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CREATE YOUR OWN SHOPIFY BOT- PART 1 right now i'm on the shopify website so,normally when um,big dro


Updated on Jan 17,2023


The above is a brief introduction to how to make a shopify bot

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how to make a shopify bot catalogs


right now i'm on the shopify website so,normally when um,big drops releases um all these drops,are normally on,uh new so new release releases,sometimes they're on just for footwear,but,uh we're gonna just focus on you,so this method i'm gonna show you guys,is gonna work on any jobs,um so just keep that in mind um,and you're in and if they add new,measures or new shopify bot measures you,can,you're going to understand this course,how to make uh and how to,update your scripts so let's say for,example i want this shoe,um so i'll click on that,so any type of shoe they have their own,id so for size 8 size 9,size 10 you see that there's,a code this code,is going to change every time that i,click a new size,every time i click a new size the code,is going to change the code is,associated with this shoe itself,so the good thing about this code is,that when you get this code,you can um trigger to add to cart right,away,so the way you can trigger the add to,cart right away,is by simply simply um having the,the website and then you delete all of,this,you add cart and then this again,uh cart and then you paste the,the code so i'm gonna get size eight and,then,add a semicolon with a one,that means one means this is the,quantity you can have two you can have,three,but also other one and you press enter,and then it should add it to your card,and it should go and check out so that's,a very,fast way to do um normally um it would,bring you to a queue if it was a real,job,but in in if you get my course you'll be,able to,understand what to do in that scenario,if there's a queue,so go back on the page um so just right,now in this video we're just gonna,understand,uh keyword findings so finding the,product and then adding the product to,the cart,um so right so,if we go on new there's like a category,uh we need to,find the product and the product,is called nike waffle so during a job,you never really know like,two of the three words of the item so um,this is the product so we're gonna get,right into the to the code,um so i'll explain a bit a bit about the,code so right now,i open a console um so the first thing,i'll do is this a function called a,public static,async fine so this function async just,means that,it's uh asynchron it like it does the,same thing,like it it does the the function,at the same rhythm of when it was,started static just means that it can be,called from any other functions,so public just means that any any other,function can call it because if we put,it private then we can't access that,function,right so basically what we're going to,do in this course,is we're going to um use um,we're going to basically do request to,this,page and we're going to get a response,from the server of normal,so how do we do this so basically what,we're going to do is,we're going to ask a request and it's,going to give us a response,from from the server itself,so let's say mr a wants to,buy um a shoe from the website,it's gonna ask a request all right so,normally it's a,http request,sorry for my handwriting and it's going,to send back,a response and from that response we can,create a checkout or you can do whatever,you want with it,so you they get a request and then you,get a response back from the server,alright so,basically um there's different ways to,get the item,but i'm not going to discuss in this,video if you want to get my course you,can,we'll explain the different ways so,normally if you go here and you,add to cart so if you go on network and,you,added the card you see that the first,thing that they do is a post request,that means that,they're posting so they're asking the,server if you're asking or you're asking,someone from the server it's gonna it's,gonna be a get request,so this is what it's posting to this,link,and it's giving some data so this kind,of data,so i'm not really gonna that's not the,way i'm gonna do it to add the card,because there's a simpler way,but this is a different way you could do,it,so um let's get into the video now so,uh if you want to get this product you,simply uh do a request to this page,so how we're going to do this request so,basically we're gonna do is,um we're gonna we're going to,uh just say that we're just gonna create,a link,for for where we wanna request the page,so we're gonna say uri uh site,equals um new ui,and then we're gonna say and then we're,gonna put the link that we wanna do,so the link all right so you want to do,a request,it's not to this page or this page,this is not the page that we want,because um,if you want to do a uh if we would want,to get the link of a certain item,we would split right click and then go,into,page choice and we would see a bunch of,different products,by so if you look like i don't know nike,waffle,you would find the item but it would be,very hard for you to parse through this,data because,um you would have to like go through,and then get the experience it would be,very hard to get the link because then,you have to make another,um request when you're actually on the,page to get the variant id,so a simple way to do this so basically,if you go in,this category and you just add a,product products,products.json i think i think that's the,link,jason and then you would get the item,you get a bunch of items normally you,don't get,all of them so what you do normally is,you,um put a limit so you just write,limit equal 50.,that just basically means that you're,loading 50,50 item on the page if you want to get,more um you can rate 5000 and that's,going to alert more items so,more of the of the supreme well the,problem is that,um keep in mind that if you're loading,more items it's going to take more time,for your bot to,load this so at the end of the day it,comes down to the speed,so you just want to keep it as small as,possible so we're going to stay with 50,so let's give me our link,so this is going to be our link so this,is where we're going to,do a request to the page and basically,um we just don't want to get blocked by,the bot securities,so what we're going to do is we're going,to,well i'm going to show you what we're,going to do to bypass that uh,those securities pretty simple,so