how to duplicate coupon code in shopify

How to add Coupon / Discount code section on a Shopify store for Free - no app required hey guys mar

Marouane RHAFLI

Updated on Mar 11,2023

How to add Coupon / Discount code section on a Shopify store for Free - no app required

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How to add Coupon / Discount code section on a Shopify store for Free - no app required

hey guys marwan here again,in today's video i'm gonna show you one,of the great ways to showcase your,coupon code or your discount code on,your shopify store,before,uh showing you this section,most of shopify store owners use the,coupon code at the top banner,just like this example 15 discount store,wide use the copin at checkout and,sometimes it's a little bit difficult,for people to copy this code because,they're gonna just,need to make something like this to copy,the code and then go to a cart page or,to the checkout page to apply the code,and sometimes it's gonna be difficult on,mobile devices to copy the code mainly,if the code is complicated and too long,and the solution to that is to add a,section like this one with the coupon,code where people gonna copy the code,with just a simple,click and moreover this section is great,because it looks uh really professional,and you can,customize it directly from the theme,editor and you can also add it to any,page within your shopify store,in this example for example on um,on a product page,okay so let's start this tutorial,i already prepared the steps here in the,scrub forum so you can just copy and,paste you don't need to use any app and,you don't need to be shopify expert to,do this all what you need to do is just,follow this tutorial,and all what you need to do is just to,do a simple copy and paste,so let's start,here is a fresh version of the down,theme,the first step we need to do is to go to,edit code,under sections click add a new section,give it a name,this name is not very important you can,give it any name you would like to and,in this example i name it copin,underscore section,click done,remove all this code and replace it with,the code in this file that i have,already prepared for this tutorial,copy paste it here,and click save,and that's all,now let's go to the theme editor,we're gonna add this section,go to add section,look for copen,and here is the section already,appearing here as you can see,where you can customize it you can,change the title here,you can change the colors you can change,also the border here,you can make it without any border,or you can change the,border style the border hey,let's make it for example without any,border here you can change the coping,that's going to appear here,and you can change the tooltip that's,going to appear when people hover over,this button,so there are a lot of things you can,modify from here click save,now let's check it out in the live store,and it's working as you can see here,it's working and it's great,you can change its position,depending on your website design and,layout,make it look great with your website,as you can see here that's great let's,look it more better than added it in a,top banner here,so people just gonna click on copy code,and the cop the code gonna be copied and,they can pass it in their card or,checkout page you can also add it to a,collection page or on product page,like this example,now we went to the product page,we're going to add,the coping section here,let's move a little bit on the top,and you can change,the border you can change,the text you can change the colors you,can change everything here,make it for example,this one,you can change everything within,from uh,the,theme editor,make it look,great and make it look more professional,i'm just playing around here,so let's check out the product page,and it's working great as you can see,that's more appealing than making it in,the top banner here so people gonna it's,gonna be eye catchy here so people just,gonna click uncopy code,go to the cart or checkout page and,paste their code,so that was all for today guys this was,quick but very important,in order to increase your conversion,rate and your sales,and check out my channel i have a lot of,great tutorials like this to add uh,sections like uh blu-ray coupon section,parallax divider shoppable image i have,a lot of great tutorial about seo about,drop shipping just check it out guys,and if you have any question put it in,the comment below and i will be glad to,answer thank you so much for watching

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