how to make a collection based on tags shopify

How To Create Collections and Product Tags In Shopify here and i am back with another video,in this

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Updated on Mar 19,2023

How To Create Collections and Product Tags In Shopify

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how to make a collection based on tags shopify catalogs

How To Create Collections and Product Tags In Shopify

here and i am back with another video,in this video i'm going to quickly show,you how to,create a collection create a collection,cover,add a tag to the collection and then add,products,into that collection using product tags,okay,so first thing we're going to do is,create a collection,now what you'll do just click on,products then click on collections and,then you're going to click on,create collection in this example i'm,going to create a collection called,best sellers okay,and the product tag i'm going to use for,this particular collection is the word,best,okay so what the product tag,does is it tells shopify that any,product,that has that word best that tag,attached to it,that it should go into this collection,this is going to save you a lot of time,manually trying to add products into,your store,and this is where a lot of people get,confused okay so i've,simply just created the tag best,to go in the best sell to go with the,best,sellers collection you can name or use,whatever tag you want,but i always try to keep my tags short,and sweet,and i always like the tag to relate,somehow to the title name,so it keeps it clear in my head about,what,title or what tag matches the collection,okay,the other thing i'm going to do is i'm,going to click on add an image,and this image is going to be what i see,on my page so a lot of people don't,understand that either like,how do i get those nice little covers,on my my actual website so for example,right now if you look at,this here's a collection right you see,how these nice covers are here,but um there's nothing and people don't,understand like oh,how how how do i get um,a cover on my collection um instead of,just like a picture of the products,so be before i show you this um,so now let me just go ahead and refresh,the page,actually let me say this first and then,let me go here and refresh the page,it takes a little bit sometimes for,shopify to catch up,all right so now that should be saved,and if i refresh,the website now that cover is there for,the best,sellers collection okay so now that we,have our collection created,we have the tag in our collection um,the next thing you want to do is you,want to go to,your product so just click on all,products,and now let's say i want all of these,dresses to be,inside of the best sellers collection,there's two different ways to add tags,to a product,you could do it individually or,you can do it as a bulk ad okay,so if you do it individually let's say,you just come into the product right,and you come down here to tags,and you type the word best,okay and now the word best,is now tagged to this product so i'm,going to go ahead and save that,i'm going to go to my website and now,i'm going to click on best sellers,now you see that this dress is is now,part of this best sellers collection,okay now let's go,back over to products and let's see how,we can do this,on a larger scale because imagine,having to do this if you had a hundred,products that you wanted to put into the,best sellers list,that's a quite a bit to have to go,through right so what you can do,is click on select all,by by clicking that top button there or,let's say,you only wanted maybe four of the,dresses on here so maybe you want it,like,um since i already know this one's here,let's say i wanted to do these,so i can go through and click all of,these and say okay these are the ones i,want in this,collection then you click on more,actions,and then you click on add tags,now because i already created that best,tag you can just click on the word best,here,if you don't see the tag that you want,you can add it but,here it is right and then i'm going to,click on save,okay all right now,let me refresh and here you go all of,those products are now,in my best sellers collection and it was,just that simple,so that is how you add tags,to products now on the reverse side,if you need to go in and edit your,collections,you can individually go in and take out,the tags which,i don't feel like is efficient i like to,work from the main,products page by let's say i wanted to,take,these three dresses off of the best,sellers collection,and are out of that collection go into,more action so just select them,go into into more uh more actions,and then click on remove tags and i'm,going to remove the existing tag,best and i'm going to save it,now when i go back to my website and i,refresh the page,let me give it a second to do its thing,now the best sellers now those there's,only three dresses remaining in the best,sellers category okay so that is how you,can,add tax to your products how you can,remove the tax from the products both,individually,and as a bulk action i hope that you,have found this helpful,and that it will help you organize,your store catch y'all later bye,you

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