how to increase shopify store conversion rate

How To 4x Your Shopify Store Conversion Rate In 2022 the biggest problem you're going to face,with s


Updated on Jan 19,2023

How To 4x Your Shopify Store Conversion Rate In 2022

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How To 4x Your Shopify Store Conversion Rate In 2022

the biggest problem you're going to face,with shopify drop shipping is not your,ads not performing and it's actually way,more important to have high converting,store if your store right now converts,like one percent just by increasing that,number to two percent it's instantly,gonna double your revenue and in this,video i'm gonna share with you how i,managed to 4x my store conversion ratio,from one percent to four percent and,sometimes even five percent for the,longest time my stores conversion ratio,was like one percent one point five,percent but just by implementing small,little strategies i'm gonna share with,you today my storage conversion radio,went up to four percent also throughout,this video i'm gonna share with you an,app that helped me to do this and this,app is completely free and only few of,shopify store owners knows about this,app it's really great app to increase,your conversion ratio and this app,pretty much doubled my conversion ratio,once i started using it so but that,being said let's get straight into the,video,now there are three main important,things that gonna help you to increase,your cro which is your conversion rate,optimization on your store first is the,quality of your traffic if you're,getting a low quality traffic and people,simply not interested in your product,they just get needed to get to your,store they're not gonna convert doesn't,matter how good your product page is how,good your funnel overall is second one,is your product page and once you get in,good traffic this is the most important,thing once you're getting a targeted,traffic your product page is the most,important thing right and this includes,everything from displaying your product,the right way having good product,pictures having good product description,having all faqs having testimonials and,having good pricing having good offer,and third is going to be your overall,funnel but i mean what happens after a,customer adds your item into the cart,what happens after that okay guys so if,you're gonna be using organic tech talk,keep in mind that your traffic most of,the time is going to be low quality,right there's going to be a lot of,people coming to your store if your,ticker starts going viral but your,commercial radio like could be even 0.5,percent sometimes i saw that happen for,me it was like one percent 1.5 percent,it's still good since the traffic is,pretty much pure organic and not paid,but keep this in mind organic tick-tock,traffic that if your video starts going,viral your commercial radio is not going,to be that good even though if you have,a good good product page,of course you can boost it up a little,bit but the traffic is not really,targeted so it's not going to be such,amazing conversion rate now from my,experience so far the best converting,traffic comes from seo and google ads me,myself in the past month i spent about,100 euros on my brand's google ads and,it brought me back over 1.5 000 euros in,return which is crazy rawas now let's go,into second most important thing which,is gonna be your product page and how do,you get your product page on point so it,converts as much people as possible and,keep this in mind it's never gonna be,perfect right you're gonna be constantly,tweaking and like improving it sometimes,even making it worse and getting back to,where it was is just a process but here,are some things to keep in mind when,building your product page first most,importantly have high quality pictures,of your product have a short description,that cuts to the point and also educates,people about your product people need to,be educated about your product about the,features what it does about the benefits,also you want to have all faqs,everything straight to the point and,straight to their people faces so they,can see everything answered all the,common questions they might have about a,product answer it straight into the,product page you want to add,testimonials and people using the,product and people have been happy with,the product and on top of all of this,you want to have a no-brainer,offer and but no-brainer offer i mean,something that is too crazy to too good,to be true right so for example buy one,get one buy two get two by three get,three something in your product page,needs to be so stupid and so good to be,true so people think that they're taking,advantage of your brand not the other,way around now let's talk about an app i,mentioned at the start of this video now,this app is called video wise and it,allows you to have a ugc or any sort of,videos under your product page so you,know once you have your product page you,have your product you have your,description under that product pictures,under the description you can add about,five or even more no you can add more,videos than that i can i have six videos,right now under that and it's in tiktok,format right so it's 1080 on 19 19 20.,it looks amazing for example what i do,on my own brand is i do have a ugc,content of other creators who made,content for me for my brand with my,product using the product and the best,part about this you can even tag that,product on that video so once the,customer is watching that,video he instantly can click add to cart,and it goes straight to the checkout,right so you not get distracted this app,is called video wise it's free,absolutely free they have some paid,versions of it as well but you can start,using for absolutely free and not get,charged so guys if you're not using this,app you must start using it it's a next,level tool and once i installed that app,in my store i immediately saw that,conversion rate is going through the,roof and it got really way better right,because you have like if you do not have,ugc content add some sort of videos with,your product but if you have ugc content,which is user generated content for,example from influencers and you have,them right above that product page look,sorry not the product page but like,right above the description and your,product images you're just gonna kill it,you're just gonna have way better add to,cart ratios and way better conversion,ratio ratios because you're increasing,the trust so much and i completely,forgot to mention the third point which,is your overall funnel and with that,what i meant,is that you never want to charge people,twice so when a customer comes to your,store adds the card goes through the,whole checkout process and they see that,the shipping is like something like five,dollars right you're gonna have way less,of conversions with that strategy never,charge them twice so instead of that,just add that price into the overall,product price so if your product 30 make,it 35 but just don't charge shipping,trust me it's way better to do that so,guys but that being said i hope you,learned something new and thank you so,much for watching the video and i catch,you in the next one,you

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