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5 proven ways to get your first sale || Shopify Help Center You will always remember the excitement

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

5 proven ways to get your first sale || Shopify Help Center

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5 proven ways to get your first sale || Shopify Help Center

You will always remember the excitement of your first sale - but before you make that,sale, you likely need to learn how to market your business.,There are hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of ways to market your business.,In this lesson, we're going to focus on five methods - choose the ways that best resonate,with you and your business.,Remember that there will be a lot of testing and refining as you learn what marketing methods,work best for you.,Each of these methods are inexpensive and practical, though they may feel a bit out,of your comfort zone at first.,The first method is to ask your friends and family to share your business with their networks.,People buy from people that they trust, so asking the people in your network who you,think may know potential customers is a great way to get started.,We recommend writing a quick email to friends and family about your business, and why you,started it.,Don’t forget to include a link to your online store!,The second method is to reach out to the journalists and bloggers.,Yes, getting people to write about your business when you're first starting out is absolutely,possible.,Articles about your business is one of the fastest ways to build your credibility, customers,,community, and excitement about your product.,Journalists and producers are always looking for new and exciting products to feature.,Just like in the message to your friends and family, when you email journalists, be sure,to outline why you started the business and how it’s different from what is currently,available on the market.,The third proven method is to proactively reach out to potential customers on social,media.,This method takes a bit of patience and research, but connecting with potential customers who,are tweeting or posting about your topic and providing a solution for them is a great way,to raise awareness for your product.,Another suggestion is to send free samples to Instagram or TikTok influencers with a,sincere message about your launch.,There are no guarantees when you send free products to people, but if you can afford,to send a couple of samples to people with large followings who you think would love,your product and they post about it, it could be a huge win.,It can also be a great way to develop a relationship with them and to perhaps invite them to become,an affiliate down the road.,Some influencers may ask to be paid to promote your product which is something else you can,consider, depending on how much they charge and the number of followers that they have.,Lastly, and probably my favorite, is to sell in person at relevant, local events.,This is a great way to share your story directly with potential customers and also explain,the benefits of the product to them.,Selling in person is also a great way to gather feedback and to continue to refine your product,over time.,For food products or other products that can be sampled, it's a great way for consumers,to try the product and purchase it immediately.,Be sure to capture their email address and follow up soon after the show thanking them,and providing a link to your website.,You can also follow up to resell to them later through your online shop.,This is a common way of finding new and loyal customers who buy regularly.,These five ways are just a snapshot of what's possible with your online marketing.,The key is to experiment until you find a method that works for you.,Thank you for watching!

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