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3 HACKS To INCREASE Shopify Sales OVERNIGHT - (Shopify Dropshipping) okay let me give you three hac

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

3 HACKS To INCREASE Shopify Sales OVERNIGHT - (Shopify Dropshipping)

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3 HACKS To INCREASE Shopify Sales OVERNIGHT - (Shopify Dropshipping)

okay let me give you three hacks that can increase your sales overnight what's,poppin people it's yoour boy the Beast of ecom and I am back with another video,droppin nothing but you already know value bombs if this is the first time,ever watching one of my videos then hello and welcome if you're in to,Ecommerce you're into Shopify you're into drop shipping and all of that good stuff,then you are in the right place I got nothing but insane value on a weekly,basis to help you guys make more money so if you get some value please do like,comment and of course smash that subscribe button and be sure to hit the,notification about as well so you stay up to date with all of my latest content,why because you do not want to miss out on any of my upcoming content so in,today's video I want to drop some value bombs and give you three hacks on how,you can increase your sales over night and they all work by helping you,increase your click-through rate now q4 is coming up I'm working super hard on a,tons of different things I've got the course up and coming and working super,hard on that and working super hard on a few other new stores that I'm getting up,and running and not focusing on some brand new products that I'm working for,I'm a current stores that I've got live now right now there is no better time to,get a store up and running if you don't have one at the moment in time or if you,do have one that make you feel you're testing a lot more aggressive and of,course making sure that your creatives are on point and your conversion rate is,fantastic as well because at the end of the day we're coming up to q4 and things,are about to get hectic if you've got a high click-through rate along with a,high conversion rate on your store that's when you start to make Bank and,get the lowest cost per purchase so I'm gonna show you these three hacks today,that I use day in day out to help me increase my click-through rate on every,single campaign that I launch so make sure you watch all of the videos stay to,the end and most importantly go away and implement if you get some value from,this video so let's quit the talking jump into the video and onwards to some,value okay so onwards to some value and let me,show you these three basic hacks okay that can increase your conversions and,overnight now they're gonna be based on increasing your CTR so you'll click,through rate and if you've got a fantastic,click-through rate of course on top of having a great store conversion rate,then that's when you make sales so I'm gonna show you how you can increase,these sales by increasing your click-through rate on your adverts okay,these three simple hacks now the first one okay is if you look at the screen is,the thumbnail so what you want to be doing is having an engaging thumbnail,and this is one of the things that are you always like to do I always like to,put on my thumbnails either something that is like in mid actions something,where the products is actually on show you know something that makes the,basically the consumer when they stop in to just click on it so even though the,day is interruption marketing now what I've done with this one here is what I,like to add on Photoshop if you good on Photoshop is add arrows red arrows and,circles the circling out stuff so you can see that this here you know I just,created this advert off by literally literally in two seconds but what I've,done is I've added in that arrow which I like to do and a little circle and what,it does is it just stops the person so when they're scrolling down and they see,a red arrow natural instinct is just to stop and when I see something circled,they're gonna want to see you know what that is what is being circled and what,does the arrow mean Henson why they would want to click on this actual,advert and a note that you can take from you know these sorts of thumbnails it's,just looking at youtubers you know youtubers are masters at getting high,click-through rates that's what their job is to do essentially now you don't,really want to be click Beatty as such but still you know having an thumbnail,which is provoking and making people actually want to click on it such as,using red arrows like this in red circles which I like to do as well as,using you know emojis on they're shocked faces and just a combination of the few,you know can really make a difference in you know increasing your click-through,rate so that is number one is what you want to do is really fix and focus on,your thumbnails which is what I'd like to do and adding in those red things,here and there now the second point is creating adverts like this so add set,level I know a few people may actually go into page posts,and creating them that way but what you want to do is you want to be adding a,CTR button so a click a call-to-action button on your adverse now the way you,can do that is you have to create the advert ad set level rather than in the,page post section of your business manager so what I've done here is the,Commission is I've just literally created a just an ad and of course,instead of just using the use existing post what you want to do is when you,first start a campaign is create an actual just just one out of and what,we're going to do is we want to use that advert for all of the rest of them,because if you duplicate them this way what happens is it just creates another,different assets and you don't get that added engagement so what I've done here,is I've just created this ad here I've gotten all that and what I like to do is,if you're on here you'd be clicking on create advert now you can only do this,you can only get square which I just recently noticed actually because it was,wracking my brains for ages you can only get square like this and the,call-to-action button if you use in videos now if you use a picture what,will happen is Facebook will crop it unfortunately which again I was trying,to just use a picture as an example just to be a little bit easier but it just,kept crop it cropping it out so you want to be using a square video for this now,when you use a square video scroll down and of course you add your video here,you can change the video and then adding that custom thumbnail that you've made,and scrolling down here I've put in my my you know my ad copy again I'd,obviously put a little bit more work into that but you