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How to Fix Duplicate Product URLs in Shopify (2022 Update) my most popular YouTube video is this,one

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Fix Duplicate Product URLs in Shopify (2022 Update)

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How to Fix Duplicate Product URLs in Shopify (2022 Update)

my most popular YouTube video is this,one here on how to fix duplicate product,URLs in Shopify now before I get into,the detail what I'll do is show you what,that looks like so if you're in an,e-commerce site and you want to navigate,through to a collection say and then in,that collection I'll click through to a,product URL you see this URL here it is,a duplicate URL it's not the actual,Shopify product URL which is much,shorter this URL contains the collection,by which I navigated to the product in,the URL it's a duplicate URL we want to,remove it right now the code fix that I,provided in a previous video was to,navigate to a specific file called,Product Red Dot item and in the code,here where it talks about product URL,within a collection the fix was to,Simply remove this reference to within,collection right,I'll do that fix just to give an example,so in this case here I'll navigate into,the back end of my Shopify site click on,the themes come over to the actual theme,section itself click on these three,little dots click on edit code now in in,the back end I've got to navigate down,to Snippets where I know this liquid,code exists scroll down and I'm looking,for that product grid item liquid click,on that and within here is this bit of,offending code I'm just going to search,for within collection which will make it,easier and highlight that let's just pop,it in here I'll go Ctrl F down in this,dialog box here search for that and,there it is you'll see this is the code,that I need to fix so all I need to do,to get rid of that duplicate URL is to,delete this section within collection,including that pipe and that space,click save,I should have warned you before you edit,any of this back-end code copy it all,and save it make a backup before you,edit the code apologies in my rush to,get this video out I didn't tell you,anyway now that I've fixed that code go,back to the website click on the home,page let's navigate through to the,collection itself and then down to a,product,all right boom you see now that,collection is missing from the product,URL it is a shorter URL that's the fix,but the issue was that the file that I,was telling people to look for product,grid item didn't exist on some themes in,other themes it was to be found in the,collection template.liquid but I found a,a catch-all way for example for you to,find that offending code and the way to,do this is to search through all of this,um code for that snippet of text the,issue is out of the box this search,files feature here in Shopify is,terrible it doesn't actually let you,search within the files it only searches,for the files so the way that you want,to fix that is to install a Chrome,extension called Shopify theme file,search right and what that does is if,you look at this list here you can see,now that I've added that extension you,have this search box at the top there,and this search box will allow you to,search to every,every bit of code in that Shopify theme,in the code itself and find the,offending code so in this case here I'm,going to search for all all,files that contain this product URL,within collection right which is what I,want to edit I want to see where that is,located and boom you see success two,files and the two files are identified,here so there's something in the,footer.liquid,right and if I scroll down,product grid dot item it's in there as,well all right so that's how you use the,Shopify theme file search to find that,bit of offending code and you can fix it,in the back end saves you a bit of time,because I guarantee in someone else's,theme the product grid item liquid don't,exist or the collection.template.ligrid,won't exist that's what you do use this,Shopify file theme search extension to,find that code and then you'll know the,different places and then you can start,playing with it to tweak it but remember,before you edit any specific liquid code,take it back up back it up all right,hope that was helpful thanks so much

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