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Updated on Mar 09,2023


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oh i need me a snack,oh i forgot my juices in here,what you working on uh-uh do not come,over here bothering me i am trying to,focus,i am trying to focus,uh-uh,find you something else to do,yeah,focus on what,this freaking shopify store every time i,look up the shopify this shopify that,well here i am,on shopify stuck looking stupid i've,been up all night,i'm tired,so,do you want my opinion,or no,no,mm-hmm no see no,that's your problem you always trying to,do everything by yourself that's your,problem girl just let me see what you're,working on,uh,who did this you,yes,you did this um,yes why do you ask,see this is why you be saying i mean i'm,not trying to be mean what do you mean,but,yes,where is the rest what do you mean the,rest what do you mean i've been working,on that for three years you do do this,in like five minutes um i've been,working on that for three weeks ma'am,see i know you lying cause i ain't,barely not know him,i ain't no pro,or nothing but i do shop online and so,do you so,see that's why i told you don't come up,see crowd that's why i told you don't,come bothering me,go somewhere so and let me finish i'm,pretty sure something is missing,what am i supposed to do now,she be annoying me but god damn she,don't be lying,all right they're asking,hey,what is up boss babes and welcome back,to another video i'm jasmine for those,of you who are new here,anja is pronounced like kanye without,the k all right,and in today's video we're gonna be,talking about shopify i wanted to give,you guys some ways that you can make,your shopify store stand out you know,you can make it pop make it unique,unlike your competitors i did do a part,one to this video a few months ago,and if you haven't seen it i highly,highly highly suggest that you go watch,that video first because that video is,kind of like a stepping stool for this,video really really great information,really great information in this one as,well but i do recommend y'all go watch,that video the things that i gave y'all,in that video i will not be giving you,in this video in this video i'm gonna be,giving y'all some really really dope,features that you can add to your store,and i saved the best for last so we're,gonna be going from some of them that,are super cool to like top tier the,coolest thing ever right so make sure,you guys give this video a thumbs up and,hit that subscribe button if you're not,already because you will be back i,promise y'all have told me that you,really really enjoy when i actually give,visuals of what i'm talking about and,give you some brand examples so i'm,going to be doing that again today so,let's go ahead and get started all right,y'all so the first feature that i wanted,to show you today that is really really,cool,that you can add to your website i,actually saw this on my girl's jalen,instagram account if you guys don't,follow jalen be sure to check her out,this is her instagram account and she,posted that she was able to actually add,an instagram story bar,to her client's shopify store and i was,like oh girl how you do that that's so,bomb like let me figure out how to do,that and of course i found out how to do,it y'all it's me i am a research junkie,all right if i see it i want it i like,it i'm gonna figure out how to get it,and i'm gonna figure out how to do it so,the website that you can actually use to,do this is this website called,in-bed social so they have a ton of,widgets that y'all can actually,incorporate and embed onto your shopify,store,so if you guys want to check them out,feel free to do so and at the bottom,bottom bottom of their website is where,you actually find instagram stories,galleries,and you can choose how you would want,your instagram story to be previewed on,your website so i think this is super,cool this is a very dope way to just,showcase your day-date and your business,onto your website which will definitely,help you stand out amongst the,competition and on top of that y'all you,can actually add the highlight let's say,you didn't post for the day that story,will still be there on your shopify,store so i think that's a really dope,feature that you guys can look into okay,y'all so that was the instagram stories,widget that you can add to your shopify,store the next feature that you can add,to your store to make it stand out a,little bit more also has to do with,social media but it's a little bit,different so that feature includes,adding your tick tock videos to your,shopify store on its own page so there,are apps in the shopify store that you,can add so you can add your tick tock i,believe it's just a tick tock app i'm,not sure i don't have it on my stores,but this way you can actually embed any,tick tock video on your store so let's,say you are using different influencers,or maybe you got like some video,testimonies from people that bought your,product use your product,well you don't have access to their,account so a lot of the times with those,apps you cannot,put those videos on your store but with,this way you can and i'm about to show,you how to do it,all right y'all so the first thing,you're going to want to do is go into,your shopify store,and under online store you're going to,click pages once you're inside of pages,you're going to go ahead top right hand,corner you're going to hit add a page,once you hit add a page you are,basically halfway there so now what,you're going to do is,slide over to tic toc and this is my new,tick tock y'all for business so if you,aren't following me already you might,want to go ahead and do so alright so,you go to the video that you