how to embed a video in shopify

How To Embed a Video On Your Shopify Product & Home Page what's up everybody so today we are,going t

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

How To Embed a Video On Your Shopify Product & Home Page

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how to embed a video in shopify catalogs

How To Embed a Video On Your Shopify Product & Home Page

what's up everybody so today we are,going to cover a very hot topic around,shopify we're going to show you,we are on a home page here of a shopify,store that i'm working on i want to show,you exactly what we're going to do,so you see there's a video right here it,doesn't have all that youtube gunk up,there,a lot of people if they're just,embedding a video from youtube it's,gonna,show the youtube channel and everything,up there and if you just made a youtube,just for the video to embed it like a,lot of other people are showing you,it's gonna show that you have a youtube,channel with one video no subscribers,brand new and it's gonna crash your,credibility,so if you see right here this video will,play seamlessly,from the home page and we're gonna show,you how to do that right now especially,if you don't know how to code and this,is something that is,crucial to gaining the trust or a little,bit of an extra step so the first thing,we're going to do is you're going to go,to your back end,now this is the product page we're going,to show you how to add it to the product,page and the home page as well,a lot of people will tell you to add,media right here and plug your video in,but then you're going to get a little,error message more than likely that says,if you don't know how to code,you're screwed so we're going to show,you how to work,around that so the first thing you're,going to do is you're going to go down,to settings on the bottom left,you're going to click files in the,center column here,and then on the top right of the page,you're going to click upload,file as you can see down here i already,have the mp4,uploaded here that mp4 is reflective of,this video right here so what you're,going to do is you're going to upload,file you're going to select the video,and open it and it's going to create,this,file now what you're going to do is,you're going to copy this right here,because we're going to use it in just a,second and we're going to use it,in this code right here so what i'm,going to do is i'm going to put that,right there,and this top code right here i will put,in the description,so you guys have it or you can just type,it out,watching this video here but this code,right here,when you get that up you're going to see,there's one section right here that says,your url here we're gonna copy,this right here,as such and we're just gonna plug it,right in,to where it says your url here okay ctrl,v and we're going to plug that in so now,we have this full thing here,and this is going to be what we're going,to use to plug it into the different,locations so i'm going to ctrl c,and copy it first let's show you how to,put it onto the home page,and then we'll show you how to put it,onto the product page,so this one that we have up here i'm,gonna hide that,okay so there's no video here and on the,left side we're gonna add a section,and on the top of the new pop-up we're,going to click custom html,and then select now it is going to pop,up with this code right here,we're going to select it and delete it,so we have a blank html spot,and then the code that we have here so,that is the complete initial code,plus this guy that is plugged in we,don't need this guy down here anymore,but this code we're going to copy it,we're going to take it and we're going,to paste it right there,and you'll see now we have this seamless,video play,right here on our home page let me mute,that,so you can see that will play seamlessly,without any icons or anything any,youtube channels,around it so now we're going to show you,how to put it on the product page,okay i'm going to delete this and i'm,going to visible,that that way we have it here i don't,want two of them that will,tank your page speed okay now what we're,going to do to add it to the product,page and i will show you what that looks,like here so if we,click on full details to go to the,product page in the live store,and we scroll down you'll see that here,again,we have the video that will play,seamlessly in the product,page okay so in order to do that we're,going to go back to the,the back end of your shopify go ahead,and,click on products click on the product,you want to add your video to,again we're going to use this same code,here but it'll end up looking like this,now on the right side of your options,we're going to click show,html and it's going to be this jumbled,mess of stuff right here but if you,notice down here at the,bottom we have a code that looks,very very familiar because the two codes,are one,in the same so you're gonna take this,code and you're gonna plug it in,wherever you wanna see it so if i was to,say put it after the first header i'm,going to give it its own line control v,there's the code and i'm going to save,it,now i'm going to go back to the live,store and it should pop up,right after this header right here so,let's go ahead and refresh that,and there you have it there's your video,so now we have the video at the top,and at the bottom of course we don't,want that i just want it to show up at,the bottom,so i'm going to go back to my product,page and i'm just going to delete,that code from the top and i'm just,going to leave it down,here on the bottom so there you have it,guys,there is the best way in my opinion and,a fairly,easy way to get your video posted,directly into a product page,or your home page on shopify if this,helped you in any way,definitely hit the thumbs up button as,that helps this video get visibility in,the youtube algorithm,and if you did learn something hit that,subscribe button as well as we,constantly have new content coming out,have a good day guys

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