how to edit refund policy on shopify

How To Set Up Your Shopify Refund & Shipping Policies In 5 Minutes | Dropshipping 2022 what's up guy

Alexander Shenton

Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Set Up Your Shopify Refund & Shipping Policies In 5 Minutes | Dropshipping 2022

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How To Set Up Your Shopify Refund & Shipping Policies In 5 Minutes | Dropshipping 2022

what's up guys my name is alex and in,today's video i just want to go over the,four,policies on your guys's shopify stores,those being the refund,privacy terms of service as well as your,shipping policies,so these are four very important aspects,of any store and setting them up wrong,can lose you a ton of money as well as,in some cases you might find yourself in,a legal battle,so in order to avoid this let's talk,about why they're important,how to actually create them and how to,get them on your store's website,so let's jump in right now and take a,look at that all right what's up guys,we're over here on the shopify homepage,we're on the free plush ship promo store,i made this store for a previous video,to uh,go ahead and do a demo on it to show you,guys how to set up the free plus,shipping,so i'll just go ahead and use this store,again for the purpose of this video,since i don't actually have anything set,up on it,you'll start by going to settings in the,bottom left corner from there you'll,click,on legal,over here you'll see the four policies,that i talked about at the beginning of,this video,and you'll want to start by just going,ahead and clicking create from template,it will automatically craft a refund,policy for your store with some of the,personal information in it like your,guys's store's email address,your uh address in some cases on some of,these policies so you'll actually want,to go ahead and remove your address on,some things but,uh really what you want to do with the,refund policy is just go through and,kind,of reword some things to fit your store,so,whatever you have in mind if you want to,offer returns,uh where they pay postage or you pay,postage just depending on where you're,going to go with this route,adjust these templates to where you need,them to be,so the template that it automatically,crafts up for your store is not,usually ideal for what you're doing with,your brand so like i said you really,just want to be creative with it and,just change a few things to meet,your actual stores policies that you,have in mind,from there you'll go ahead with privacy,policy same thing,terms of service same thing and just go,ahead and scroll through and actually,read all,of them so you know what they contain,and to make sure they actually fit right,on your store,so shipping policy actually does not,have a template so this is something,where you might actually want to look up,a template online or actually just craft,this yourself,based on some of these templates above,for inspiration so,in your shipping policy you'll want to,include some key points such as,processing time,shipping time and just some of the key,features before they actually go to,check out what they would want to learn,so once you have all these policies,created go ahead and click,save and we actually need to get these,on your stores pages right now because,right now they're only going to show up,for checkout,so we actually want these on the footer,of our shopify store,so from here you'll just go ahead and,click online store,then go to navigation,and you'll see these menus right here so,like i said we want to put these,policies in the footer menu so i'll go,ahead and click on the footer menu,and i'll click add menu items so on here,we'll just go ahead and type in,shipping policy and if you scroll,through here you'll actually see the,policies page at the bottom,and oh sorry we don't have the shipping,policy i didn't save that,so we'll just go ahead and do the,refund policy so if you click that,add that and then click save it will,actually show up on the bottom of your,web page underneath search your refund,policy and you can just go ahead and,read your policy on there,so it's really that simple just go ahead,and craft these up,get them to the actual liking of your,store and then go ahead and add them to,your pages now these are very important,because these are actually how you're,going to enforce your policies so,if somebody wants a refund for an item,that you actually don't support,you can send them a link to your refund,policy and explain,why you're not accepting this refund so,i hope i was able to help you guys out,with this video as well as,earn your thumbs up if this video helped,you out in any way go ahead and,subscribe as there's plenty more to,follow,i have two ecom resources linked in the,description below the first one being,the ecom advantage instagram page on,there you'll find useful resources,as well as i'll answer your guys's,questions and help you guys out,the second link in the description below,is the ecom advantage facebook page,and if you guys want to join that group,go ahead it's free to join and you'll,find like-minded entrepreneurs in there,and we really just ask and answer,questions and help each other grow,as always thank you guys so much for,watching and i'll see you guys next time

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