how to have a successful shopify store dropshipping with aliexpress

HOW TO START DROPSHIPPING WITH ALIEXPRESS IN 2023 (Beginners Guide) in today's video I'm going to go

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Updated on Mar 03,2023


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in today's video I'm going to go through,everything you need to know when it,comes to starting a Drop Shipping,business and using AliExpress as your,supplier I'm going to be talking about,whether you should even use them,anything you need to know and just,generally how you can get started so you,need to make sure you watch this whole,video from start to finish so that you,don't miss anything and if you're new to,this Channel and you've never seen me,before and you're thinking who's this,guy and why should I listen to him,welcome my name is Sam and so far on,this channel I've made over 500,different videos to help people when it,comes to making money online but most,importantly I was able to start an,e-commerce business quit my full-time,job travel the world to various,different locations while still being,able to make a passive source of income,from my e-commerce businesses even on,holidays so I definitely know a thing or,two that's going to help you out so as,always I don't waste any more time I,want to get right into it if you find,any value in this video at any point,don't forget to press the like button I,really appreciate that thank you so much,don't forget to subscribe hit the Bell,notification let's get right into the,video alright so first things first what,exactly is Aliexpress for anyone that's,never actually heard of it before so,AliExpress is simply a website very,similar to eBay or Amazon in the sense,that normal consumers can go on to it,and buy products very similar to how,they can do to with eBay or Amazon so,it's not only drop shippers that use it,everyday people that are looking to buy,cheap items go on there to buy things,the only difference when it comes to,using eBay or Amazon and AliExpress is,that the delivery time is going to take,a little bit longer because most of the,items that are being shipped from,AliExpress are coming from China but of,course there are some pros and cons that,you need to be aware of and I've broken,them down right here just so that you're,fully aware of what you're getting,yourself into if you are looking to use,AliExpress when it comes to fulfilling,all of your orders so one of the first,cons is that there's various different,vendors with various different qualities,so a lot of beginners tend to make the,mistake of assuming that AliExpress is,one single company with one single,supplier when that's far from the truth,there's thousands of different suppliers,that use AliExpress to list their,products again very similar to eBay or,Amazon the same way that Amazon doesn't,just have one single seller there's,multiple different third-party sellers,that use Amazon that's the exact same,way that AliExpress Works another con is,that there's not many options in regards,to using local warehouses so there's a,few other options out there when it,comes to finding a Drop Shipping,supplier and a lot of them actually have,low warehouses within the UK and the US,however when it comes to using a lot of,the vendors on AliExpress most of the,time the orders are going to be shipped,from China and this isn't necessarily a,completely bad thing but you just need,to be aware of it because the shipping,time is going to be a little bit longer,which means that when it comes to,scaling whatever business you're trying,to build it might be a little bit,difficult so again you need to bear this,in mind and the third coin is that,there's no option for customization and,what I mean by this is that you're not,going to be able to customize the,packaging in some cases you're not going,to be able to customize the invoice and,the receipt and things like this you are,going to be able to request that the,vendor doesn't put any of their,information inside the packaging but as,you start to scale your business you're,not going to be able to have customized,packaging and customize branding when it,comes to the packaging of the actual,item and things like that however there,are some pros that you need to be aware,of for example there's a lot of products,available to Dropship so if you do come,across a winning product on eBay Amazon,even a Shopify dropshipper store 95 of,the time you're going to be able to find,that exact same product on AliExpress,the second Pro is that it's very easy to,use with a Drop Shipping software so so,one of the good things about using,AliExpress is that you're going to be,able to integrate it with so many,different e-commerce dropshipping,softwares so it just makes the whole,process a lot more easier when it comes,to you using it to fulfill all of your,orders and the third and final Pro that,I'm going to go through is that there's,High stock quantities available so not,only do they have 95 of the products on,the Internet available on AliExpress but,they've also got high stock quantity,levels as well which means that if you,do come across a good vendor at a good,price with good quality you're going to,be able to scale that Drop Shipping,business and not necessarily have to,worry about that particular AliExpress,supplier running out of stock anytime,soon but now that you're aware of all of,that if you are still at the point where,you want to use AliExpress the next,thing you now need to figure out is how,you're going to find a winning product,and there's so many different ways that,you can do it but one of the ways that,I've been using recently is by using,Zeke analytics and if you don't know,what Zeke analytics is it's a product,research tool that helps you with so,many different things it's mainly used,when it comes to finding the best type,of items to drop ship on eBay and you,can also use it when it comes to finding,winning products that are selling well,on AliExpress so I'm going to quickly,show you how you can use it first things,first what you need to do is sign up for,an account and you can do that by,signing up for a seven day trial by,clicking the link in my description down,below and once you've done that you're,going to log in click on the product,research tab over here and then from,this stage you can now type in any,keyword for any item that you're,thinking about selling so let's say for,example I was thinking about building,out A Drop Shipping Store focused on,selling dog products what I'm going to,initially type in into this section over,here is dog just like that and then I'm,going to click on search it's then going,to show me the top performing items that,are being purchased on AliExpress right,now from the best to the least so,straight away we can see that the,adjustable dog car safety belt is the,number one performing item when it comes,to dog products in the last six months,with over 14 000 cells so what I,personally do from this point is click,on this option over here where it says,scan seller because it's going to now,take me into the actual AliExpress,seller store and then from there I can,now see all of the other