want and,then you're going to find all of the,different sharing options so you're,going to have sent to friends whatsapp,facebook twitter,and all of the other options they have,available what you want to click on,is this gray button here that says in,bed okay so you want to click embed it's,going to bring up this code you're going,to select copy code so once you have the,code copy you're going to go back over,into your shopify store where you were,adding a new page,and click on these two arrows that are,going outwards from each other,and it says show html,so you're going to click on that and all,you have to do is paste that code after,you paste the code you want to go ahead,and give that page a title so maybe the,title is like tick-tock videos or,um it could be your customer,testimonials the influence you work with,whatever title you want to give it i'm,not thinking it hard right now so just,go ahead,and click save and then once you save it,you can go ahead and view the page and,once y'all view the page you will see,that your tick tock video is right,there now let's go ahead and add a video,that has nothing to do with me let's add,a video from some random person okay so,this is just a video that's random just,to show you guys how it will look,once you add more than one video all,right so you go back into your pages,and you're going to be inside of the,html you want to kind of indent a little,bit paste the second video,hit save and now you'll have both videos,how cool is this i love that again this,is a great way to add social proof to,your website and show that other people,are using your product you guys may have,learned already how difficult it is to,get reviews from your customers and it's,even more difficult to get video reviews,by that i mean it's hard to get them to,come back on your website and send you a,video review but they may be more likely,to just do a video for tick tock so girl,you can use that video and still put it,on your website so technically you got,your video review,okay y'all so like i said adding the,tick top to your website will be,absolutely perfect for additional social,proof and i also wanted to just remind,you that you decide where your pages go,on your store so if you want your pages,to be at the footer if you want it to be,on the side of your website the top of,your website is going to depend on the,type of theme that you have and how you,set up your navigation but y'all do know,that there are no free things allowed,okay no free themes alone all right so,the next feature y'all is so,dope and it is really,really showing where the future is going,okay it's really showing where the,future is going ai is really cutting up,that's all i'm gonna say all right so,let me show y'all what i'm talking about,okay y'all so for this feature we're,gonna have to take it to the app store,okay you gotta go to shopify go into the,app store and we're gonna type in try on,so this feature actually is an app for,those of you who sell products like,glasses or jewelry,they even have a new one for fashion,this feature i actually looked into,because i was on and yes i am,talking about the chanel you know i,always say success leaves clues okay,and i was over here looking up the,glasses and girl,it was a little little button there that,was like try on and i'm like what you,mean try on how much i'm gonna try my,right now how much i'm onto the screen,what do you mean try on what you mean,try on y'all try on and little behold do,you know i hit try on and the glasses,popped up on my face chanel asked if i,could give them permission to my camera,i said yes next thing you know my face,right there with the,on through the screen i was like,i see what y'all doing,i see what y'all did there,taking notes taking notes so little do,you know i go inside of the shopify app,store and boom they got their own,version of the chaneli feature y'all so,this website is called glasses and,accessories try on and like i said even,though this may be the only app for now,with good ratings they have another one,for fashion which is for virtual try on,drawing on clothes it don't have great,reviews so,but i'm telling you the way the world is,going especially with this metaverse,saying honey is going to be a lot more,range in this department and i know this,100 without a doubt because y'all i was,on amazon,minding my business shopping on the,amazon store and girl i was looking to,buy a new file cabinet and i was in the,parking lot in the car,waiting on someone,and it was like oh,try it in your room and i'm like what,you mean try it in my room curiosity got,the best of me so i hit the button again,amazon asked for permission to my camera,next thing you know,that foul cabinet popping up in the,parking lot i'm like,when did this become a thing,when did this become and it's so many,products on amazon store i don't know if,y'all are paying attention to what's,happening i don't know if y'all are,paying attention to what's happening and,what is going on,it's scary out here baby after that i,was such in shock i went to everything,i'm looking up everything i'm putting,the whole room together,it made me want to buy things i didn't,even need i'm over here looking at the,dressers i'm over here looking at the,rugs the beds and i made a whole i can,see,the whole thing and it was the correct,dimensions at that y'all this is like,insanity so we are technically already,in the metabolism they are trying to,forge virtual reality with reality and,if they are doing it you need to be,doing it too,so if you sell a product then maybe they,don't have it yet maybe you're selling,wigs you're selling shoes maybe you need,to look into creating your own app okay,so i'm