doing my homework,because like i said y'all you can never,stop learning just because something may,have worked for your business,back then or at one point in time,doesn't mean it's going to always be the,best decision for you you have to,continue to reevaluate and make sure,that you're making the right moves right,so that's why i went with clavio and,we've been talking about sms marketing,hello you know i don't tell y'all,that i don't do myself,so i also have sms bump that integrates,with clavio so people are able to get my,emails and i get their members and,they're just like yeah,double whammy those are the apps y'all i,hope you enjoyed this super super super,super,great video if i do say so myself again,this is going to be episode one of my,shopify,series whatever questions you guys have,about shopify please drop them below so,i can know what,content y'all need what info y'all need,so i can deliver it for y'all okay i,love y'all so much,don't forget to take advantage of those,jams at the link in the description,don't say i never put y'all onto nothing,that's all i'm gonna say that's all i'm,gonna say,i love y'all and i will see y'all in my,next video,you

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