can see what it,actually says and what it does you put your you your URL in and what I like to,do is add in these five stars as well and always I put you know say 50% off,today whatever you'll you know whatever you'll do it and then of course what you,want to do is you want to add a call to action button and obviously of course,you want it to have you want it to be SHOP NOW,it makes most sense so SHOP NOW and what you get there is an advert that looks,like this okay which is much better it looks a lot you know with the stars in,there as well with the save 50% with all of you,at the top the you know the little red arrow there as well as the circle it's,all looking a lot there and again these click this having your adverse like this,with the shop now call-to-action button generally what I see is they get a,higher click-through rate than you know just doing a normal page post and not,having the clicks I'm not having the call-to-action button so what you want,to do once you've actually got this like this is you first have to put this live,so what I'm gonna do is just turn the campaign off so it's only campaign off,and then all you want to do is just put the advert live because you can't get,the you can't get the ad essentially you can't get the the page post ID without,putting it live so we just want to publish it but not put the campaign live,just yet okay so let that do its job there so that is now published our,advert is now published and what we want to do is click into the ad there and,click on this button here and we can go to Facebook post with comments at the,top what we get here is our page post ID and what we want to do then is you want,to copy this yes the the video is an old video and they're not related whatsoever,but it was just the quickest way so that what we'll do is we'll want to take the,last digits off we want to take those and then what we want to do is when we,go back into our advert now into our campaign and what we don't want to do is,let me just fill up on this campaign,and now when we duplicate take duplicate I didn't want to add in that marketplace,but hey oh well so let's just take that marketplace off nine in favor Facebook,does that so we're back there and then if we then click into the ad now what,you want to do is you want to click use existing post and then what we want to,do is we then want to post in that ID that we just talked a moment ago so,there we go and there's the same ad and what's that going to do is it's going to,hold that same advert that same creative and we're gonna get all of the,engagement on that so that is one super fantastic thing that I like to do to,increase my click-through rate and then obviously the more ad sets that you just,create all you got to do then is just click use existing post and just put in,that page post ID that is the second thing that I like to do to increase the,conversion rate not conversion rate sorry the click-through rate the final,thing is doing something like this so when you actually put the advert live,while you've not put the campaign live but you put the post live is actually,dropping a comment on there and what I like to do is I like to put a photo and,this is out of screen at the moment time but I'll show you so you can just,literally then this is something that I like to do you can go onto Aliexpress,find a picture of the same product whichever it is click on the feedback,you can see people who post actually about the product let me just pull this,a moment and what you can do in there is take one of the photos which is I like,to do and just put a quote in there and upload it as the first picture again,I'll show you exactly what I'm talking about so we can presume there,my lips aren't recommended so you see that Laura get used here and then what,you can do of course is just put in your URL you could just literally copy that,actually put that there like that hit post and now you can see so when we,actually put this campaign live now people are gonna see this they're gonna,see our call-to-action button and all these good things and what they're gonna,see as well is this first comment now this first comment says literally you,know let me just refresh it so that it doesn't post - so you can see here,they're gonna see the first comment and the first comment is you know love my,hoodie it's cozy warm hundred-percent recommended Laura get yours here and,it's a photo of the product in action and I find that this works wonders okay,so when people are scrolling down they see the video they click on a video and,a lot of people like to look at the comments as well if that first comment,is something like that they're more inclined to then click on the URL and,click on the video you know and stuff like that so that's what I like to do,and in here as well you can add in anything you want so it doesn't have to,have to be a review like that you can literally say you know customers,actually customers absolutely love this save 10% using get you know 10 today or,something like that but they are the three tips that I like to use to,increase my click-through rate and increase your sales overnight so I hope,you enjoyed this video so I hope you got some value from this video if you did,make sure you like comment and of course smash that subscribe button be sure to,hit the notification about as well and become a part of the notification gang,you came every single day so don't miss out if,you're increasing your click-through rate it means that something kind of,front-end is working the advert on the front end is engaging all you've then,got to do is focus on increasing your conversion rate to then start making,Bank as you can see these tips are simple yet effective so there's no real,reason not to actually give them a go go away on your next campaign and implement,them and let me know the difference now as I mentioned I'm working super hard on,my course and that is coming very soon okay so if you did enjoy this video,you're gonna absolutely love the course if you want to be on the wait list and,get notified when it's live before any body else then make sure you click the,link down below and join the waitlist now hit me up on Instagram drop me a,like drop me a DM drop me a follow and we can try and connect on there and if,you ain't in my free Facebook mastermind group make sure you jump in there,there'll be a link down below for that I'm in there other marketers are in,there and we talked about in this thing but this sort of stuff every single day,we're over 3,000 members so make sure you jump in there so that is it for this,video and I'll be back dropping nothing but you already know throw your bombs,take care and I'll see you now

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