gonna just i'm gonna just drop,that right there let's talk about the,next way you can make your shopify store,stand out all right y'all so this next,feature that i think would be pretty,cool to add to your website i actually,got this from fashion nova,and one thing about me y'all i'm forever,studying brand every day is stretching,it let's be honest here,but i really do take at least an hour,out of my day every single day to just,do a quick glimpse of what my favorite,brands are doing i'm not gonna say my,favorite brands i would say brands that,are killing it at what they do i've,never personally shot with fashion nova,but i'll be ignorant to say that i'm not,paying attention to what the hell,they're doing okay so fashion nova,actually has this feature on their,website their website looks really great,like their website looks really good,it's a bit overwhelming it's a lot of,words a lot of discounts and stuff like,always so it can be an overload,sometimes but one thing fashion nova,does do really exceptionally well they,use other people's buying habits to make,more sales they have a category here,that says shop the trend,and then they have different trends,that's trending right now but that's not,what i wanted to show y'all what i,wanted to show y'all was this feature,that they have all the way at the bottom,which i've never seen before,and it specifically says trending in,houston so this is actually a feature,that shows you what's trending in your,area where you live i live in houston,and i first of all i'm like how y'all,even know i live in houston,i ain't tell y'all live in houston if,you are someone who knows that you do a,lot of business in a certain area and,this is most businesses you're going to,always have your top cities your top,locations right so like for me houston,is actually one of my top cities but,it's also new york chicago so i would,love to show other people in that area,hey look what people around your city is,buying now this is a powerful tool,because technically you're selling,showing other people's tastes you know,and don't underestimate that you know,some girls that's how they decide what,to wear they want to see what everybody,else is wearing what everybody else is,buying so,i think that's a pretty dope feature and,again y'all success leaves clues because,best believe they are doing this for a,reason this is on their website because,it works now just to be fair fashion,nova does not use a shopify store this,is not a shopify store this is a custom,coded store,i can only imagine how much this was at,least i'd say two three hundred thousand,probably way more than that but this is,not a shopify store and i don't,necessarily know exactly how you can get,this on your website so let's go ahead,and see if it is in the app store if,it's not in the app store i have some,coders shopify developers that i use,when i can't particularly find an app,that i want but i want a certain feature,i use my developers because they know,how to do custom coding i will give you,guys a little bit more information on,that later in the video so i went to the,shopify app store,it doesn't seem like they have any apps,that are along the lines of trending by,location regarding the products,so you will have to have that custom,coded into your store all right y'all if,you haven't already this is just your,friendly reminder to give this video a,thumbs up what are you doing okay,real ones know to give it a thumbs up,before the video even starts okay those,are the real ones now i want to show,y'all this feature i saw on this demo,store inside of the shopify theme store,because i was looking for any new themes,that the shopify developers have came,out with,and i saw this new theme y'all and i,wanted to tell you about this feature,that really stood out to me so as i'm,scrolling down this is a plant store,again this is a demo store so this isn't,technically a real store you cannot,order from this store y'all,but one thing that really stood out to,me was this feature right here so they,had step-by-step instructions on,basically how to shop so one you pick,your plant two you choose your pot color,three you have it shipped for you watch,it grow this is amazing for people who,sell like systems so maybe you sell,haircut products or maybe you sell,custom wig units and you need to walk,people through how to order maybe you,get the same questions all day long,let's say for example you have a custom,wig business or a custom clothing,business whatever you sell that requires,a little bit more of a process you can,give them that step-by-step instruction,using this feature which is a feature,within this theme this theme is called,bu this is a new theme inside of the,shopify store that feature really stood,out to me because i think this can solve,a lot of your problems when you have,people asking tons of questions it's,going to stand out for sure because,you're walking them through it with,pictures right next to the instructions,and as y'all can see this is really,straightforward really basic and it may,seem like common sense but when you're a,business owner you learn that common,sense is not so common okay another,thing that i noticed while i was looking,on this theme y'all is these bulletins,right here another very simple thing,that will make you stand out amongst,your competition so technically why us,why would you choose us to purchase,plants online so it has unbeatable,quality delivery to your door,all the help you need so you can use,this feature,adding bulletins to point out your,customer's pain points and how your,products actually solve those pain,points highlight certain qualities about,your business that you feel makes you,different