items that,they're selling and some other things,that's going to help me know if I should,use this particular vendor okay so,straight away we can see that this,particular supplier on AliExpress was,able to bring in over 1.2 million,dollars they sold over 17 000 units,they've got over 72 active listings and,if we scroll down over here it's going,to be able to show me all of the top,performing items in this particular,store and I'm now going to be able to,get an even better idea of which items I,may want to drop ship from the store so,of course I may want to drop ship this,one if I am looking to build a dog store,I may also want to add this second one,over here because I can see that a lot,of people are buying it and it's got,really good reviews a second way that,you can find winning products on,AliExpress using Z kinetics is by going,back over to the home page and then,clicking on Ali graph scanner over here,and I'm just going to take you to a page,where you're going to be able to see all,of the trending products on AliExpress,at the moment and right here we can see,that there's these Bluetooth sports,watches by the looks of it and we can,also see that it's got a 4.6 rating,which is really good I like to look for,minimum 4.5 4.6 ideally 4.7 or 4.8 but,4.6 is still okay so once you've gone to,the point where you found a winning,product that you're happy to start Drop,Shipping and you want to add it to your,store whether you're you're looking to,drop ship on eBay or Shopify whatever,the case is you now need to figure out,exactly how you're going to start adding,products to the back end of your store,for customers to buy it from you and,there's two main ways that you can do it,you can do it manually or you can do,things automated but bear in mind that,if you are going to go down the manual,route every single time that you make a,sell you're going to now have to copy,and paste your buyer's name and address,then go over to AliExpress buy the,product from there so they can ship it,to your customer however if you do it,using the automated method using a,software called Auto DS not only are you,going to be able to speed up the process,when it comes to adding products to your,store but you're also going to be able,to speed up the process when it comes to,fulfilling all of your orders because,you're going to be able to automate it,so that you don't have to sit there and,copy and paste all the information and,using Auto DS is actually quite simple,all you need to do is sign up for a,30-day trial by clicking the link in my,description down below that trial is,going to allow you to go through all of,the different features that they have so,you can test it out play with it and see,if it's something that you want to,continue using but once you've signed up,for an account this is the page that,you're going to see one of the first,things that you need to do is click on,this option over here and this is going,to allow you to add whatever store that,you have so if you've got an ebay store,Shopify store whatever store that you,have you're going to be able to select,whichever one right here then you need,to go through the whole process of,integrating your account to Auto DS,which takes maybe 30 seconds for you to,do once you've done that your account is,going to be integrated which means that,when you now start adding products onto,Autodesk it's going to be automatically,added onto the back end of your store,and let me just show you exactly how,that works so what you need to do is,obviously find the product that you're,looking to sell so let's say in this,case I was looking to drop ship this,Bluetooth SmartWatch what I'm going to,do is click on the link just like this,it's then going to take me to the actual,product page what I'm going to do from,that point is copy the URL just like,that then what you want to do is go back,over to Auto DS click on add products,click on single products paste the URL,in there just like that make sure that,you select whichever e-commerce platform,that you're working with so because in,this case I want to load it onto the,back end of my Shopify store for me to,drop ship it I'm just going to select my,Shopify test account just like that and,then click on next then I'm going to,click on publish the store and right,there as you guys can see the product,has now been imported successfully and,if I was to go to the back end of my,actual Shopify account I've just typed,in Smartwatch and the product has also,been loaded onto the back end of my,Shopify store as well so let me just,click into it so just so that you're,fully aware of exactly how Auto DS works,is essentially pulling all of the,information from the product page in,terms of the title in terms of the,description all of this information was,pulled from this page right here so it's,very important that you make sure that,you go through this information because,this is what the customer is going to,see when it comes to them making a,decision on if they should buy the,product and all the information that's,coming from AliExpress may not be how,you want it to be presented to the,customer so if I was thinking about Drop,Shipping this item I'll definitely go,through all of this information clean it,up make sure that I remove any,unnecessary information that I don't,want my customers to see and they'll,also remove any of the images that,Autodesk also pulled from the product,page as well but I'm sure throughout the,whole process that I just showed you now,you can see how easy it is when it comes,to linking a product from Auto DS on the,back end of your Shopify Drop Shipping,Store because you don't necessarily have,to download any pictures copy and paste,any information and everything is,integrated as it is from the product,page and then you can now just make,simple changes and when it comes to all,of the different orders that you're,going to start getting again you're,going to be able to use Auto DS because,they've got a feature called Auto,fulfillment which is when an order comes,in it's going to automatically know the,customer's name and address and they're,going to be able to automatically ship,the order out without you having to go,onto AliExpress and buy the product one,by one now of course there's so much,more that goes into starting a Drop,Shipping business I simply give you the,basics of how you can use AliExpress but,if you want to sign up to a completely,free webinar where I explain my story of,how I was able to get to one thousand,dollars per day in profit with a Shopify,store then make sure you click the first,link in the description down below to,watch that free webinar or if you rather,watch another YouTube video that I made,last week when I broke down the five,basic steps that you need to be aware of,when it comes to starting a Drop,Shipping website moving into 2023 and,Beyond then make sure you click the link,right there check that video out,straight after this one because it's,already helped out so many people and,I'm sure that it's going to help you out,too Alright guys I'll see on the next,one make sure you stay safe out there,peace,foreign

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