how to get more traffic to my shopify store

How I Make $3,092/Week With FREE Traffic On Shopify (No Ads) trying to run ads as a new shopify stor

Jordan Welch

Updated on Jan 19,2023

How I Make $3,092/Week With FREE Traffic On Shopify (No Ads)

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how to get more traffic to my shopify store catalogs

How I Make $3,092/Week With FREE Traffic On Shopify (No Ads)

trying to run ads as a new shopify store,owner can get expensive,really fast but thankfully there's a few,ways to get sales for,a hundred percent free and from using,these methods i'm generating an extra,three thousand dollars a week with my,shopify store,in this video i'm going to share my,exact free traffic methods,and how you can set them up yourself and,start making sales,this week if you're new here my name is,jordan and i'm currently documenting the,entire process,of growing my e-commerce brand so if,you're interested in starting your own,online store and you want to support,your boy make sure to subscribe for new,videos,every single friday all right let's get,started before we get into the methods i,just want to show you the results that,i'm generating using these,so let's take a look so this is my,profit dashboard on shopify and as you,can see in the last seven days,my store generated around twenty nine,thousand dollars in sales,with seventy two hundred dollars in,profit now some of these orders,obviously came from my ads,but if you look at my analytics app,which shows where my traffic comes from,and where i'm getting sales,you'll actually see that the ads only,contributed for sixty percent of the,sales,there's another thirty to forty percent,of sales that is coming from free,traffic,if you look this first method has,brought me in three thousand dollars,the second method four hundred and,ninety dollars and the third method,almost twelve hundred dollars,and this is all without spending any,money on ads so what are these three,methods the first method that i'm using,to generate free traffic is affiliate,influencers now you might not know what,this,is but it's really easy to set up and,i'm gonna explain it to you in full,detail,the second method is viral content on,instagram and tick tock,this method is wildly underrated and,surprisingly easy to set up,as long as you have a little bit of work,ethic and i'm even going to show you a,brand that's doing six figures a month,with primarily viral content and next to,no ads,and the last method is organic search,traffic on google alright let's begin,with the first method,affiliate influencers basically all this,is is sending out your product for free,to influencers that have a small to,medium sized following on youtube,along with the product you provide them,with a link that gets them 20 to 30,commissions on every sale that they,generate this is exactly what amazon,does with their affiliate program,and this program generates billions of,dollars per year for amazon,there is a ton of people who make these,type of videos and,they're constantly searching for new,content as long as your product is,somewhat cool and unique,there's a very high chance that they're,actually going to be interested in doing,a review,you're helping them out in two ways,you're giving them a product that they,can make a video off of and you're,providing them with a link that they can,make money with,ideally you want to look for smaller,channels that don't have a big following,because they're easier to get in contact,with and they're not going to press you,about a big upfront payment,this guy's actually a really good,example road gear reviews i just saw him,on the search tab here,so this is a great example of one of his,videos he literally put the product link,and his special discount code right,there and he's making affiliate,commissions,on every sale this is an absolute,no-brainer way to make sales without,spending any money on,ads you're gonna have some failed,attempts people aren't gonna reply to,you they're not gonna hit you back,but all it takes is five to ten people,that post videos about your product,for you to be consistently making fifty,to a hundred dollars a day,with no ad the app that i use to manage,all this is called go affiliate pro,and if we look at the dashboard you'll,see that in the last 24 hours,i made around 196 and in the last seven,days i made around a thousand bucks,just from these free affiliate videos so,don't sleep on this method,take some time write out a list of the,top 50 people that might promote your,product,and start hitting them up today when it,comes to viral content this is something,that i'm still getting better at,but there is so much potential if you,have even an ounce of creativity i know,you guys are sitting watching tick tock,videos for at least 30 minutes to an,hour a day,and there's so many trends that are,popping off every single week,if you're able to ride these trends and,attach it to your product in a creative,way,and you hit that for you page you can,take your brand to the next level,without spending a penny on ads message,i think the best example that i've seen,of this,recently is from this brand called zen,bodies they sell this shower head that,has been around in the drop shipping,space for,years it's nothing innovative but they,make these really sick pieces of content,check this one out,you see this we want this we love this,we need this but this,yeah we don't need that they're,literally just going off the trend from,other videos but they're relating it to,their product,so it fits with the tick tock landscape,but it also markets and sells their,product,this is another perfect example of them,riding a trend they're literally taking,a style of video that's already working,on tick tock and applying it to their,product,you get the point like i said this is,something that i'm still trying to,master,but this alone is making me an extra 100,to 300,a week and is super underrated tick tock,literally shows you the trends that are,going viral every single week,you just have to take them and apply it,to your own brand i would highly,recommend that you guys go check out,this brand zen bodies and get some,inspiration from them because they are,absolutely killing it and then for the,last method i'm using organic search,traffic this is basically people that,are just looking up your brand and,trying to find your product,now the other two methods that i shared,fuel this one,if you crack the code on those two,people are going to be looking up your,brand,constantly because they're not going to,be able to get away from it the best tip,i can give for this,is using a unique brand name that,doesn't have much competition if your,brand name is,very similar to a competitor that's,doing well it's gonna be so difficult to,rank and compete with him your goal is,ideally to rank on the first page for,your brand name,and for the type of product that you're,selling this just happens over time from,running your business and getting more,traffic but there's a couple things that,you can do to accelerate the process,this app right here called seo optimizer,is super helpful,it literally adds a bunch of different,things to your site that gets it to rank,higher in google,just like that and also a real cheat,code is getting as many people as,possible to post your product,because what happens when somebody posts,your product on a youtube video or a,blog post,is that google creates a back link for,your product,the more back links that you have the,more trust that your brand has in the,eyes of google,and the higher that they're going to,rank your product so hopefully you can,now see how these all go hand in hand,you should be sending your product out,to influencers hoping for them to review,it,you should be making viral content to,build your brand identity,and get it to blow up and in turn people,are gonna know about your brand,when they search for it they're gonna be,able to see people reviewing it so it's,legit,and you're gonna pop up on google which,creates this perfect storm,that allows you to make a bunch of money,from free traffic now none of this can,happen overnight,and that's the benefit of running paid,traffic if you launch a facebook ad,you can start getting sales as soon as,30 minutes to an hour,but not everybody has the money for that,so this is a great way to get started,with free traffic for your store there's,one more bonus tip that i want to share,with you guys that's actually making me,a couple hundred bucks a month one of my,friends created this app called social,snowball,that actually turns your customers into,affiliate basically after somebody buys,the product,they get an exclusive discount link that,they can share with their friends,so they can start making money selling,your product right away and as you can,see it's actually made me an extra 300,in the last 30 days without doing any,work at all so it's not going to make,you a million dollars or anything like,that but it's a pretty cool tool to have,on your store,and free money so those are my favorite,free traffic methods for making money on,shopify,i hope you enjoyed this video if you did,give me a thumbs up and subscribe for,new videos every single friday stay,tuned because i've got some really,awesome video ideas coming this month,and i cannot wait to share them with you,guys so i hope you have a great weekend,i'll see you guys next friday peace,you

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