than your competitors and,actually put that on your website so i,think a lot of the times all i see on,people's home pages may be their,products and their collections but your,home page is where most people fall off,from a lot of people will not make it,past your home page and you don't want,to overcrowd your homepage that's for,sure but you do want to let them know,like straight up from the jump,what makes us,different right you can do that by,adding those bulletins to highlight,those things all right y'all now we are,getting to the top,three,these three will 100 without a doubt,make your shopify store stand out,beautifully beautifully i might add if,done correctly your stuff got to be,quality of course but when done right,it's a beautiful sight to see okay so,let me show y'all what i'm talking about,these things will hands down,make your shopify store stand out okay,all right so first up we have kylie skin,i'm not gonna get into the whole,kardashian debunkle i don't got time,today but one thing i will say is those,women know what it takes to make the,website look flawless and maybe it ain't,them behind it but they name on it so,there's that okay so i was just doing,some research like i said y'all studying,the big dogs,and i was looking at this website that,kylie has which is kylie's skin and i,noticed something,so i'm just on the website you know,browsing i got all the way down,towards the bottom and i started,noticing something y'all something that,you will see more so on instagram than a,website and i'm like this,is gold this makes so much sense this is,so convenient for the customers and it's,just amazing so do y'all are y'all,saying this,do y'all know what these are,these are called infographics,so on the first product photo here you,have the product you have a mock-up of,the products showcasing the product,but you have an infographic here to,point out certain features and benefits,of the product now obviously you have,your product description for that but,who's to say everybody reads the product,description they are definitely going to,scroll through that product photo right,the gallery so,in this infographic you can see they,highlight the glycerin what is glycerin,that is gentle non-stripping and some,more information regarding the product,that's just one infographic this second,infographic highlights questions that,people ask about the product y'all if,y'all are not witnessing what is,happening here i need you to open your,eyes this is genius you asked we,answered what are the benefits of using,toner boom listed the benefits does the,toner have vanilla in it boom answer the,question all within the product photo,okay,so don't get me wrong you can absolutely,put this in your product description but,this stood out to me and anybody can add,that feature to their website all right,y'all so we are now down to the last two,ways that you can make your shopify,store stand out and i might add,these are my top two favorites like i,will be adding to every single shopify,store that i create like,y'all about to see y'all about to see,but before i tell you what they are i,said i was going to show you guys,something regarding the shopify theme,store so y'all know we don't do free,themes we don't do free things we don't,do free things we don't do free themes,we don't do things we don't do things we,don't do free things if you don't know,why we don't do free themes i need you,to watch how to make your shopify store,stand out part one because i break down,the difference between a paid theme and,a free theme and why it's so important,to invest in a paid theme because you're,going to miss out on so many more,features and capabilities for your,website that you will not have in a free,theme now if y'all have noticed though,shopify went up on the prices baby some,of these themes are 350.,the cheapest ones used to be,160,to go from 160,to 350,and i mean it felt like overnight that's,what it felt like the cheapest themes in,their theme store now is 220. i see one,for 220 and that theme looks very basic,but if you guys want high quality themes,they are going to be more so in that 250,300 350 range that's just what it is,it's an investment into your business,however i finally got some new shopify,themes premium themes for y'all on the,low so i have three things available for,y'all they are 350,each,regularly if you were to buy these,shopify themes in the shopify store,y'all for 350 each that would be 1050.,i'm gonna give y'all all three of them,for 60 bucks which is only 20 a piece,you guys can grab those at the link in,the description what i also did because,i have offered premium things before one,problem that we ran into was the theme,wasn't updating right so when you buy a,theme it's going to automatically update,if you buy it from the shopify themed,store so people were running into issues,because the theme wasn't updating,because they didn't buy it from the,shopify theme store so we finally have a,solution for that the themes that i now,have come with updates every single time,that the theme updates right so if you,need an update all you gotta do is email,us we'll look to validate your,information and we'll give you the,update for free so that's the way around,it because y'all i'm not gonna lie a lot,of new entrepreneurs cannot afford i'm,not gonna say i can afford but that,money can be used elsewhere and we do,not do free themes if you have a free,theme on your website i can't even take,you serious,on top of offering you all those things,for the lolo i am also going to give you,two of my developers for free it's,included you will get their information,when you purchase the premium theme if,you want some custom coding done to