this see it's an http web request so,we're doing a request to the page and,the format is unit http so third of the,it's the protocol to make a request so,we're going to say,that's the request and then,we're going to request this page so,http and then we want,to do a request here so it's going to,request,and we're going to request to um,to the link that we have so we can price,through it,so pricing just means that we're going,through all the data and getting,only the the data that we actually need,so this is basically going to um,this is basically going to just um get,all this all this text,so i'll just show you guys uh what's the,output of this thing so normally if you,want to know the output you just say,console,right line,and we're going to uh get the response,but we can't really get the response,right away so,because uh there might be some bot,securities that might,stop us from doing this so i'll just add,one more thing to the program,so request user agent so user agent,means like your identity i guess if,you're on online,and we're going to um basically just,say we're just going to go back on this,here and really when you do a request,you get like,some sort of like um like user agent,right here,hold on uh yeah right here,user agent it shows that you're not a,buyer,like it knows that you need this request,from like a windows so just to make sure,that you're on a bus so we're gonna use,this,i'm gonna paste here we're gonna go into,further more details um,if there's some stuff that you don't,understand or you can or you have,problems with it,uh you can also contact me at the,davidlibrom,and basically we want to get a response,from the server so basically you have to,say web response,uh and guys don't forget to import all,of these,for your uh program to work but,uh importing is uh very easy to do so,we're gonna get a response so response,equals uh response,response and then we're going to,uh oh sorry we're gonna get the request,from that response,let me get that response,and then i'll just make this as a as a,link,so i'll just make a string for that,so in this course you basically don't,really have to,know a lot about programming you can,just follow,what i'm doing and it's gonna work the,same you're gonna have an idea how to do,it yourself,so we're just transformating uh the,response into something readable for us,to price you,so yeah so response web response,response,to your eye,all right so we're basically getting the,response and putting into the string,it doesn't really matter um we didn't,really need to do that,but in the in the next course you'll,you'll understand why,we're needed um so basically,um basically that we have this page so,hold on i'll just show the output of,this,so i'll just get the response of this,i'll just put log,on the two right over here,and then we're going to uh we first also,say,i forgot to do this we have to read the,response,so sorry this is not really important,i'll just remove this right now,um so we gotta read the thing so,stream reader that's what we're gonna,use as a function,and we're going to read through it so sr,we're going to read new string reader,and we're going to parse through the,data,okay respond stream,and that's basically going to get our,our output but you also want to close,this output because,you do not want to um,you know run into that in the background,so we're just telling the the reader to,go all the way to the end,all right and then we should be fine and,then,i just want to see the output of this,just to make sure to show you guys like,what it's getting,are we going to run this where's your,console okay,and we should get the full page,all right so we got the entire page,source code so now we're just gonna go,and go through all these so when we're,on this page,say we can close that up we're on this,page,uh we're going to we want to find a,nike waffle whatever i don't really know,the name i know the,two first the two first word so it's,called knight key waffle so,if you click um control f,you can look up uh the words so nike,waffle and right here you get the,the name of the product and,you have the sizes you have size 12 11,10 and a half,10 nine and a half nine eight and a half,and right next to it to your left you,have the,the main id that you need to add the,card,and this is basically what you're gonna,need uh so,what we're gonna do is we're gonna,create a function to make it,easier for us to press through all this,so um how the parsing is going to work,is that,basically nike waffle is the one word in,it so basically it's going to,check the first word is gonna stop here,and it's gonna,go all the way to the other word and,then it's and then the output of the,the function is gonna be only like this,text,so let's say like um so i'll show you,guys with,while we write the function because at,the end of the day we just want,this number if you want to get a sizing,and a half,so basically,what we're going to do is we're going to,um create our function so we're going to,call this function,um like,let's say public static again,so we can call it uh from another,another function public static,and string,we have to say what kind of function it,is,between so we're gonna call it get,between all right,and then first of all um it's gonna,start from a certain source so,that's gonna be our output from the,entire page source,so we're gonna call this string source,and then again it's we're going to start,from the start so it's going to start,from nike fall because if you take from,i don't know this item c,c r c there's a bunch of crc so,it's going to be very hard for you to,parse through it so you need something,that is unique,try it at most you need just going to go,through this first one,and then so you say,uh string straight so where it starts,from,and string,to the end that's basically what we need,so from,start to the end now we got live,we first gotta check if there's actually,something in the string,so string source,dot contain so it's pretty pretty,self-explanatory sometimes what i do in,the code,um start,right so contain if that string contains,end so that means n ends means that,that's also true string,source,contains n so just making sure that,um there's something in it,string and,then because we got that um,so the i'm not really gonna explain to,you guys in the video,what i'm doing right now in the function,it's not really like you don't really,need to know,but if you get the course you'll be able,to know