how to import alibaba products to shopify

How to Dropship from Alibaba to Shopify (2023) in today's video I'm going to be showing,you how you

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How to Dropship from Alibaba to Shopify (2023)

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how to import alibaba products to shopify catalogs

How to Dropship from Alibaba to Shopify (2023)

in today's video I'm going to be showing,you how you can start Drop Shipping,using so I'll be showing you,how you can connect your Shopify store,to your account how you can,sync products from to your,Shopify store and how you can manage and,automate the order fulfillment process,now you might be thinking isn't, just for purchasing in bulk,well that's not true anymore with,'s Drop Shipping Center now,let me go over a few reasons why you,might want to actually use,to start Drop Shipping now the first,reason is the price so sometimes you,might want to drop ship a product from,AliExpress but you can actually find it,cheaper on so if I show you,this example here we can see that we,have this product this 360 selfie stick,and you can see that the brand is usam's,now you can see with free shipping to,the UK it's 32 pound now the exact same,product so if we click on this you can,see this is usam's again and this is on, and you can see shipping,with shipping to the UK it's 28.80 and,if we just convert that over that's 25,pounds 50. so on it's going,to cost you 25 pounds 50 on AliExpress,it's going to cost you 32 pounds so,that's a massive six pounds 50,difference now if you think about that,over a hundred orders that's 650 pounds,which is a big chunk of profit so that's,the first reason why you might want to,have a look on when it comes,to starting Drop Shipping and looking,for Drop Shipping suppliers the second,reason is product selection if you can't,find a product that you want to drop,ship on AliExpress you might be able to,find it on they have a wide,selection of products that you can drop,ship and if you are Drop Shipping using,a different supplier it means that the,product might be less saturated meaning,you'll have less competition when it,actually comes to drop shipping the,product which makes it easier to,actually make sales and the final reason,is a lot of the general public now know,about AliExpress so if they see a,product they sound they can sometimes,just go over to AliExpress and see if,they can find it cheaper whereas the,general perception of is,that it's still for businesses and that,it is still for buying in bulk so a lot,of people won't actually go and check,over there which once again makes it,easier for you to make sales so let's,actually get started with how you can,use to start Drop Shipping,so the first thing you are going to do,is just head over to, I will leave a,link in the description and from here,you are going to create an account so,where it says sign in we are going to,right click on this and I'm just going,to open this in a new tab once you've,clicked on this you are going to click,on join for free and then you are just,going to fill out this information so,your email address your mobile number,company name full name and Company,address once you have entered this,information in you can just click on,agree and register they will then ask,you to verify your email address with,the code that they have sent to you so,just enter in that code and hit submit,once you do that you will be brought by,to the Drop Shipping Center,so it should look a little something,like this now the first thing you are,going to do is connect your Shopify,store to your Drop Shipping,account so up the top here we are going,to click on this menu and we're going to,scroll down and we are going to click on,my store from here we are going to add,our Shopify store so we are going to,click on ADD store and then you can go,and enter in the URL of your store when,you are entering in your store URL just,remember to remove the https and double,slashes because sometimes Alibaba can't,recognize it so it should just be the,name of your Shopify store and then you,can click on ADD store you will then be,asked to log in to your Shopify store,and once you have logged into your,Shopify store it will bring you to a,page like this that says install the,Alibaba app so we are going to install,the Drop Shipping on app so,just click on install app once you have,installed the app you will see your,store under store management so that,means your store is connected now so the,next thing that you can go and do is to,sync a product from to your,Shopify store so in order to do this you,can click on search products from here,you can search for any products that you,want to start dropshipping and importing,to your Shopify store so I'm just going,to go and search for a tracking selfie,stick and click search and I'm going to,go for this first product here so we are,going to click on this product and from,here what you can do is you can click on,add to import list it will then say,import completed so then you can click,on go to import list from the import,list you can edit the product further,before you push it to your Shopify store,so if we scroll down and click on this,pencil icon you can go and edit the,product name add some product