your,website you can't figure out how to get,your banner size the right way maybe,your website is running slow whatever,they can fix all of that these are,shopify developers super super good at,what they do and i might add they're,very affordable one of the last two,features i have to show y'all is,actually on a website that will be,included in the package so y'all will,actually get to see,one of those themes and how awesome it,is so let's go ahead and take a look all,right y'all so this website is eep heat,i was on instagram scrolling i ended up,looking on a website because i was like,okay there are marketing this flat iron,so good girl and i need a new flat iron,so first thing i noticed that i really,really liked about this theme in this,website when you browse over the menu,items you actually have the pictures,there like you can see exactly what the,product looked like as you scroll over,the category which i love that so so so,so much love love love that the feature,though that i wanted to tell y'all about,that you should absolutely include on,your website is this right here so it,says heat gang hotties as seen on and,then you have three influencers here now,the reason why this is so dope because,once you actually click on one of these,it will take you directly to the video,that's linked where they are actually,using the product so if you guys use a,lot of influencer marketing or maybe,just some ugc you got brand ambassadors,and you want to actually use the high,quality images for your website that,stays on brand but you actually want to,show people the video as well boom this,video alone had over 40 000 likes more,social proof y'all that's more social,proof this feature is included in the,theme so that's something you guys,should really consider incorporating in,to your store because when people see,these faces they automatically connect,with them they know them they're used to,seeing them online so it's like oh damn,like they use their products,maybe it is really good high quality,right click on it and you can see what,context they were using it in all right,y'all so the last way,i wanted to show you how to make your,shopify store stand out,is something that i don't care what you,do whether you sell products that are,physical products digital products,whether you are offering a service,if you have a shopify website you can do,this it does not matter what industry,you are in you can add this to your,website all right so that feature is,right here in this bottom right hand,corner i'm over here i'm on yummy,extensions thinking about getting some,wavy hair sure enough i'm like what is,this what is this video so i click on it,and i believe it was just a video,covering how long they've been in,business their story but this is such a,dope feature because for one it's going,to add trust to your website tell people,more about the brand more about the,product maybe show a behind the video,whatever type of video you want to add,it is right there as i keep scrolling on,this website the video does not move if,i go to another page the video does not,move this would be a great way to like i,said build trust and show that you are a,real business you can use this as an,opportunity to answer some frequently,asked questions in video form versus,just having your frequently asked,questions page do not underestimate over,doing it do not underestimate giving,people more than what they bargained for,constantly relaying information even,though you put it in the email you put,it on the instagram you put it on your,website don't underestimate putting it,on there again go above and beyond to,make people comfortable with shopping,with you and it's going to pay off all,right now those are all the features,that i wanted to show y'all today to,make your shopify store stand out,however there's one more thing i want to,show y'all i was inside of the shopify,theme store and i came across this theme,the personality for this demo store was,just hopping off of the screen let's,talk about adding personality in your,website just a little bit i dive into,this deeper when i'm talking more about,branding and actually creating your,brand's personality but i wanted to,actually show y'all what that looks like,right so let's take a look at this demo,store this is not a real store you,cannot go in here and order something,even though it looks so good that you,may want to but let's take a look at the,copy you add personality to your website,and your copy so before we even scroll,down you guys can see their logo here,the logo has like a little bite taken,out of it,right i think that's really cool as you,can see this is like a cookie store one,menu item says shop cookies the other,one says browse by flavor that's what i,mean y'all when i say adding some,personality in your copy so if we keep,scrolling all the way down to the bottom,you'll see this title feeling hungry,obviously incorporating again if this is,something that sells that you can eat,instead of the search bar just saying,search bar it says find more cookies try,our tasty trio,what's your flavor choose your favorite,from our scrumptious range so i think,they did a good job at adding some,personality into this demo store so i,just wanted to show you all that really,quickly now obviously y'all the ways to,make your shopify store stand out is,literally endless just be mindful to be,creative and not try to copy anybody,make things your own make things,original and always stay on the lookout,of how you can make it better and,improve the look of your website the,experience for your customers and the,process for your team to make things,easier okay

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