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Updated on Jan 19,2023


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hey what's going on graduates welcome,back to another video so today i'm going,to be teaching you how to add a a an,advanced announcement bar you know we,all most stores that come you know,rather most themes come with a you know,pretty basic,limited announcement bar you know and i,know a lot of you are going to be like,well then also are just there to put a,little message well you can do a lot,more with your announcement bar you can,add timers you can add multiple messages,you know maybe there's more than one,message you want to you know display to,your you know online visitors so today,we're going to teach you how to do just,that and this should work on um pretty,much all themes you may run into the,hiccup here and there but again guys as,always if you have any issues with,anything that we teach you or offer you,in these videos just leave a comment,below and you can also you know reach,out to us for through our facebook page,ecom graduates or you can join our group,ecom graduates uh you know just search,up both of those you'll find them on,facebook we also are working on a an,online platform that a lot of you will,be able to join and get access to a lot,of these snippets and these these code,these little code blocks that we offer,now some of you may notice that priced a,lot of our free snippets there is a,price on them and and in most of our,videos we announced that yes these are,free for now and the reason why we say,this is you know we want to offer them,free for the first you know first loyal,visitor or viewers rather so you know,come in check our videos out get the,file and use them on their store and,then we usually add like a dollar to,three dollars maybe five you know for,the for the price and you know it's,pretty cheap you know considering that,we go and make these videos we also go,and write this code for you to apply to,your store where apps will charge you a,monthly fee this is a one-time purchase,it's helped us it's it helps us support,the channel and allows us to you know,upgrade our setups and you know provide,higher quality content we're trying to,teach you how to add these options to,your store so you can make more money,and,let me tell you guys our time isn't free,so,we try our best to offer as much free,value as possible but anyways without,wasting more time let me get right to it,and show you how to do this now you're,going to need some sort of code editor,you know you can use if you're on,windows you can use notepad there's also,notepad plus plus there's vs code i,personally use vs code and,and uh yeah you'll be able to open this,file up in vs code and that's what i'm,using right now so all you're going to,need is the code right here and you just,you know highlight it all copy it and,we're just going to go right to it so as,always you'll end up in your store here,you're going to want to click on online,store,and once this loads you're going to,click on edit code,and then you're going to go and let's,just hide templates we'll go right to,sections,add new section we'll call this,eg bar,whatever you want to call it you can,name it whatever you need,dot liquid oh no you don't need that,liquid sorry a little tired,great section,and we're just gonna highlight all this,and after now that we got the uh the,code here,uh we're just gonna highlight all this,copy highlight all that paste and we're,just gonna hit save now we named this eg,bar right now you're gonna need to,manually add this to your theme.liquid,you need to add it to theme.liquid,and what you will do is where is the old,announcement bar there is another,announcement bar here somewhere there it,is so right here you have an,announcement bar right now we can just,kind of,instead of having to type all this out,just paste this and we'll just call this,eg bar,eg bar and that's it just hit save,and you know we don't have one right now,well you'll see a little black bar there,now this is the old one we can always,hide this we're going to click customize,theme right here,nope,alright my headphones trying to connect,i don't know why,so now we've got the announce bar and we,have also have the old announcement bar,so let's just go in and remove this,block altogether,and we've got this announcement bar now,we don't have any items so we're just,going to click add announcement and,some whoops,some cool message,all right so we got some cool message,now we're going to add another one,another,cool message and we can have things,linked to it we can go to our you know,our,pages,contact page,and we'll hit save now,what we can do is we can add timestamps,now this uses the uni a unix timestamp,and we have a little link here to,provide you help with understanding what,unix is and what a unix timestamp is so,we're just going to click that go into a,new window we'll go get a um you know a,date so you want to,end it on,what is it today is the 15th let's end,it,end it in a few days right on the 20th,we're just gonna copy,the unix timestamp,and we're going to paste it in here,and you see an announcement uh well,we'll hit save,something's not right,what is not right,maybe that's the time stamp,convert,oh you know what i was supposed to hit,convert i copied the wrong one all right,so we're going to copy this one,i make mistakes too i'm human so go here,and save and there we go now it's,counting down,save counting down days time and the,seconds,and you can adjust all kinds of things,here you can make it dark and you can,make this background white,and make the text white if you want,or black rather,and voila now you have sliding options,now when it has a link you got a little,arrow here but you don't have to use,this this uh this timer i mean it's not,option it's not a mandatory you can,always disable it if you want to disable,it just clear this out that's it and you,can adjust the speed the transition,speeds if you want these things to move,faster or slower you can do auto play,you can hide the arrows you can do a lot,you can adjust the padding uh padding,top bottom margin top and bottom as well,so there's really not much more to say,about this but it's a,free for now guys free for now um but,there will be a price on it and you know,it like i said guys it helps us support,the channel it's a very small fee you,know so if you're watching this now and,it just came out and that this gives you,a reason to subscribe and like and,comment you know because you will always,get the files first and you'll get them,for free but we after a few days or,maybe a week or two we'll go in and we,will add a price so again guys this is,free for now but there will be a fee on,it,afterwards,usually around two weeks after we post,the video so if you want to get you know,the files that we post first thing right,away subscribe to the channel like the,video and drop a comment with any,questions or concerns or anything any,issues you might be having and also give,us ideas we want to help you,really kind of upgrade your stores so,you can you know actually convert to,traffic you're driving because the,biggest issue we see in e-commerce is,people are really good at driving,traffic but they're really bad at,converting that traffic to paying,customers and we provide you the tools,the tips the tricks on how to do that,you know we're not a marketing agency,we're a development agency that's what,ecom graduates is all about and we we,help people convert the traffic that's,already visiting their store rather than,trying to teach you how to drive traffic,because it seems like everybody knows,how to do this we try to help you,convert that traffic and you know make,your customer allow your customers to be,happy keep you know being repeat,customers this and that so anyways as,always thank you so much for watching,don't forget to subscribe and like like,the video and click that little bell,icon

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