tags,choose the product type and also choose,a collection from your Shopify store so,you can see I've called this the pivo,Pod so if we go and copy this I can go,and enter this into the product name you,can also go and choose a collection so,I'm just going to go and choose the home,page you can also go and edit the,description so you can go and make sure,that it matches the description on your,actual store so I'm just going to go and,copy this description and you can go and,edit all of this so I'm just going to,delete all of this because this is,information that comes directly from,Alibaba so it might look a little bit,weird on your Shopify store so I,recommend to rewrite the product,description completely so we're just,going to go for this for now but as I,say you can go and rewrite your product,description then you have the variants,so you can go and choose the variants,and from here you can actually go and,choose the price that you want to sell,it at and it will tell you the profit,now of course I recommend to go and,round your prices to the closest 99 so,you can see on here it's 139.99 so I can,go and enter that in here,139.99 and then it's going to tell me my,profit which is 113 pounds and 60 Pence,so now that you have gone and done that,you can then just go to the images and,you can go and delete any of the images,that you don't want so you can just,untick them if you don't want to use,these images so you can simply untick,them like that so once you have gone and,edited all of that information then you,can simply just click on push to store,and then it will say push succeeded so,once you have gone and done that you can,go to my products and then you should,see that the product has been pushed to,your Shopify store now you can actually,go and view the product in your Shopify,store now so if you click on view,install and from here you can see the,product that has been pushed now from,here you can also go and edit the,product further so again if you want to,go and edit the product description or,any of the images you can go and do this,from your Shopify dashboard as well so,now that I've shown you how you can go,and sync products the next thing I want,to show you is how you can fulfill,orders automatically using,so once somebody does make an order on,your Shopify store you can go to orders,and you will see all of your orders so,once you see an order here you can then,head over to your,dropshipping Center and then you can,click on my orders from here you will,see all of the orders that have come,through from your Shopify store and you,can go and simply fulfill these orders,so you can click on this to go and click,on batch order if you have multiple,different orders and you can simply,click on batch order and pay for all of,the orders at once or you can go and,order them individually now some might,say shipping info incomplete so if we,actually click on this we can click on,fix now and it's going to bring up the,shipping info and the reason it's saying,incomplete is because the customer,hasn't entered in their phone number now,that's fine you can simply just enter in,your own phone number and then you will,receive updates about the order from, to your phone so you can,simply just go and enter in a phone,number in here for example and then you,can click on submit so once you have,entered in that phone number we can now,see that it doesn't say shipping info,incomplete so that's the same for this,one now another thing to bear in mind,when you are fulfilling orders with, is just to go and make sure,that you are choosing the right ship,method so if you click on this you will,see multiple different shipping methods,so you can see for this one it's saying,12 to 17 days but if we just go and pay,two dollars extra we can get it in six,to ten working days so you might want to,go and do that so for example if I go,and choose this we can see it gets a,little bit more expensive but it's going,to get to the customer in a much quicker,time so once you have done that like I,say you can click on batch order and you,can go and order all of these products,at once so you will see that it says,success all orders have been placed and,then from there all you need to do is,just click on pay to actually pay for,the order but again if you do want to,fulfill orders individually you can then,just click on order and it will order,that product as well the same way that I,just done with a batch order now one,last thing to mention is what you'll,want to do is with your Drop,Shipping Center just click on,synchronize every day so that it,synchronizes all of the orders from your,Shopify store so you will see,synchronization succeeded which means,that all of the orders have come through,from your Shopify store so that is how,you can start Drop Shipping using,Alibaba Dot com and if you do want to,learn how to build a beautifully branded,one product Drop Shipping Store then I,recommend that you check out the free,course that I have released here on,YouTube I'll leave the video on screen,now and I'll leave a link to it in the,description below and make sure to,subscribe to the channel for more,dropshipping and e-commerce content and,hopefully I'll see you in the next video

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