um,what um what i'm really doing right now,you can make your own uh parsing through,the,pressing through the data it's not one,thing you need,i'm just saying that,well it's kind of hard it would be kind,of long for you guys to,it would be long it takes me so i'm not,gonna,if you guys have any questions you can,uh,you know show me a dm on the page uh,spider voice on instagram,i don't know but for some reason a lot,of people are saying oh like what i'm,doing is like,fake and like no it's it's not fake,like there's a lot of people who bought,the choice and they're very satisfied,about the toys,all right i don't know,well like you'd be very very satisfied,of,when you get out of this course because,i don't know when i started programming,there's a i didn't find any queries to,how to make all of this,and i think that this was going to help,a lot of people that want to make their,own body,all right,source oh yeah,so,okay that's good all right so now we,created our function so now we should be,all set,um,uh oh yeah,this is,here all right,there you go all right because we got to,get between function,then we're going to price through it so,now we have nike waffle,and we have um another thing i'm,to say i'm not going to go directly to,get the,uh the nike waffle first of all i'll do,what i'll do is that i'll save the,program to all of these all the,quotations i want to make it to an act,replace this to an at and it's gonna be,easier for me to price through the data,because,well let's do is like all from this,start to this end to the number,with the at i'll get what i just want,um because if i just do this,like i say okay i want to get this,number there may be other numbers in the,code so that's why,i just need i i need to be,specific with the numbers so i'll just,add an i just to make sure that it,actually gets the code,so i'll just show this in the code,so basically because i got the response,i'll say ks source,okay hey source i want you to replace,looks like this function replace,so this one so all the quotation,with an at,within that you desire,then we can finally get our product so,basically in this section,this is basically how we're gonna find,the,the keyword um,so again we're going to say source,equal get between,and we're going to get again from our,source,and we're going to get from our product,so the product that we want is nike,waffle i just want to make sure that's,how you write it,yeah with two nike waffle,and we're going to get the size of it,so the size you can customize if you,want um but we're going to go for the,size 8,and this is how you get your product is,in the course you're going to be,just giving me a better program to find,actually the same keywords so because,sometimes they,put it in small lower case or,there's i'll make a an algorithm to,to make sure that the keyword doesn't,you know because sometimes they mess up,with the,the name of the of the product when the,course will see how to do it,and then because you got the,now in this this part we only have this,section,which is good um it's going to go,through here,say through here and the thing is that,we just want this part,so we're going to tell the the string is,that,okay from the end and go back,from 30 characters and then we're gonna,be able to just get that number,so i'll show you guys how to make that,so i'll say,source again equal source,dot substring so just minus the,branch source dot length,minus 30 characters so you're just,telling him to go back 30 characters,and when you get that you should just,have,uh well you should just have this,this part and by having that,because all of this is just layers we,can just get just the number by using,this function,so we can just get that number,and how i'm going to do that is that,let's say source and then,it's going to be sorry not source again,new string,source,char is digit so we just want the,numbers,to array where you make an area to,all right and then that will just make,it into numbers,and now we finally have just the variant,id,and that's great we just want to make,sure if it works size 8 nike waffle,we're going to run the script,all right so guys i just,all right so guys i just found out that,i made a mistake and get between,the function so um you can just correct,yourself with it,i just made a small mistake here so,um after that it should it should work,now,so we're just trying we're going to try,that again,all right there we go we have the number,so now like i said before the only,request that you have to do now,is you just have to edit the cards we're,going to do that right now,so you can just copy this again and then,paste it here or yeah we're just going,to do this,and then paste it here,and we're going to just i am a new,different function for this one because,these ones are different,all right and,we're going to a one here,here here,right here but we have to get sight,and like we said before is the site,with cart with,our string so i'll just make this a,string now,oh,like like i said before sorry cards,and then we add our product,so from what we found from source,and then we can add the quantity but,we're just going to see here one,and we're going to see the response of,this now,all right and then we're going to see,the response,what we get oh there's an error,not found,oh yeah serious you guys have to add the,two dots here all right,all right so we get the page source code,from at the cart,i believe this is what we have it says,information,nrml checkout just want to show you guys,that i'm on the right page,so i just made a it says we're just,going to create our own website,just to show you guys the response it,should work the same way,all right guys so now what i'm going to,do is i'm going to,just show you guys the response so i,just make a,another preview guys,that it actually works so now i'll just,do that,and you see we have our product and with,the size 8,so in the next video so if you get the,course,um we'll go through the captchas,um how to put your address how to get,the shipping details so what to pick,and how to send your payment um,and right here we're going to uh,so we're going to go through all the the,queue how the queue works,um all the scripts are going to be given,to you even with the checkpoint,we're going to show you guys how to do,that and we're,i'm going to show you how you can run,this on any device that you have so,pc and ios android so if you get the,core

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